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A/N: This story is AU and I'll use this author's notes to point out a few things that I probably won't feel compelled to expand on during the story.

Harry has good eyesight; Harry never befriended Ron or dated Ginny; Harry and Luna became friends in her first year, and he treated her like a proper friend and stopped her bullying problem. Harry wasn't as starved for affection as he was in canon and wasn't as trusting to others;

Harry was more dedicated to learning magic; Harry's is more athletic than his canon self. Harry took advantage of the fact wizards in general are not prone to exercising and trained his body with sports other than quidditch. Harry kept the Philosopher's stone, but didn't use it.

Harry doesn't forgive Dumbledore for the revelation about Snape being the one who told Voldemort the phophecy. In an epic cool moment Harry denies Snape's request of seeing his mother eyes and Harry instead turns his back on him and walks away as the building explodes.

Harry sees Lily at the white train station, not Dumbledore. Harry fights Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts in a proper duel, and defeats him.

R+L=J; The characters ages will probably be the ones from the TV show.
I might accidentally butcher the ASoIaF storyline. Sorry in advance.

If you read everything and still dares to proceed, know that this is my first fanfiction. English is not my native language and I don't really use it in writing much. You probably could be doing something better with your time.

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Character Ages:

Harry Potter: 18

Elia Martell: 26

Rhaenys Targaryen: 3


Time... How long ago was it? Harry had distant memories of being an underfed child who was abused by his relatives in a suburban house. He eventually discovered himself as a wizard, who had his life dictated by some bullshit prophecy.

Harry remembered studying magic and being tested not only academically but physically and psychologically as well, vague flashes of trolls, giant spiders, a giant snake, giants, mermen, werewolves, vampires, a crazed racist cult, dragons, living dead and finally the final boss: the evil dark lord that thought himself immortal, who ended up being only a shell of what was once a man too afraid to die and be forgotten.

But Harry also suffered loss, of the life he could have lived if his parents had been alive to raise him each time he found a new detail about his parents life, of his godfather, and the werewolf friend of his parents who wallowed in too much self-pity to meet him, the death a few of his friends and schoolmates in the battle of Hogwarts.

His memories were now speeding through various events in his life. The angry ginger family that tried to insert themselves in his life, the greasy potions professor who loved his mother but got her killed, the old man with the half-moon eyes who orchestrated everything but was eventually unsuccessful in his quest for glory, dying of poison. Good riddance.

Harry eventually defeated the dark lord, and refused to help the wizards on the aftermath of the battle. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life in pursuit of budding dark wizards, why should he give up having any sort of life of his own for the people who were always torn between hating him and idolizing him.

He eventually discovered all his possessions in multiples vaults and stored the gold and whatever interested him in assorted magical trunks, curious… an egg. He carefully stored it away in one of the trunks. Harry search for anything else of interest and also kept the different books, tomes and scrolls. He also stored Gryffindor's sword in his mokeskin pouch, it was only right, after all.

Travelling around the world with Luna was fun, with all his money he didn't particularly needed to get a job, so he was free to follow his enthusiastic lover in trips to different countries to search for the mythical creatures only she could see, he indulged her in her beliefs, and had the feeling she knew it all along.

Harry decided to destroy the Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone once he was told many rumors were being made about him possessing the three of them. The powerful wand had too bloody a history and he wanted no part in that, or that his loved ones took part in it unwillingly, and the stone even though it could be a comfort seeing your departed loved ones, It wasn't worth depending too much on it and stop living.

He decided to use the veil on the Death Chamber to dispose of them, Infiltrating the ministry again was easy enough. But as he got there he heard the voices again, which were clearer then they were the first time, too many voices to tell apart, in many strange and different languages and for some reason, he was able to understand them all.

The voices begged. For forgiveness, for healing, for mercy, like they were pleading directly with him. He didn't want any part in this, so he picked the wand and threw it against the veil, which seemed to momentarily pulse angrily, wasting no time he also threw the stone, which caused a different reaction, the voices went silent.

The Ministry's structure started to tremble, and cracks could be seen spreading through the walls, too fast for him to react he was pulled into the veil, everything was silent.

