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Tonight was the night Haruki Sagae would attempt to assassinate Haru Ichinose. Isuke watched as her room-mate made her preparations for the event closely, absorbing each and every moment Haruki moved around and got ready. Who knows, she might not see her again.

"Do you have a good feeling about this?" Isuke asked the assassin with wild, pink hair who was now testing the strings attached to her wristband. "With the assassination, I mean."

Haruki looked up in surprise to meet Isuke's observant eyes, piercing through her own with an intensity she'd never seen from them before, even if the gaze was gentle. She touched the string once it was taut, and let go of the other end so it retracted back to her wrist. Haruki gave the other girl a small smile.

"Pretty sure everything's going to turn out fine," she said. "There's an 80% chance, if that girl Azuma-san doesn't show up. If she does, I'm 1000% fucked."

"Have you come up with something in case that happened?" the bare-handed assassin asked another question. A smile formed on her face when the string-user nodded.

"Oh, that part's going to be risky," Haruki replied, a frown now showing. "But I know that I'll win through with it if that happens."

The girl with pink curls let a sly smile grace her features. "Wow, so much confidence. Good on you! I'm actually rooting for you here."

The smile returned to Haruki's face. "Thanks, Isuke-sama. I hope I'm still alive after it."

The other girl wasn't sure if she meant it sarcastically, like if "alive" meant "barely injured" or literally alive: breathing, talking, and all that a very much alive person could do.

"What's with that tone? You think you won't survive, or is that supposed to be sarcastic?" Isuke asked, voicing out her thoughts. She felt a tug at her heart when her room-mate shook her head.

"It's not sarcastic, Isuke-sama," Haruki replied. "I might actually die tonight."

Now, Isuke was feeling dangerously emotional. This wasn't like her at all. She took pleasure in getting rid of her family, but this… this was something else. Someone else.

Someone she actually cared about was risking not only her stay in Myojo Academy, but her life as well, in order to help her troubled family.

She knew it was selfish of her to blurt out the next lines, but all throughout, she managed to keep up her usual façade, the sly girl everyone in Class Black knew since Day One.

"Well, why don't you just kill them off?" she asked. "You'll set yourself free like that. That's how I've always gone by."

Isuke wanted to take back her words when she heard no reply from the other pink-haired assassin. She turned and made her way to the door.

"And here I thought I was giving you advice, Sagae," she muttered. "I hope you come back alive."

Haruki stopped as she was about to open the door and step out of Isuke's life, perhaps forever. These sorts of moments, one doesn't easily forget, but it's something that would haunt Isuke for a long time.

"I do, too," Haruki said. "Even if it was only for a short while, Isuke-sama…"

Isuke felt another strong tug at her heart.

"Thanks for everything."

The bare-handed assassin couldn't help but smile a genuine smile which showed her true feelings. It wasn't her usual, sly smirk, or one that she showed when she was murdering people. It was a sad one at the realization for the second time in an hour now that her room-mate might not make her assassination successful.

Haruki's back was turned to her at this moment, but in another, Haruki faced her. She forced on a brave look as the Pocky-loving girl's eyes were on her and nothing else. What beautiful eyes they were, a shade she would surely miss seeing in another person's, especially hers.

"Are you doubting me, Isuke-sama?" she heard Haruki ask.

"No, not at all!" she replied. "Just might not get to see you later, after all that you've said. That's all."

"Don't you worry, Isuke-sama!" Haruki said cheerfully. "I'll make it back here by midnight, tops."

Isuke blurted out before she could think of anything else to say, "Promise?"

The doorknob turned, and there was no turning back now.

"You can count on it."