Muggle Day

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"Rose, Hugo, are you ready to go we're going to meet your Uncle Harry and James, Albus and Teddy in half an hour." Hermione Weasley shouted to her children from the kitchen of the modest house she and Ron owned, although it was more owned by her than Ron; given that Ron never finished school, like she and Harry did, after everything settled down from Harry killing Voldemort. Hermione, while realizing that this was a cause of tension between her and Ron didn't know what to do, given that Ron hadn't wanted to go back to Hogwarts to finish his education, thinking that he would be just given everything for being "A Hero of the Second Voldemort War" like he thought Harry was treated.

Further from the truth couldn't be a better term to use to describe how Ron was treated against how he thought he should be. Ron felt that just because he had some hardships (brothers being good at school to the point that he was thought of as a disappointment that he wasn't at their level when he was at Hogwarts, best friend having a small fortune when his family was raising seven children on a one family income leading to being teased for owning hand me down items) his every wish should be attended to.

In talking to Harry about this, Hermione had to wonder what Ron would have been like if he had to live the life similar to what Harry had to after his parents died. Thinking about it Hermione felt that Ron would have turned out better than Harry did given that he still had loving siblings to look out for him. To an extent Hermione sort of wished that had happened given all of the behavior problems with Ron she had to deal with due to his mother babying him and his expectations of being treated the same by his wife, something Hermione was quick to debase him of much to the redhead's annoyance. One of Hermione's greatest regrets was marrying the redhead; she had thought that Ron's immaturity was just a temporary thing brought on by his youth and he would grow out of it in time, boy was she wrong.

To no ones surprise, and Hermione's great disappointment Ron was a failure at working at the joke shop. He expected to just be able to laze around and get paid because of his 'family connection'. George was about to fire Ron, during the process of telling main shareholder Harry about it during a meeting about how the store was doing, Harry suggested using Ron as a tester for pranks before they went out on the shelves. The grin on George's face would have sent Ron running to clean up his act and behave like a model employee.

Ron's use of a test dummy caused a good number of problems in the Weasley family, first from Hermione then the rest of the family. When Hermione took a look at what her husband looked like coming home from his first day at work at WWW she ran to the floo and fire-called George to chew him out for his treatment of his youngest brother. George calmly explained that Ron didn't want to do anything at the store, yet expected to be paid more than a starting rate plus taking any weazes that he wanted without having to pay for it. Continuing George explained that given Ron lack of grades or interest in learning made it impossible for him to be trusted in the R&D part of WWW due to the fact that it was a highly Charms and Potions driven set up, two things that Ron was abysmal at. After getting off of the floo with George, Hermione was shock to realize that in "helping" Ron during their time at Hogwarts she significantly stunted his growth magically.

The fact that Hermione's job made it so she worked long days, coming home on average at six every night, leaving Ron to have to look after the children when they got out of muggle primary school, something that rankled him as being "women's work". When he complained about Hermione to Harry during one of their "boys night out" as Hermione referred to it, Harry told him that he was a fool who expected to ride on the coattails of either himself or Hermione and didn't like that things hadn't turned out the way he expected them to. When the conversation got back to Ginny and Molly at one of the regular Weasley family dinners Harry's response was different than what they were expecting; having been raised in a household where all of the men were cowed by Molly neither Ginny nor Molly expected any real opposition to what they wanted to happen becoming a reality, Harry's response challenged that assumption.

"You failed Ron by cosseting him so much when he was a small child, to his detriment. If you had told him to fight back against his brothers and not constantly fix all of his problems for him instead of letting him do it for himself he would not be the lazy lay about that thinks that the world owes him and he shouldn't have to work for it. Instead we have a Ron who thinks the world should be handed to him on a golden platter and that he shouldn't have to work for anything that he wants. To be honest Ron reminds me of what Draco Malfoy might have turned out like based on the way that he behaved when I first met him." Harry told the two female Weasleys.

To say that his statement was inflammatory was like saying that water is wet; true but not expansive enough. Both Molly and Ginny starred at Harry in horrified silence at his comparison of the youngest Weasley son to the dreaded Malfoy heir. Watching them, Harry wondered if the term 'you could've knocked me over with a feather' could've applied to the two pureblood witches. Harry was right about to conjure up or transfigure some debris into a feather to test his theory when his wife and mother-in-law came out of their stupefied shock.

Her children coming down the stairs of the house that her parents gave her money to buy, as a wedding gift; the Grangers were worried that with Ron not having gone back to Hogwarts with her and Harry to complete their education his prospects in the wizarding world was limited. Luckily for Hermione, her job as a barrister working for the betterment of all sentient magical beings, as well as better relations between the magical world and the non-magical world, gave her enough money that her husband limited prospect didn't hurt them that much.