Harry opened his eyes to see a cloaked figure sitting on some sort of throne, he couldn't see his or her face, but the pale arm he could see looked feminine enough.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my master? Took you long enough" The voice sounded male and female at the same time.

"Master? What is this place? Who are you?" fired off Harry, with a hand on his head, which seemed to be in throbbing pain.

He felt the cloaked figure smile. Weird. "Let's just say it wasn't a good idea to part with those particular possessions master. The balance was broken. The Master of Death must stay with the hallows."

"The Master of Death? Like the children's tale? I'm not master of anything!" roared Harry, but the figure just seemed amused. Then he felt what could be passed as... anger?

"You can't use them simply to fulfill your childish wishes. Like wearing the cloak to hide from professors at your school. Using the stone because you miss your mommy and daddy. From the moments those items recognized you as their owner you assumed a responsibility." The voice was relentless.

It wasn't like I chose to use them for selfish reasons, there were always some serious event going on that forced me to use the cloak, and I only used the stone once. Rationalized Harry.

The voice paused and drummed its fingers at the throne where it was sitting. "The moment you parted with the hallows they screamed for their master, you, and so by feeling their connection to you they pulled you along to their destination."

Harry could only blankly stare ahead in realization of his earlier actions. Hadn't the magical world placed enough of a burden on him with Lord Voldemort? Being Master of Death seems on a whole other level.

His still owned his father's cloak, and did in fact use the Resurrection Stone when he accepted his imminent death and wanted to see his loved ones, and he held the Elder Wand after defeating the dark lord, but he never had them on his person at the same time. Why the hell is his like so freaking complicated?

"I never wanted any of this! I just want to have a normal life for once, and not worry about a connection with a madman or what kind of creature would try to kill me next!"

His outburst amused the cloaked figure again."What fun would that be? Now Master, our time is running up, do you remember that particular encounter in the white train station with your mother?" He/she questioned Harry.

"Of course I do" was Harry's angry response. How could I not? It was one of the few times I could see and talk to my mother. But I chose life, for Luna and for myself.

"I'll offer you a similar choice to that time, find my gifts and return them to me, and I'll give you a ride back home… or you can choose to stay on this side and die here." The voice suggested.

Not really a choice then. Thought Harry bitterly.

"They have been spread around the world again, only this time with a small setback." The figure giggled and stood from its throne. It sounded weird coming from the two voices.

"If you already decided then please go through the door on my right, master." The figure clapped its hands in expectation and walked up to Harry.

"Oh! What fun! Master, you might feel a little light-headed, try not to faint!" Harry felt a light touch on his shoulder only to feel the headache returning with full force and his vision going black.

He woke up to screams. Everywhere. The stench all around him was awful and he seemed to be in some sort of alley and the were people running about. Bloody knights?!

What the hell is going on here?

Soldier in armors of red and gold color were killing unarmed citizens, women, children, and they seemed to be too many to stop. Harry wasted no time and apparated silently to the top of the nearest building which seemed to be some sort of spiked castle and looked on to what could only be called a massacre.

"This city wouldn't be misplaced in a medieval movie." Thought Harry. He moved down from his position before he could be spotted by anyone. This castle looked invaded already. Some of the bodies even looked like they were torn in half.

Harry heard screams coming from inside of the castle and followed the sound in, and stunned any unsuspecting stray knight who appeared in his way. He eventually got to a room where he saw the bloodied corpse of an infant, with his head seemingly crushed, a sobbing black haired woman dressed in scraps, and a huge armored man which seemed to be trying to rip the rest of her clothes while she protected her modesty.

Seriously? What kind of asshole gets a boner after he kills a baby? Harry wandlessly vanished the hulking man's armor and weapon and with a shout of "Stupefy!" Harry shot his spell at the unprotected man, who turned in his surprise only to be hit in the face and be thrown with his back against the wall.

The woman looked at him in surprise. The anger in him amplified the power of the spell and a satisfying crunch of bones could be heard as the knight fell unmoving to the floor.

