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Elia I

She survived.

It's still hard to believe she's on her way to Sunspear after all that happened earlier.

She thought back to the events in the Red Keep, being kept prisoner by King Aerys while his wife was shipped to safety in Dragonstone, her hopelessness only increased when he decided to open the city walls.

Lannister forces invaded and started to kill the citizens and steal whatever they could carry. She still remembered the hopelessness of being face-to-face with those monsters, Amory Lorch and The Mountain, as she tried to keep them away from her children.

Elia thought she had failed her daughter when Lorch managed to get through her to her sleeping quarters where Rhaenys was hiding.

Elia was sure Aegon would be safe, after all, he was part of Varys schemes. But try as she might, she can't help but thank the gods he whisked Aegon away, seeing that infant getting crushed against the wall was almost as painful as she had watched her own baby being killed.

After Gregor Clegane set his sights on her with his hands still bloodied and torn her dress, she lost hope of ever seeing them again.

She tried not to cry. But it was pointless.

But then her attacker found himself without armor, which surprised her. When he tried to look for the source of his predicament, he was hit in the face by a blast of blue light and was thrown against the wall.

She briefly looked at her savior, he was dressed in a black shirt, blue pants of some strange fashion, and he also wore a black cloak. Night's Watch, maybe?

Her heart started racing as she thought of her daughter.

She wasted no more time and ran to her bedchamber where she told Rhaenys to hide.

The pig might have found her, and her savior seemed to be following her.

No, no, no. Her mind screamed at the possibility of Lorch dragging her daughter's still body from under the bed, but that was not to be as she heard screams of "Mommy!"

Elia threw herself against him trying to make him lose his hold on Rhaenys. She endured his lustful stares and heard him say the name Tywin Lannister, she realized she would not survive that day.

As he reached for his sword another blast of light seemed to hit his hand, cutting it clean off.

Magic. A mage was helping her. It was her silent follower. Elia heard his voice for the first time as he shouted for her to get Rhaenys. She complied quickly.

The stranger named himself Harry and asked if she trusted him at that moment. Trusting anyone in King's Landing is a mistake, from the Mad King who burned his followers, to the anyone in the Small Council, not even her own husband.

Elia looked at his earnest eyes and decided that she would take the risk.

She nodded. Ser Harry looked to be her only choice of survival.

He asked if she knew of a place where she would be safe right now, she knew that Varys would know many passageways out of the castle but only if it suited him. She thought of home, Sunspear, and her brother Oberyn.

But before she was able to ask the purpose of that question he grabbed one of her hand and also did the same with Rhaenys before she could react.

Elia felt incredible pain for a single moment, like she had been crushed and put back together, then she fell unceremoniously to the ground.

She checked to see if Rhaenys was injured, but she had only threw-up.

Elia looked around and saw mountains nearby, it was a bit too dark to guess where they were. Mayhaps they were in Dorne. How is such a thing even possible?

She was free from her entrapment at King's Landing, free of Aerys and… free of Rhaegar.

Did you find what you were looking for, Rhaegar?

Elia was angry, maybe she just escaped one prison to end up in another, what would be Harry's purpose for saving her?

He explained that he didn't need a reason for saving her, but life so far has taught her better, life isn't a song.

Now they were stranded in those mountains without any means to protect themselves but Harry, which would need to sleep eventually. They would have to worry about animals and bandits.

But it seemed he was prepared for such an event as he had a tent which was mounted with his magic. There were a couch, a few beds and a kitchen, it seemed as though the outside was an illusion hiding the space inside.

Experiencing magic first hand was an indescribable feeling. Elia thought not even maesters who pursued the study of magic would have been privy to such knowledge. Books certainly couldn't describe anything she has seen so far.

The inside of the tent was well-lit, but it wasn't illuminated by candles, and there were a few kitchen utensils she didn't particularly recognized, but it felt like as she was safe for what felt like the first time in a long while.

In the now well-lit environment she could finally look at his face properly, he was comely, had short hair, and bright green eyes. She noticed he had a lightning shaped scar on his forehead.

Interesting. What could have possibly left that there?