To Hermione's unfortunate consternation, Ron took this to mean that with Hermione earning enough to support their family he didn't have to work hard or even try to get a serious job. Ron spent most of his days following the Quidditch standing and applying to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Hermione, while she thought that working for a Quidditch supply store was a waste of Ron talents and a rather juvenile job, was rather surprised that Ron wasn't hired given that quidditch was all that Ron wanted to talk about if left to his own devices.

Unbeknownst to Hermione and Ron, the head of the European Quidditch League had followed the second war against Voldemort; and while he would have hired either Harry or Hermione within a heartbeat if either of them showed the interest in playing professionally (or didn't have acrophobia in Hermione's case) he couldn't hire the youngest Weasley son. A Quidditch team had to be able to trust the people flying with them and given that Weasley "betrayed" his supposed best friends it was agreed by the owners of the teams in the EQL that Ronald Weasley would never by associated in any sense with British Quidditch, even to the extent of working for a Quidditch supply store in Diagon Alley.

This led to Ron working a menial job under the command of his brother George, who was employing his youngest brother out of fondness towards Hermione more than anything else, and to get his mum to shut up. Merlin but that woman could put a banshee to shame when she got going; and she kept asking why he (George) didn't come by and visit that often.

"Mum?" The questioning look from her son Hugo made Hermione turn her focus to something that was much more important than the family she had married into or her poor life choices, her children.

Of her children Hugo looked more like a Granger than a Weasley, something that caused much consternation from Molly, Hermione didn't care though. Shorter than most of his cousins with bushy brown hair and glasses Hugo Weasley was the spiting image of her grandpa Granger, at least as much as Hermione could remember of boyhood pictures of her grandfather that she had seen when she would go to visit him when she was a little girl before she learned she was a witch. While Molly might be annoyed that all of her grandchildren weren't the spitting image of a "proper" Weasley, Hermione was pleased to see some of her genes making their way into the wizarding world. Turning her attention back to the matter at hand she addressed her son.

"Yes Hugo?"

"If we're still meeting Uncle Harry and James and Al we need to leave shortly, mum." Hugo said. While Hugo looked the part of a nerd or bookworm and didn't quite see the appeal of Quidditch, something that had led to many an argument between Hermione and Ron, he wasn't against going off exploring with his cousins and coming home dirty and scratched up, something that was easily fixed with magic. And he loved his Uncle Harry, due to the fact that Harry, unlike his father and paternal Grandma didn't mind having a quite introspective child around the house.

Looking around her front parlor Hermione mentally ran over the checklist of things she took with her when she made an outing into the world that she came from; trainers, jeans, jumpers; check. Correct ID that would pass muster in Muggle world; check. Muggle money obtained from Gringotts at a heavy fee; check, Hermione deposited roughly a third of her paycheck in a separate account set up for these excursions. It saddened her that her husband and his family (i.e. Molly, Percy and Ginny) didn't find it strange that she deposited a paycheck that was a third less than other pureblood wizards in her department, when in fact due to how she had rising higher in rank than Ron she got roughly two thirds more annually than Ronald. Harry knew about this but Hermione swore him to secrecy.

Letting out a call for her daughter Rose and hearing her footsteps on the floor Hermione took her son's hand and walked towards the parlor. As they entered the parlor Rose skidded in from the dinning room. Biting her lip Hermione didn't say anything about her daughters habit of disrespecting the house rules by running and roughhousing though it. The few times she had tried to discipline Rose over it Ron had come behind her and overturned the punishment without talking to her about it. When she tried to talk to Ron about why she was punishing Rose in the first place it just descended into an argument of why she wasn't more like Molly. After one such argument Hermione wondered why she spent so much time trying to win Ron's affections from Lav, as her husband still referred to his school girlfriend, if she had known that Ron was never going to grow up she would have gift wrapped the redheaded wizard for the ditzy blonde slut, in hindsight they were a much better pair.

Getting a better look at her daughter Hermione bit back a groan of frustration; Rose hadn't changed into the muggle close that Hermione had put aside for the days she and Harry took their children out into the muggle world. Thinking on it Hermione realized that Rose had spent the last weekend with her Weasley grandparents at Ron's insistence. Taking a deep breath to gird herself for the coming argument Hermione addressed her daughter.

"Rosie, why aren't you in the clothes that I put out for you to wear today?" Hermione questioned her daughter in what she thought of as a polite tone of voice.

"Gran Weasley said that as a witch I shouldn't be wearing such muggle rags." Rose replied as if her answer was from the font of all knowledge. Hermione had to take a couple of deep breaths and recite some Arithmancy equations so as to not apperate over to the Burrow and kill her mother in law. Molly Weasley had never tried to hide her dislike of muggles but Hermione always put that down to Molly's having to constantly deal with Arthur's fondness if mistaken understanding of non magical people, to hear her own daughter speak so horribly of her mother's parents made Hermione wonder where she had gone wrong as a mother in raising her children.