The crying woman looked on in surprise at the newcomer. "Rhaenys!" she shouted as she clumsily stood up and started to run to the next room which seemed to be a bedroom.

Harry quietly followed her and saw as she threw herself against another knight who seemed to be dragging something from under the bed. A little girl. "Stop! My Rhaenys!"

The knight snorted and stared hungrily at the barely dressed woman. "Tywin Lannister orders. The Targaryen spawn won't live another day." The bulky knight said.

When the knight rose to slap the woman away, Harry could take a look at his features and was reminded of his fat uncle Vernon. "Stay there and wait your turn, Targaryen whore." bellowed the Vernon look-alike.

When Harry saw the knight reaching for his sword, he quickly aimed a severing charm against his arm which sliced his gauntlet away with his hand. "AH! FUCK!" screamed Vernon 2 in pain. "Quickly get the little girl" Harry shouted to the woman as he quickly sent a Reparo at her torn clothes.

She wasted no time in reacting to this new development and picked the scared little girl up while Harry proceeded to stun the wailing knight, who dropped to the floor. They were staring fearfully at him from the corner of the room. "It's okay see. I'm not gonna hurt you" He slowly raised his gloved hands.

"What's happening in this city?" asked Harry, trying to understand why these people are being attacked.

"They are rebels. They've come to kill the mad king." A Mad King rules this country? rules this country? On purpose? Though Harry as he stared in the hall to see if other soldiers were coming his woman wasn't done."Who are you... Ser? Are you with the Night's Watch? I don't recognize your colors."

"My name's Harry, and I'm not with anyone. More importantly, I can hear footsteps coming this way. Do you trust me right now?"

The woman stared at him and slowly nodded. "Yes." The little girl seemed to be trying to grasp the contents of the conversation and her face shifted in different facial expressions. Cute.

"Can you think of any place that you would be safe right now?" She looked to be deep in thought and Harry through some superficial legilimency watched as her mind seemed to project images of another castle, which seemed to be in a distant desert-like town. He also saw a man's face with a similar skin tone as her.

The destination felt too far away to side-along apparate two muggles with him to an unfamiliar area. He made a grab for their hands, and apparated with the images projected from the woman's mind anyway. It could work.

The city wasn't safe. Too many soldiers and bodies littered the ground. Harry felt physical pain stopping him from reaching his destination. And fell with them to the hard ground.

He stood up from the hard ground and looked around to see that he was in some sort area surrounded by mountains. Maybe they managed to get close to their destination.

He started at his passengers, they seemed to be in one piece, with no body parts missing. Good. But it looks like the little girl vomited on the ground. Gross. Now that he looked at them properly their features were similar, they had similar olive skin, but the woman had dark hair to the little girl's brown. Parent and child. Obviously.

"What should I call you two?" He asked pointing at them in turns after they seemed to get their bearings and the mother started fussing on the little girl.

The woman stared at him as if the answer were common sense. "I'm Princess Elia of House Martell. And this is my daughter Rhaenys. How did you get us here? Did you use magic? How is this possible?" Elia questioned after she realized she wasn't in that castle anymore.

The little girl, Rhaenys, seemed to be in wonder of her surroundings and as to how she suddenly found herself here. She was running from one place to the other as fast as her little legs could take her.

"Yes, it was magic, it was the only way to remove you from the castle without going through the soldiers outside." She seemed to accept the existence of magic easily enough, but her eyes suddenly narrowed at him in anger. Really?

That's the thanks I get?

"Magic has been dead for centuries. What's your purpose for rescuing us? You don't seem to wear Lannister colors, and you also aren't one of our guards." Well your guards were too busy being dead.

"I was just passing by." Smooth Harry. Elia snorted.

"A passerby who casually threw The Mountain against the wall? What house do you fight for Ser? Are me and my daughter to be used for ransom?"

Harry sighed at the difficult woman."No, no ransom. I heard the screaming, ran inside and did what I thought was right. I didn't particularly needed a reason to save you from that man."

She seemed to believe him now, barely. "Rhaenys don't wander off." Elia told the seemingly hyperactive little girl who nodded. She seemed to have picked up a few different stones from the area.