She still managed to sleep after her whole ordeal, but dreamt of her baby boy. Where could he possibly be right now? Was he safe? Who would be feeding him?

Her thoughts turned to that of her rescuer.

Harry was a strange man.

And that's disregarding the fact that he has magic.

He gave Rhaenys a doll when she was bored, which he transformed from one of the stones her daughter had collected.

Her daughter loved the doll, Rhaenys then ran smiling to play with her new toy.

Rhaenys was pretty lonely when Rhaegar would be absent for long periods of time, and there weren't many other kids Aerys would allow in the Red Keep, so it feels pretty good to see her smiling so openly right now over something so simple.

But it also brought up a lot of questions about Harry.

At first she thought Harry was a highborn, he was polite enough, handsome, but sometimes spoke strange words that sounded made-up and he seemed to be unfamiliar with everything she spoke.

Harry was neither a knight, nor a servant. He seemed educated, but not at the same time.

He casually calls her and Rhaenys by their given names without any regards to their ranks which suggested he has never lived with royalty in the past, or maybe it was just a strange quirk of his personality.

Maybe he was from the Free Cities, but if he were, what would he be doing in King' Landing while Lannister forces sacked the city? Why would he feel the need to risk his life instead of running?

Wherever he is from, she is glad Harry was there that night.

Walking to Sunspear for days was tiring especially in her current condition and Harry seemed extremely uncomfortable as they traveled. He took to rolling up his sleeves, he was overdressed, after all.

Harry had to carry Rhaenys during most of the walking distance, since his magic, to her surprise, made it possible for them to blend in the background. It just spelled trouble for a little girl who ran everywhere.

He managed to bring them home. It's been so long since she's been here. Elia didn't expect to ever see it again after her marriage to Rhaegar, she missed it, the food, her brothers, her late mother.

Maybe being in Dorne again would do her health some good, being away from King's Landing was the most fun she had in years.

When they got to the gate, she announced herself and Rhaenys. She was tired, sweaty and their clothes were dirty, she felt like she could just drop down after bathing.

It was then that guards came rushing out of the gates. Harry looked like he'd rather be anywhere but here, he seemed to be trying to decide if he attacked the guards or if he should use his magic to escape.

She briefly touched his hand and silently nodded to him, no harm would come to him. Harry smiled at her nervously.

One of the guards went forward and spoke "Princess Elia, how is this possible?"

Before she could answer she heard the sound of a horse approaching. It was Oberyn. The guards opened their formation around us so that he could approach.

"…Elia?" He asked in disbelief.

Oberyn dismounted his stallion and ran in her direction.

"Elia, how did you get here? We received a raven about your disappearance in King's Landing!" He questioned as he kissed her forehead and hugged her.

"We managed to be smuggled out of the city before the attack. Me and Rhaenys are safe" It wasn't a lie. Barely.

The guards seemed to accept this answer but she caught Oberyn's eyes narrowing a little at her answer. He ordered most of the guards to return to their positions.

Harry relaxed his stance at the guards dwindling numbers but her brother stared at him for a lot more time than necessary, until eventually she heard her daughter's voice.

"Mama who is he?" asked Rhaenys as she looked up at her uncle.

Oberyn turned and looked for the source of the voice, who was her ever curious daughter.

"Oh is this little Rhaenys?" Oberyn smiled as he heard her voice and picked her up and started to spin with her. Rhaenys screamed surprised but eventually started giggling.

"He's your uncle Oberyn." Elia laughed.

"Obryn!" Rhaenys tried the name on her tongue.

There wasn't any opportunity for her family to properly meet her daughter as the king's mistrust of his subjects drove him to suspect everyone and she didn't want her to put her family life in danger with his unfounded suspicion.

She tried to look for Harry only to discover he seemed to be a little ways back, smiling almost sadly at the sight of their reunion.

Her brother seemed to notice her searching eyes as he smirked.

"So Elia… Who's your paramour?" Elia stumbled as her stupid brother laughed.

For real? That's the first thing he has to ask his sister he doesn't see in years?