The fact that she had married into such a potentially racist, bigoted (as opposed to ignorant and unknowing of how much their comments could hurt) family came as a shock to Hermione and made her wonder why the redhead matriarch was as supportive of Hermione and Ron's relationship as she appeared to be. What Hermione never considered was that Molly, although displeased with her youngest son affections with the pushy muggleborn encouraged it, to keep Harry free for Ginny, not because she thought that the witch and her son made such a good pair. After thinking about what she learned from her daughter Hermione called the young girl to her, when Rose got there Hermione started to lay down the law.

"Rosaline Hermione Weasley", Hermione didn't want to give her daughter her first name as her daughter's middle name feeling that the name was somewhat antiquated and weighty; something that she had quite a few arguments with her mother-in-law about once they learned that her and Ron were having a daughter, given how her daughter was now acting Hermione wished that she had pushed a little hard in how her children where raised.

"I am your mother; I clothe you, feed you and keep a roof over your head and while you are a minor you are to do as I say. Your grandmother may like things done a certain way when you are visiting her and that's her right but if I ever hear you disrespect me and my parents, your maternal grandparents again I will take every magical thing that you own including your signed poster of the Hollyhead Harpies and burn them to ash replacing them with purely mundane replacement. Do I make myself clear?" While Hermione didn't like being such a "Hard arse" she felt that it was important to impose boundaries and structure on her children early on so that they don't turn into …. well her husband not to put to fine a point on it. Seeing Rose's horrified look Hermione felt that her daughter understood where things stood from now on. Modulating her tone slightly Hermione finished her conversation with her daughter so that they could go meet Harry and her nephews.

"Now go up to your room and change into the clothes that I set out for you and we can go meet up with your uncle and cousins and start our day, ok Rosie." Hermione commanded to her daughters back who started to go to her room shortly after her mother started to lay down the law.

Checking on Hugo who was in the sitting room reading a quidditch magazine; Hermione, while making sure she had everything she needed, started to outline the "conversation" she planned on having with her mother in law in the near future. While she could bite her tongue and bear comments that reflected badly on her upbringing in general, given that she had choose to make a life in the wizarding world after she graduated from Hogswart when the school opened back up after the fallout from the conclusion of The Second Voldemort War had settled, Hermione refused to let her children talk badly about people that loved and cared about them even if they weren't able to perform magic.

Hearing Rose coming into the sitting room Hermione turned to greet her and was dismayed with what she saw; the nice skirt and jumper that she had set out for Rose to wear was ripped and in tatters just hanging off her daughter. A daughter that had a rather smug Ron like look on her face, clearly thinking that she had out smarted her mother and was going to get her way.

"OK mum I put on the clothes that you put out for me, let's go meet up with everyone." Rose said in a sacrin sweet tone of voice. Hermione's eyes narrowed at the disrespect she was getting from her daughter. With a flick of her wand and a quick Reparo the clothes that Rose were wearing was back to being in pristine condition and fitting her daughter correctly. Ignoring Rose glaring at her, Hermione took Hugo's hand and headed towards the floo. Getting to the fireplace Hermione situated Hugo in front of it and told him to stand there, she then went to address her daughter.

"Rosalind" Hermione said in a sweeter more compassionate tone than she had before, "you are my daughter, a girl that has come from two people from quite different backgrounds, this I will admit. While you can do magic and that is a good and important part of your heritage you also come from a line of family that either never had any magical ability or, more likely a family that was descendent from a long line of squibs who had to figure out how to live without magic and prosper besides that fact that they didn't have any of the perks you have and the most recent of those people, your grandparents came together to create me, and then through me, you." Seeing the contemplative look on her daughter's face Hermione continued.

"Your constantly taking everything your Grandmum Weasley says as truth is a disservice to your ability to decide things on your own. While there is nothing wrong with getting the opinion of those that have gone through life before you and gained experience from it you must take their advice and judge it through your own experiences. I hope if you take nothing else from my being your mother you take this, something that took me until it was to late for it to do any good to learn." Rose, shocked and confused by what her mother was saying agrees to her request. Seeing that her daughter was trying to take what she was saying to heart Hermione smiled and addressed both of her children.

"So who's ready to see your Potter relatives?" At the cheers that came from Rose and Hugo Hermione smiled sadly to herself while she went to meet up with the man she should have been with, she could finally admit that now. Not that she would ever tell her parents and give them more ammunition in their dislike of Ron. Hermione's parent's dislike of their son-in-law was so great that the last time that Hermione had talked to them about him their response was to tell her about some new dentistry techniques that they had learned at a conference that they needed a willing test subject to practice on. After that discussion Hermione never brought up her husband nor made him go with her and the children when she went to visit her parents.

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