"If I were to take a guess Ser, you are either from the North or the Free Cities, but I don't recognize your accent." Harry was curious "What difference does it make as to what House I represent?"

Elia closed her eyes and seemed to think.

"Well, if you were allied with the king you would have kept us there on his orders. If you were loyal to my family in particular chances are you would be there to save or protect me, and in case you weren't any of the above you could also be part of the rebellion and would use me and my children for ransom, killing or worse." Damn.

"…But you were dressed in black, so either you were from the Night's Watch picking up new recruits before the attack or you were our chance at salvation" Elia finished her reasoning.

"Wait. Children. Do you mean the little baby was also…" Harry trailed off and Elia visibly saddened.

"No. It wasn't my Aegon. Lord Varys though it best if my baby was switched with a servant's so that the rebels wouldn't feel tempted to kill a probable Targaryen heir. He said it was wrong of the king to keep us here." She smiled sadly.

"If the King Aerys, Rhaegar and Prince Viserys perished during the rebellion. Aegon would still have a good claim for the Iron Throne." She finished and went silent.

Harry tuned out Elia and his mind was going a mile a minute. Words likeMad King, Princess, Prince, Rebellion, Night's Watch, Free Cities, Lannister, Targaryen, Martell. Iron Throne running through his head and all unfamiliar to him. Where the fuck am I? Does Death call this a fucking SMALL setback?

"...And you're not listening to me." He heard the princess say. "Are you taking us to Dorne? We can't very well stay here, It doesn't look like we are in the Red Mountains."

Great. Another landscape he never heard of. It seemed to be getting dark. And it doesn't look like it's a safe place for a woman and a little girl to spend the night in this world.

Harry search his robes for his spare tent. Elia and Rhaenys looked on curiously as he did it. When he found it, he started to set it up on the floor and wandlessly casted the spell to assemble it.

Some materials rose into the air while the ropes took their proper places, and its place stood a white tent, which wouldn't look to out of place in the muggle world. In his muggle world. Rhaenys stuffed her assorted collection of stones in the hem of her dress and ran inside the tent.

"Rhaenys, wait!" her mother shouted and ran inside after her.

Harry casted a Muggle-Repelling charm on the tent, they would be safe from animals and people. He went inside after the mother-daughter pair.

Elia stared dumbfounded at the inside of the tent. The inside was pretty simple, contained only the bare essentials, a few sleeping quarters, a small kitchen and bathroom.

Elia and Rhaenys stared at the different objects seemingly wondering how they all fit in the modest tent. "You should close your mouth now Elia, it's starting to catch flies." Joked Harry.

She wasn't offended and giggled at his lame joke.

"We'll stay here today. I'm not really familiar with these mountains and it's too dark to move anywhere right now. You and Rhaenys can take one of the rooms." Elia then stared at Harry.

"Are we safe?" Harry nodded yes to her question. "As safe as you can be right now." She seemed to accept that answer and picked Rhaenys and dragged her to one of the rooms. Harry then went to the fridge and went about making himself a sandwich, he was hungry and didn't really remember the last meal he had. Weird.

Now that he was satisfied, he walked to his bed and he finally could organize his thoughts without pressure from soldier attacks or impending death, either his or the princess' and her child"

He remembered bits and pieces of his conversation with Death. He had to collect the hallows. He stood from the bed search his mokeskin pouch for his Invisibility Cloak. It wasn't in there. It wasn't in any of his other pockets. It. Fucking. Isn't. Here.

He picked up his wand from the pouch. "Point me my cloak!" The wand started to spin and spin, with no signs of stopping, harry forcefully stopped it by taking hold of it again.

He tried with the other hallows but the result was the same. But I'm still Master of Death, so the hallows must still recognize me as their owner, for now. Harry close his eyes in meditation and tried to feel them with his magic, he felt faint tugs in different directions, but they were still too faint and far apart to follow.

He came to the conclusion he was in a different world than his own. Harry didn't recognize any of the terms or landmarks spoken earlier by Elia. So he was in this unfamiliar world alone and without any sort of clue as to where to go or how to blend in with these people.