"Harry has been nothing but courteous to us." Elia finished angrily as she made a hand and tried to hit her brother.

"I noticed that he managed to get you to Sunspear without a carriage, or anything else other than the clothes on your body." Oberyn pointed out.

If only he knew. But there wasn't really any time to pick anything before she found herself in the desert and it wasn't as there was something in King's Landing she'll miss terribly.

"The horses… died, you know how harsh the desert can be to them, and the stallions in King's Landing are not as strong as the ones here." Elia lied as she tried to keep Harry's secret.

She didn't particularly want to lie to her brother but she wanted to respect Harry's wishes of his magic being kept secret, which her brother seemed to be trying to turn into a dreadful chore.

"That, my dear Elia, is true." Oberyn joked.

She hoped it was a joke, at least.

"I also noticed he also brought you here from King's Landing alone, and without a sword, your northerner must be truly skillful" Her brother wasn't going to let this go.

"Harry though it best if we left with a few people, if many soldiers were seen with us. The rebels would probably think someone related to the king was being escorted outside the city." Elia said as she tried to justify her savior's fictitious actions.

Oberyn nodded somberly. "Me and Doran thought the worst when we got word of your disappearance. As if it wasn't enough they kept you prisoner there, just the though of losing you..."

Elia smiled at her brother and lovingly touched his shoulder.

Harry seemed to be walking a little ways back with Rhaenys as she seemed fascinated with the new sights, they were close enough to the tower and she wanted to speak to her brothers in private.

"Harry, I need to speak to my brothers for a moment, would you mind watching Rhaenys for a little while?"

He shook his head. "No it's no big deal."

Rhaenys smiled and repeated cutely. "No big deal!"

"Yes Harry, to express my gratitude for bringing my sister home safely you will receive the full experience of the Dornish hospitality. There's enough fine wine and women to keep you satisfied." Her brother said with a flourish.

"...That won't be necessary." Harry tried discouraging her brother.

"If you prefer the company of men, it can also be arranged. We don't judge here in Dorne like you northerners do." Oberyn said smirking.

"NO! I like girls." Harry said quickly.

She narrowed her eyes at her brother. Don't. Fucking. Go. There.

Oberyn motioned the remaining guards to escort Harry and Rhaenys to the palace, her daughter stared at her surprised and seemingly trying to understand why they were being separated but she nodded and waved and said she would see her soon.

She stared a bit in the direction they disappeared to.

Oberyn took this as his cue to speak "The Mad King is finally dead, killed by his own kingsguard! Jaime Lannister, kingslayer, his father Tywin must be proud."

Tywin Lannister, If she never saw him again, it would still be too soon.

"Good." She said as there was no love lost between her and the Aerys, and now she was privately glad Tywin hadn't accepted her mother's offer of marrying her with the kingslayer.

Oberyn smirked seemingly having similar thoughts, he guided her to the throne room, her other brother, Doran, was there.
Doran had a little trouble walking so instead of forcing him to raise and slowly walk to them they approached him at a steady pace.

"Leave us." She heard Oberyn say to the remaining guards.

"Elia?" Doran asked as he was clearly also surprised at her presence.

"Yes, we managed to leave King's Landing before the attack." Elia smiled sadly.

"Thank the gods, this war has already taken too much of our family." Doran said gravely.

"…We lost our uncle Lewyn, to lose you as well would be too painful." Elia smiled felt a pang in her heart.

All because she was only a pawn in their Game of Thrones, the dornish princess of frail health, bedridden and shamed by her lord husband after she gave birth to his heirs.

"But you suffered the most out of all of us Elia, as Robert Baratheon's rebellion cost you your husband and son."

"…They proclaimed him the new King of the Seven Kingdoms."

WHAT? Rhaegar was killed?

"He killed Rhaegar?" Elia heard herself say.

"Rhaegar took a blow to the chest on the in a crossing on the Green Fork of the Trident, they're calling it the Ruby ford now." Oberyn said but she could see he was holding back his laughter.

Even if her brother had his open way of living, she knew he took offense when Rhaegar chose Lyanna over her.

Was it worth it Rhaegar?

