The last chapter! I really enjoyed this, although it was a short story. I'm gonna start with a one-shot called "Blocknotes"

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything in this story. All rights go to Nintendo.

I jumped up when I ended my thoughts. I knew what happened. It were no dreams. It were memories.

'I know what happened!' shouted I. 'And I know who's my sister.' I left the chair and rushed to the hall. This made a lot of sense. All the pieces came together. Accidently, I bumped into someone. And let it just be the one I sought. It was Samus.

'Pit, what the heck are you doing?' asked she.

'Long story, but I am your brother!' shouted I. Samus stood up and looked uncomprehending.

'Why do you call everyone your brother? First that "zero sense" idea of being Kirby's brother and now are you bothering me? My brother died, along with my mother, thanks to that asshole of a Ridley. Are you happy now?'

'Wait, let me explain. Kirby's father adopted me. I died after I was attacked by a seven meter wingspan beast with a whip tail with sharp metal blade. We were on the lam, but I couldn't go any further. The angels took care of me, while you were raised by bird-men.'

'Chozo. But, I have never told about them! And Ridley had indeed a whip tail with sharp metal blade and huge wings!' Her eyes became wide and she embraced me.

'You really are my brother,' said she.

Beautiful final sentence. Yes, it's over. But not yet. I'm gonna explain the "real" story behind this story. First of all: I came up with the idea Pit being adopted when I was watching some SSB4 vids and how there are many KI related things in the new SSB. But first a story:

In the second half of the 80s, there was a game developer in Japan. His name was Gunpei Yokoi. Famous for the successful Game Boy and the unsuccessful Virtual Boy. Besides the co-operation with Miyamoto, he made his own Nintendo franchises. In 1986, the story of our female bounty hunter Samus began with her first game: Metroid. In that same year, the angel Pit got an own game: Kid Icarus. These two game have so many in common and are seen as sister and brother (there even are two Greek islands, which are located next to each other, called Ikaria and Samos - Icarus and Samus)

Sadly, Gunpei Yokoi died after a car accident in 1997 (R.I.P Gunpei Yokoi). This incident is linked with the dead of Samus' mother (so Pit's mother) by Ridley, because that's what happened in the Metroid series. Samus (Metroid) and Pit (Kid Icarus) were now parentless (developerless). While the Metroid series continued with another developer and became popular, Kid Icarus remained silent for more than 15 years.

In that time Pit is adopted. Really, cause someone else is owning the Kid Icarus franchise. Pit's foster father had three own sons; Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede and was behind the Super Smash Brother projects. Even my cover picture is a strong hint (the tilted square and the type).

You can probably guess who's Pit's "foster father"...