So it looks like I'm going to need a guide. Though Harry as he stared at the room where Elia and Rhaenys retreated themselves for the night. Harry then went to his bedroom and dropped in his bed. He remembered his dirty blond haired girlfriend. Luna. How the hell am I supposed to find my way back to you now?

The answer didn't come to him. He felt his eyelids getting heavier.

Harry awoke the next morning to the face of the little girl he saved yesterday, Rhaenys, staring down at him and she seemed to be steeling herself for something. She nodded to herself.

"Ser Wizard do you have any toys in here?" asked Rhaenys.

Harry was taken aback by the girl's simple request. "No, I don't have any toys here Rhaenys." She was visibly saddened by his response.

"Ah... Sorry." She started to apologize as he started at her purple eyes.

Harry then had an idea. "Do you remember those stones you picked up yesterday?" he asked.

Rhaenys nodded. "Can you bring some of them here?"

She ran out of his room down the hallway and a voice came from the hall.

"You're spoiling her, Ser Harry." It was Elia, she seemed amused.

"It's nothing, really." When Rhaenys returned with five different stones, Harry was surprised, it looked like she had selected the ones she liked best. He guessed they were pretty-ish. Kinda. They looked as good as rocks picked up from the road could look.

"Can you give me one of them?" She stared at him fiercely with her purple eyes and reluctantly nodded. She then stared intently at her hands and it looks like she was deciding which stone she liked the least for him to use as a test subject with his magic.

She eventually deposited a small pebble on his hand. Harry closed his hands and tried to visualize a doll that wouldn't look too out of place in this world, which managed to be even less advanced than the wizarding world.

He thought that a rag doll might be passable as a toy here, so he transfigured the pebble into a doll with brownish hair and similar clothing as Rhaenys.

Harry deposited the new doll into Rhaenys hands and she seemed overjoyed at her present. "Thank you, Ser Wizard." Rhaenys shouted as she went running down the hallway.

"Yes, thank you, Ser Wizard." Elia giggled at her daughter's enthusiasm.

Harry smiled shyly but refused to be embarrassed by this. "Just call me Harry. I'm not a knight, and I would rather not broadcast I'm a wizard."

"Broad...cast? repeated Elia.

Oh. Awkward. "It means I'd rather not let everyone know I'm a wizard."

Elia seemed surprised "Oh. But why? Magic has been dead for so long. Everyone would know your name and power." Harry stared at her

"Exactly. Being recognized isn't something I really want right now. More importantly, why did the soldiers attack your city?" Harry asked since he was still trying to grasp the situation in that town.

Elia's mood seemed to darken. "I think it all started when Rhaegar crowned her Queen of Love and Beauty."

I'm sensing some hostility here. Harry then asked "Who's Rhaegar?"

"My husband." Ouch. She continued "I don't know where you hail from Harry, but in the Seven Kingdoms when a Knight wins a tournament. He can select a woman between any of the present, and crown her the Queen of Love and Beauty, it might be someone he loves, or it can be the start of a courting."

"My husband chose Lyanna Stark." Oh. Harry regretted bringing this up.

"Sorry." Harry apologized.

Elia stared at the floor "Don't be. A year or so after the tournament he and the Stark girl disappeared, the official story is that he kidnapped her. As not only was he already married but Lyanna Stark was also betrothed to Robert Baratheon."

"But you don't think that's what really happened, do you?" Harry questioned.

Elia frowned. "No. I think they probably loved each other. You see Harry, there's a saying about the Targaryens, about madness and greatness being two sides of the same coin, and every time a Targaryen is born, the gods would flip a coin, and the world would holds its breath for the result. Maybe Lyanna was Rhaegar's madness."

"I hold no delusions about believing myself to be more beautiful than the Stark girl, Harry. But was she really worth starting a war over? Her father and brother eventually got to King's Landing shouting for Rhaegar to come out and die. But King Aerys came out instead and had them arrested for treason and burned the father in front of the son, who was bound and eventually strangled himself in the struggle to break free."