She wouldn't mourn him, if left alone his actions would've caused not only his own death and hers, but also the deaths of their children.

She remembered her house words. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. That's what she would strive herself to be.

She, Rhaenys and Aegon would rise above it.

Elia thought about telling her brothers about Aegon being alive, but in the state they are right now they would probably start searching for him. She knew whatever plans Varys had with Aegon it didn't involve she and Rhaenys' survival.

She had to search for her son without alerting the Master of Whisperers, but her Aegon by now was probably shipped off Westeros.

"I think we should keep the fact that I survived a secret for now. The war is too fresh and Robert's hate for Rhaegar is still too intense, he could try to have me or Rhaenys killed as well." Try to have me killed again.

Doran seemed to contemplate her suggestion, but Oberyn looked at her thoughtfully.

"Yes, I think it's probably best if at least for now we act as if we still suspect they killed Elia." Doran agreed.

"So did the gods provide our sister with the means of hiding from view?" Oberyn tried to joke, but she didn't feel like indulging him.

"I'll stay out of their sights." Elia said determinedly.

After she bathed with Rhaenys, she decided to speak to Harry sooner rather than later and he disappeared.

He was still dressed in the same clothes, but they looked fresh somehow. Doesn't the heat bother him anymore?

He noticed her staring, his brilliant green eyes searched for her and he smiled.

"Oh, hey Elia." Harry said.

"Harry, would you be willing to accompany me to the Water Gardens tomorrow? I'd like for Rhaenys to have the opportunity to meet them."

Harry seemed to consider her invitation, and eventually nodded. "Sure Elia, I'd love to."

After Harry was settled in his room for the night she called for her handmaid and gave her some specific instructions for the next day.

When she got back to her bedchambers she looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw herself a victim, still trapped and weak.

The next day after she and Rhaenys were prepared in their carriage, she asked why Harry seemed uncomfortable with the idea of riding.

"I never rode this kind of horse before." What other kinds where there?

He promised to meet her there, but she wasn't dissuaded and forced him to go along with them in their carriage.

The trip took a good part of the night but eventually the beautiful sight appeared in their views. Rhaenys looked around in wonder and it seemed she wanted to start playing as soon as her little feet touched the ground.

She wanted her children to have this experience before they grew up, maybe she'll also bring Aegon here soon enough.

Elia instructed Rhaenys not to introduce herself to the other children, children of all sorts played there and she didn't want to take any chances of her name reaching any unwanted ears.

Rhaenys nodded and ran in the direction of the pool.

She motioned for Harry to sit with her on one of the chairs that overlooked the gardens, he nodded and sat in silence for a while, his arms crossed as he seemed to be in deep thought.

"Elia, where would I be able to find a world's map?" Harry questioned.

"…A world's map?"Elia repeated. Why would he need a map?

Harry looked at her strangely. "Yes, a map with all the cities in the world, lands, seas, everything."

Would such a map even exist?

"Harry, with a few exceptions outside of Westeros and Essos, not much of the world has been mapped." Elia explained.

Harry seemed to deflate at that.

"Harry, what land do you come from, maybe I'll know where it is?" She needed to know the mystery of Harry's origins.

"Not from Westeros or Essos I'm afraid." Harry answered quietly.

So that's probably why everything is so unfamiliar to him, but what would have brought him to King's Landing in the first place?

"Are you from beyond the wall?" Harry seemed confused.

"What wall?" he questioned.
"THE wall. The one guarded by the Night's Watch, they dress in black, swear off women, and protect us from all those myths the northern folk believe." Elia said jokingly.
"Why would anybody do that?" he questioned in mock astonishment.

It was a legitimate question, but it also looked like Harry was unfamiliar with the wall.

"They're mostly criminals who are thrown there as an alternative of death, some go for honor." She continued.


"So you're also not a wildling, that's reassuring." Elia said mildy.

"You people have strange terms." Harry smirked.

That was rich coming from him of all people.

"Harry, not many people experience a lot of traveling in their lives here, the costs are high and the journey are generally long so for someone to have mapped the entire world is nigh impossible." Elia continued.

