Hello everyone! Here's a new story, called "Otherwise". It's less bloody and gruesome than my previous SSB-fic, "Werewolves of Smasher's Hollow". This is more focused at mental tension, instead of physical action. I'm Dutch, so don't blame me for grammar errors. Reviews are very welcome.

extra A/N (made after the fic): I just realised I mean different, instead of otherwise (in Dutch it's both "anders"). But I don't want to re-name the story.

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Pit's POV:

I always felt different, because I was not like my brothers. I was not round shaped, like Dedede, Meta and Kirby. Well, I thought I resembled the most with Meta. He had also wings, but they were more bat-ish, while mine were like bird wings. I was the most humanoid of us all, like father. Father was a busy man and we didn't see him often. I never had any problem with my otherness, until that certain day...

It was a calm afternoon and I lay on my bed on my back. I looked at my ceiling, as usual. I had a painted ceiling. It was like I looked to the sky with all those clouds and shiny sun rays. I called it "Angel Land", because I imagined it as the heaven, the land of the angels and gods. It always made me think. I was an angel, but why was I not in the sky?

'Dedede! Meta! Pit! Come!' shouted my younger brother Kirby. I shook out my thoughts and walked out my room. I jutted my head out my room. My two older brothers did the same. A pink puffball ran to us.

'Qué?' asked Meta. Meta had the habit to use Spanish interjections.

'Father is home, along with the misters Hand!' shouted he happy. The misters Hand were rich businessmen and had a good relationship with father, who was their colleague. Kirby joined a few of their projects, called "Super Smash Brothers". It seemed to be fantastic, according to his stories. We walked downstairs to the living room. Father and two white hands sat around the coffee table.

'Ah, there they are!' said father and I smiled. 'This are my other sons: Dedede, Meta and Pit. They are strong and unique. Each in a certain way.' The misters Hand looked at the three brothers.

'They look suitable,' said Master Hand. 'What do you think?'

'You are right,' said Crazy Hand. The hands looked at each other and made thinking sounds.

'Stop lookin' that way and tell me wha ya mean,' said Dedede. He got a hit from Meta.

'You duckface. Show them some respect!' said he.

'Sorry,' answered Dedede. The misters Hand stood up and inspected each of us. I felt uncomfortable when the white hand looked in my eyes. Well, I didn't know if they had actually eyes, but it felt like they were looking at me.

'Hmm...an angel. Funny. You don't look like your brothers. What's your name?' said Crazy Hand.

'P..Pit, sir. My name is Pit,' stuttered I. What the heck was I doing? This didn't look very valiant. The hands went back to their seat and they grabbed some envelopes.

'Kirby?' asked Master Hand.

'Yes?' answered the pink puffball.

'We are working at a new project. And we really want you to join us again. Would you like to join Super Smash Brothers Brawl?' Kirby's eyes became wide.

'Of course!' shouted he and did his victory dance. Master Hand handed him an envelope. It was sealed with a red stamp: the emblem of Super Smash Brothers. Crazy hand showed three other envelopes.

'And for you three. Would like to join too? We have three spots left.'

'YES!' shouted I. Oh my gods, I was invited for Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

'Con alegría,' said Meta. Dedede remained silent and everyone looked at him.

'Right then. I don't want to stay here alone,' said he and grabbed the envelope.

'Get your stuff boys, you are going to leave within ten minutes,' said father.

'Yes father,' said all of us in unison. I rushed upstairs and got my stuff: my bow, clothes, towels and other toilet stuff, some books, my violin and much more. Within no time, I got a chockfull suitcase. We said father goodbye and I stepped into the black limousine.

'It's super you come too!' yelled Kirby happy. 'I would like to introduce some of my friends. Yoshi, Pikachu, Jiggly Puff and Pichu are awesome!' Crazy Hand turned to Kirby.

'Sorry, but Pichu is not here this time.' I saw his head hung down sadly. I felt a bit guilty. Maybe I was his replacer. I lay a hand on his shoulder.

'Heey, don't be sad. Dedede, Meta and I are new, right? Maybe there are some other newcomers, who are perfect friends for you.' Kirby brightened a bit up.

'Who are new anyway?' asked Meta.

'Euh...you three, Ike, Red, Donkey Kong's little nephew Didi, Lucario, Lucas, Olimar, ROB, Snake, Toon Link, Wario and Wolf...pfiew I know them all.'

It was a long trip, but we finally reached a huge mansion. Those misters Hand were that rich to build a mansion for THRITY FIVE persons, only to join a project. I stepped out and grabbed my suitcase. My brothers and I followed Master Hand to the door.

'The room division is inside. Make some friends and I wish you good luck.' Master Hand disappeared and we were alone. Dedede was the oldest, so he opened the door.

'I'm back people!' shouted Kirby. Two girls walked to the door.

'Hi Kirby, good to see you! And who have we here,' said a blond girl with a pink dress. I shook her hand.

'Hi, I'm Pit from manor Dreamland. Kirby's brother,' said I. A brown-haired girl shook our hands too.

'Hi, I'm Zelda from castle Hyrule and this is Peach from castle Mushroom.'

'Where are our chambers?' asked Meta. Peach grabbed a list.

'What's your name?' asked she.


'I hope you like party animals, cause your room is on the second floor. Your roommate is Pit. You recognise your room with your family weapon. In your case the yellow star.' This was not what I expected. Sharing a room with your BROTHER. I had preferred a room with a new friend, but ok, nothing to do against. We walked upstairs to the second floor. The first thing I saw was a guy with a green tunic and hat, knocking on the door.

'Samus! Please! You are in the bathroom for AN HOUR! I'm about to burst!' said he. I couldn't help but sniggered. The boy noticed me and smiled.

'Oh hey! You are newcomers isn't it?' asked he. The door of the bathroom flew open and a girl with long blond hair and a blue suit opened the door.

'Newcomers!' shouted she happy and the boy rushed into the bathroom. 'Sorry Link, but you know it takes some time to take off my power suit.' She shook our hands.

'I'm Samus Aran and like to kick some asses.' I looked in her eyes. She had sky blue eyes, like mine. Funny, cause father always said pure sky blue eyes were very rare.

'Euh...nice to meet you,' said I. Meta was already seeking for our room.

'Pit? I think there is made a mistake, mira.' I walked to my brother and looked at the door. On the door stood two family weapons: A yellow star and a golden bow.

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