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HG (horse girl)

Chapter 1: The start of a legend

Did you ever get that feeling? That you're going to be doing something insane on day or that your destiny is like your great grandfathers, I didn't think so only I ever get that feeling. My great grandfather is spirit or spirit-who-could-not-be-broken as the Indians call him, he went against the impossible to get home and on the way he saved Indian horses, Calvary horses, and a beautiful paint mare: Rain. The day I started my destiny was when I was 3 and that day changed everything. Here is my story of my life being the only known special descendant of spirit….

Cimarron valley

10:00 Friday April 1st

One calm morning I was grazing when I heard something… I started walking toward it when Mya stopped me and nickered to Zoe the sub leader. Zoe looked up and asked what was wrong when the noise grew louder and Mya, Zoe and me looked over toward the forest. I pricked my ears forward to catch any sound and Mya asked if I hear anything,

"No just rustling like someone is walking" I replied,

"A filly your age, Flicka" Zoe said in her wise voice,

"What! ….Why……. "I stuttered,

"Flicka this is no time to freak out. It could be a hostile filly tricking us to take her in so her herd leader can take this herd-"Mya blabbered eventually being cut off by me,

"Oh my god Mya don't freak like that, it's annoying" I whined snorting,

"Guys…. Mya stop arguing with a filly, Flicka go get this "Hostile filly" Zoe said calmly mocking Mya,

Mya snorted and I nodded to show Zoe I was listening and trotted to the trees. When I got to the entrance of our forest I walked in, the forest smelled like any forest but our forest was always full of life and only the present Cimarron herd could tell the difference if it was quiet. I pricked my ears and noticed the sound wasn't here and the trees seemed to point toward the problem. I walked thru a huge bush and when it finally ended I stepped in a puddle which startled whatever it was because, from the sound of the rustling, it turned around and was running to me. I stood my guard noticing how it fell every few feet like it was tripping on stones or tree roots, when it came into the open my eyes widened and a filly my age was wide eyed too. I decided to tell her I was harmless and would help her when I heard a growl and a howl and darted to her and pushed her out of the way when a wolf jumped out of the trees and tackled me. I tried to buck it off when I got an idea and rolled on some prickly thorns and killed it. I stood still looking at it when it moved and I stomped on it to kill it finally, I turned around to find the filly still on the ground and wide eyed but not at just me but my back. I looked on my back to find warm, gooey, blood dripping down my left shoulder and just looked back at the filly like she was insane,

"A-are you o-okay" She stuttered shaking a bit,

"Yes, are you?" I replied walking toward her,

She got up fast and started to back away when I stopped and tried to tell her I wasn't dangerous.

"You just killed a wolf…. And made sure he was dead" She said raising her voice and backing away,

"He would of got up and killed me if I didn't-",

"What about the blood…. You looked to me as if I was insane after you saw it" She raised her voice even higher and I could feel the trees getting nervous like something else is going to happen,

" I've gotten into fights with other animals and those fights always cause blood so I'm not that freaked out if I'm bleeding" I explain making sure she doesn't cut me off,

She seemed satisfied that I wasn't a killer so she agreed to come back to my herd and immediately warmed up to me like we were long lost buds. I knew it was the fact that I saved her life and didn't bother to ask why. We became buds after that though and for 3 days everything was fine but then something bad always comes after something good. It was in the afternoon on the 4th when Lilly (that was her name) had asked me about my great grandfather and I had told her my whole history a familiar noise came from the west. We were grazing by The Big Oak when I heard galloping and yelling and I realized ranchers were nearby, I didn't worry much until I heard gun shots. Ranchers don't shoot their cattle but that's when I realized they weren't ranchers, they were Calvary and they were headed right for us! I alerted Lilly then ran knowing Lilly will follow, we made it to the herd and I ran to Zoe and Mya who were talking about me and Lilly.

"The Calvary" I said simply and in a flash Mya was rounding everyone up and Zoe was seeing where they were coming from,

"Zoe" I called,

She Looked at me "There are a lot of them" she said,

I nodded and knew what this meant: when there is a lot of Calvary there looking for a valuable prize but when there is 2 – 3 there on scouts for more horses. I told Lilly and she nodded saying she knew why, I was confused but was going to ask her later. Zoe told us to run with the herd but only Lilly did because I was wondering if they were after me even though it's been a few months. Lilly was only able to get a few minutes away when a army man ran in front of her and roped her which I noticed when he started to drag her toward a trailer. I galloped to her to help her when another army man ran in front of me and roped me; I kick and bucked but eventually got dragged to the trailer. I saw they had already put Lilly in and she was standing there at the back scared to death, I got dragged in and noticed my herd retreating to the forest when the trailer door slammed in my face making me back up and shake my head. I turn around when the car starts then look at Lilly who changed from scared to death to looking like a tame horse in a trailer. I was confused but decided to ask later when we weren't getting drug to our fates, even if I would never let my fate be this. The ride was long but kind of relaxing even if I was going to probably get tamed; Lilly seemed relaxed even as we neared the forts yellow pillared gates and saw the gun-wielding men up on the towers. I watched the dulled horses in there barn when we passed them to park by the colonels house (I assumed). The trailer was sound-proof for some reason and I knew they were when the trailer door opened and all sorts of noise entered. A group of men were looking at us when the colonel ordered 5 to get ropes and drag us to the 4 parallel poles by the arena and blacksmiths house. They threw the ropes and only 2 missed me which wasn't surprising because I was trying to dodge most of them and they pulled me out with me pulling back and kicking out. When they attached me to the 4 parallel poles they tied me down and grabbed other ropes for Lilly. I squealed, screamed and yelled for them to leave her alone but they grabbed her and she didn't struggle one bit until she saw the blacksmith head straight for her with scissors, hoof picks and a hammer with nails. I squealed louder when the blacksmith was done and was heading for his house for the stamp which Lilly was the most worried about. She started kicking the men and eventually got loose before they grabbed the ropes they threw on before and pulled her back, I bit the ropes and it only took a second to chew them off. I was finished with the last rope when he came out to stamp her and I galloped to him knocking the stamper out of his hands. I reared up at the men who were holding Lilly and they dropped the ropes and ran to get more for me when I called Lilly to follow me we ran to the gates. I stopped at the entrance and noticed the gate on the barn was unlocked and open; a second later the Calvary horses were galloping out the door and running to the exit. I was right behind them when a rope was thrown over me and pulled on so I stopped and reared yelling "go". Lilly stopped then galloped out of the fort when the colonel yelled and another rope was thrown around me, then another, then another. 4 ropes were thrown around me and I was pulling hard on to them to get out when the colonel fired his gun and I stopped and turned. I sneered and glared….HARD at him; he walked up to me hat on and shirt perfect like it never got touched. The men dragged me to a pole and only tied one rope to it and untied the others from me. I sighed realizing I will be here a while when the men on horses started marching again and the other men continued their chores. Night came and I looked up at the starry sky to see my herd grazing and started remembering the pleasures I had when I was young. The whole night I wondered what they were doing,

"Probably wondering where and what I'm doing" I chuckled but soon went back to a straight face and eventually fell asleep thinking of my parents.

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