"There's always a first time for everything." He said almost as he believed himself.

"So now you plan on becoming Harry, the Mapper?" Elia smiled as she watched Rhaenys splash some water on another girl.

"Close enough. I need to see as much of the world as I can, and as fast as I can." Harry explained.

Elia wished she was strong enough to be able to travel the world on a whim like that, but from what she has seen of him, and as she is right now, she would just be a burden to him.

Harry seemingly caught on to her sadness.

"Don't look so down Elia, I'll try to visit you and Rhaenys as much as I can. It's not like a ship will slow me down" Harry said grinning.

Elia nodded. It seemed as though her life wasn't going to be the only one changed by Harry's appearance in their lives, he seems to be destined for great things.

She hopes he remembers her as more than a woman he saved once, a damsel in distress from a song, and Elia vows to herself to become more than she is right now, she won't be forgotten or overlooked by anyone ever again.

"Before I left Sunspear I'd like to give you something." Harry started to say after a few moments.

What could Harry possibly want to give her? He doesn't particularly owe her anything, and he already has her gratitude.

"Where did you find the time to buy anything?" Elia questioned.

"It's not something bought, It's something made." Harry explained.

Elia stared at him as she tried to guess what could he have made her in the time they have know each other.

"...I might have overheard someone talk about your health and how you seem to tire easily, even if you are not doing anything particularly straining at the time." Harry finished awkwardly.

How in seven hells did that come up in any conversation?!

Elia was angry. She didn't particularly needed to be reminded of her condition right now, and how she wouldn't be able to bear another child, or how she isn't strong enough.

"Harry I don't mean to belittle you but what could you possible do about that? A maester already examined me after Aegon's birth, and said I'd not survive the next" Elia said sourly.

"I'm not a maester." He said seriously.

Her angry black eyes stared at his determined green ones.

"Fine, I'll take your gift, but only because I've grown to tolerate you these past few days." Elia said with mock harshness.

"Only tolerate?" Harry said laughing.

"...I'll give it to you when we return to Sunspear." Harry finished.

"Yes Harry, give it to me when we return to Sunspear!" Elia laughed as she walked to pick up Rhaenys and Harry spluttered. It seemed she was her brother's sister after all.

Her daughter seemed to think herself a fish now and refused to leave the water. She only relented and came out of the pool after being reminded of dinner and the promise of being able to swim there again soon.

The Journey back to Sunspear took most of the next day and when they reached their destination, Harry said his goodbyes to her and Rhaenys and walked in the direction of the room where he stayed.

Dining with her family was an uneventful affair even if they were accompanied by more people than she and Rhaenys were used to, her brothers were also present, with the addition of Arienne and one of Oberyn's sand snakes.

After she'd managed to convince Rhaenys to sleep, she went to see Harry and discover what kind of gift could he possibly have for her?

After she knocked on his door, she heard him calling her inside.

Harry had his hands behind his back as she entered his room, and revealed the object of her curiosity as she stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

"This is my present for you." He said as he deposited a small vial on her hands.

It felt warm and the liquid it contained looked almost golden in color.

" ...Drink this before going to bed today." He said as he watched her inspecting the vial in the candlelight.

"What if it's poison?" She found herself saying.

Harry then looked her in the eyes and said. "Sometimes the best thing you can do is charge in. Only you can determine what ultimately your actions will be, if you decide to play it safe or not, it's your choice."

Elia nodded firmly. Yes, the choice is indeed hers.

"...But if you decide not to drink it, don't throw it away, you could either give it back to me when we see each other again or you might feel the need for it in the future and I won't give you another one." He said in a serious tone.

Just what is the purpose of this potion?

"Thank you Harry, I think I'll retire for the night."

"Goodbye Elia." She had forgotten Harry would be leaving after giving her this.

"Will you be leaving Sunspear now?" Elia questioned sadly.

"Not now, but when I wake up. I'd rather do everything when the sun's up, but it's just in case we don't see each other before I left, and I'm not really that good at goodbyes."

"In that case... goodbye Harry. Thank you for everything you did for my family." Her only answer was a smile and a nod.