"Just like that his actions caused the death of a Lord and his eldest son and heir. King Aerys then demanded Jon Arryn brought him the heads of his wards Eddard Stark, Lyanna's brother, and Robert Baratheon, her betrothed. The result was the rebellion."

"… The houses loyalties divided between the king and the rebels and I don't really think I need to explain what happened after to you now do I Harry? I guess you saw the aftermath as you were passing by."

Harry had the decency to be ashamed of his lie, but Elia smiled at him.

"Thank you Harry, for being there. The king kept me and my children as a means to ensure my family loyalty and prevent them from rising against him as well. When all seemed hopeless you came and saved me and my Rhaenys in time."

Man, this king is an asshole. Harry nodded as it felt good saving someone who genuinely appreciated his actions.

"Well, I guess you and Rhaenys must be hungry, right?" Elia nodded.

They probably didn't have a meal yet with all the crap going on in their life. Harry quickly made for the kitchen as she followed, and stared fondly at her daughter playing with her new doll.

Harry then picked up some bacon and eggs from the fridge, since he felt it would be quick enough to make and they were all hungry. He felt Elia staring at him and registering how he made everything work, after everything was prepared, Harry prepared to serve breakfast with some juice.

"Elia, please call Rhaenys for breakfast" Harry suggested as he served the dishes.

A minute later she came running and sat in a chair on her mother's side. She clumsily held the fork and ate her first bite "It's good!" shouted the little girl. Elia nodded.

"Yes, it is quite delicious, Harry." Mother and daughter ate without any concerns for table manners he thought might be expected of princesses. They've probably been hungry for a while.

After they were finished and the dishes we're washed, Harry knew they had to get moving, if she's a princess it wouldn't be safe for them to stay in a place like this for long.

"Are you familiar with these lands?" She nodded. "We seem to be around near Sunspear, the seat of house Martell, my brothers would be there."

"How do you figure I wouldn't know where you lived?" Harry asked.

"Your eyes narrowed a little every time I spoke of a place that I guessed is unfamiliar to you Harry, you don't dress or act like a servant or citizen, you also don't seem to have a liege lord" She was sharp.

"...Magic is really incredible Harry, to be able to move us from one place to the other in such a short time."

Harry couldn't really disagree with that. By apparating with them here it looks like he gained days, or weeks on Elia's pursuers. And that's if they realize she managed to escape home. "Well, it is quite convenient." Harry pointed out and Elia laughed.

The next few days were spent walking through the desert under disillusionment charms, which amused Rhaenys to no end.

"I never though I'd ever see Sunspear again." Elia said quietly as the city walls appeared in the distance.

Harry could vaguely connect the city in his sights to the one he saw when he looked briefly at Elia's mind, the city was heavily walled and a palace could also be seen.

"Well, I've been known to do the impossible." Harry said laughing while he carried the sleeping Rhaenys in his arms.

"So are going show yourself at the gates or should we try infiltrating the city?"

Elia seemed to be considering her options. "I think I should announce myself at the at the gates, I mean, I don't mean to belittle your abilities Harry, but I haven't really changed dresses in a few days." Elia joked.

Harry agreed. They were able to take baths at least, but it doesn't change the fact that they are wearing the same clothes they did almost a week ago, there really wasn't any time to get her any spare clothes at the time and if wasn't for the Reparo he sent her way she would be even worse for wear.

That would be a pretty awkward situation for him to explain to her family. Let's be thankful for that.

They walked two more days before they were near enough of the city gates, when he heard voices coming from the top of the walls.

"Who goes there!"

Harry deposited little Rhaenys on the ground since she had awoken, and looked up at the voice as he thought of what he should answer the guards. He then heard Elia speak.

"I'm princess Elia of House Martell, and this is my daughter Rhaenys Targaryen." He heard Elia speak in what he guessed is a royal sounding voice, he then watched as some of the guards spluttered and shouts of "Seven hells!" could be heard above.

It wasn't long before the gate the gate was opened and the city came into view, but before they could walk through the gates, soldiers came out running and started to surround them. Shit. So much for trying not to draw too much attention.