When she found herself back in her chambers, Elia stared at the glowing liquid in her hand and thought about showing it to her brother Oberyn, he is well-versed in his knowledge of poisons.

But whatever her brother was doing at this time of the night is something she probably don't want to walk into, and Harry seemed to imply earlier that it was somehow related to her health, so maybe she should drink it?

Hours passed as Elia stared at the liquid before she opened the vial and decided to drink it, whatever the contents might be.

It didn't particularly have a strong smell but she decided to have it in one go regardless.

The tasted felt almost sweet, and she emptied the contents of the vial quickly enough, but then her body felt somehow heavier and she found it harder to keep her eyelids open.

"Mommy, mommy!" Came Rhaenys' voice from somewhere around her.

"...Hmm, what is it Rhaenys?" She still felt like sleeping a little longer.

"Time for breakfast!" Her daughter exclaimed as she shook her arm with both hands trying to get her to wake up.


"Yes!" was the one word reply she got.

She saw that Rhaenys was holding the doll Harry got her, it looked beautifully well-made and detailed, better than any other she's ever seen, her daughter always seemed to be holding it nowadays and it was a chore trying to get her to release it.

"Alright, alright." She stood and started to get dressed as she watched from the corner of eye as her daughter played and watched her impatiently.

As they descended the stairs she suddenly felt hungry.

Really hungry.

As they sat on the table to break their fast with Doran, Oberyn and Arianne, she quickly filled Rhaenys' plate and got started on hers, which she filled it with a little portion of everything.

Oberyn stared at her seemingly impressed.

"So your boy tired you out didn't he, Elia?"

"Don't start, Oberyn." Elia answered impatiently as she filled her plate.

He shut up after that, and she saw Arienne smirking.

"...The man in black? With aunt Elia?"

"No! I'm just hungry, and don't listen to Oberyn." Was her angry reply.

Everything was especially delicious today, there's was not much opportunity to eat dornish cuisine in King's Landing, and she thanked the gods for having the opportunity to eat it in the last few days.

She felt the stares of everyone at the table as she gobbled down her food.

"Mommy, slow down!" Rhaenys shouted from her side.

She stared at her daughter and nodded as she stabbed another portion and shoved it down her mouth.

"Yes, Elia, please leave some for the rest of us." Oberyn joked.

He just couldn't stay quiet.

Elia finally felt herself sated, and she saw that she had indeed emptied a lot of the plates around her. She felt a little embarrassed. Well, not really. But she pretended she did anyway.

She stared at everyone who resumed eating and saw that her daughter was playing with her food.

"Rhaenys, I already told you not to play with your food."

"Yes Rhaenys, finish quickly or your mother might eat all of it." Oberyn smirked as he sipped his wine.

Arianne laughed at her uncle's joke and even Doran let a smile escape, Rhaenys on the other hand stared at her with widened eyes, and quickly resumed eating and drinking as fast as she could.

She felt like kicking Oberyn under the table, shame he was quite a bit away from her.

But where did her appetite today come from anyway? Was that the purpose of Harry's potion?

After Rhaenys finished her food, she excused herself from the table and went to the guest room where Harry was staying.

The room looked recently vacated and it didn't look like Harry left any of his belongings behind.

Elia saw a note in the bed.

Take a look in the mirror when you find the time. And tell Rhaenys I'll miss her.


She ran to her room and stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Her skin gained some color and she looked... healthier? Is the best description she could find. The Elia who stare her back in the mirror looked fairer than the one yesterday, younger even.

Could he really have had something to do with this?

Elia tried asking the guards if any of them saw Harry leaving but all their answers were negative, she even went as far as the gates.

No sign of Harry, he really left, gone like he were never there in the first place.

She then saw Maester Caleotte rushing towards her.

"Princess Elia! We received a raven from Starfall."

News from Ashara, Mayhaps? "Speak, Maester Caleotte."

"...Ser Arthur Dayne is dead and Lady Ashara threw herself into the sea from atop the Palestone Sword."

"WHAT?" Was her only thing that came out of her mouth.