I blinked sleep from my eyes as a car horn sounded below my window and I couldn't help the happy smile that stretched my lips as I awoke from my first good nights sleep in months. I was home, in Forks and so were the Cullen's, I had finally woken from the nightmare that had plagued me for what felt like forever. Edward still loved me, he'd never stopped; only lied to me about it so I could have what he believed to be a normal human life. Would he ever understand that he was my life?

The horn sounded again as I stretched sleepily and looked over at the alarm clock on my side table, if I didn't move I was going to be late for school. I pulled myself from the warm bedsheets and went in search of a towel to have a shower, Charlie had never been good at laundry.

Half an hour later I rushed down the stairs with my half-wet hair tied up in a ponytail, the still damp strands of hair slapped against my cheeks as Charlie called my name and I turned quickly to face him.

"A letter and package for you Bells, i'm guessing its from him." Charlie said moodily, he still wasn't happy that the Cullen's had returned and had grounded me indefinitely until I could prove I wouldn't run off again like that.

I turned back toward the kitchen sideboard and picked up the letter and package, it was wrapped in brown paper. I frowned as I looked at the beautiful handwriting upon the front of the letter, it simply read 'Isabella.'

"Where did you find this, dad?" I asked, sure now that it wasn't from Edward. Not only did he rarely call me by my full first name but i'd seen his handwriting a thousand times; I sat next to him enough at school. His was a cramped yet elegant scrawl, but it couldn't compare to the pure artistry of the writing in front of me.

"It was on the porch step." He grumbled and walked out of the kitchen, grabbing his hat and coat before storming out the house and slamming the door noisily behind him.

I felt trepidation enter my stomach as I realised Edward was waiting for me and Charlie had yet to confront him for abandoning me. I quickly grabbed the package and letter and ran upstairs, I threw it haphazardly upon my bed, only seeing it bounce once as I ran out the door and back down the stairs. I was panting by the time I reached the front door and rubbing the elbow i'd smashed into the wall on my way down the stairs.

"Im so unfit." I mumbled under my breath to myself as I opened to door to see Charlie stood toe to toe with Edward, his voice raised.

"Do you even understand what you put her through?!" He half shouted as I ran between them, my hand on Charlie's arm in what was meant to be a comforting gesture.

"Dad, stop." I said, glaring at him. I wouldn't let him say anything that could drive Edward away again, i'd only just got him back.

"Yes Chief Swan, I do. I'm working my hardest to earn Bella's forgiveness and I hope that I can also earn yours." Edward said dutifully, his head bowed in shame.

Charlie merely scoffed and turned on his heel toward his police cruiser, his shoulders were stiff with tension as he got in and slammed the door behind him.

"He really isn't going to forgive me." Edward said as he wrapped an arm around my waist, his fingers splaying over my him and I sighed happily to feel his touch again.

"He will calm down eventually." I said, turning toward him and being swept away in his beautiful golden eyes. Just like that all thoughts of the package I had been so concerned about were swept away in my admiration of Edward Cullen.

Hours later, once I had returned home from school and sadly said goodbye to Edward for the rest of the day, I entered my bedroom to see the package and letter I had completely forgotten about this morning laying innocuously on its side where I had thrown it. I closed my door and dropped my bag on the floor at the foot of my bed, I tucked one foot under my leg and sat on my mattress in front of the brown paper, studying it in confusion.

Who would have dropped a package off at my house? There were no stamps or a postal address, for a moment I feared Victoria was behind it, then I realised a letter was entirely too subtle for her.

'Well, Bella' I thought to myself. 'It's not going to open itself.'

I tore at the corner of the envelope, feeling momentarily sad that I was having to destroy the beautiful paper. Inside was a thick, expensive feeling parchment and I could see the black ink left no smudge marks, I held my breath as I read.

Dearest Isabella,

I know this may come as a shock to you and so I must immediately beg your forgiveness for causing such an emotion before I continue, but you see I couldn't help but write to you. You do not know me, but I have gazed upon your beauty and haven't been able to shift you from my thoughts since.

I wanted to write to you so that you knew someone appreciated you for what you truly are; a marvel. Whatever course your life is leading you on, may it be good or bad. I wanted you to feel wanted. It wounds me to imagine you unhappy and so I hope that these letters will be a source of comfort to you. Yes, I said letters. I will continue to write to you, do not worry I do not expect a reply and nor will I provide you with a means of doing so, just knowing that you are reading these words is reply enough for me.

Please do not feel scared or threatened in any way, my hope is not to cause you discomfort but quite the opposite. I promise I am not watching you, stalking you or in any way threatening your safety or well being. I am merely a friend wishing you well and hoping that I can bring a small amount of happiness into your life with a few written words and small gifts. Please do not worry about their monetary value and they are yours to do with as you wish, I promise not to be offended.

Yours Eternally.

P.S I imagine the sapphire will compliment your complexion and hair perfectly, I hope you like it.

I breathed out quickly and bit my lip in anxiety as I tore at the paper of the package, dreading what would be within. A deep maroon leather jewellery box lay harmlessly encompassed by the brown paper. It looked up at me accusingly and I felt my heart rate pick up. What was this about? Who was sending this? Whoever it was promised they weren't stalking me, but who did things like this just to make someone happy?

I gingerly opened the large box and laying within the black velvet was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. A long silver chain held the sapphire the letter had been talking about, its blue was so deep it reminded me of the ocean. The stone was tear shaped and as I pulled it over my head I realised the chain was so long that the stone would easily be hidden under my clothes as I could feel it touching the top of my ribcage. I dreaded to think how much this had cost and hoped that It wasn't a real sapphire, but the weight and quality of the stone begged to differ.

I didn't know why but I felt inexplicably attached to this necklace and letter, whoever this person was all they cared for was my wellbeing and whilst I had initially felt scared, I didn't now. I couldn't explain it and the change in my emotions confused me. I stroked the stone reverently before tucking it under my blouse, It wouldn't do for Edward to notice it but I didn't want to take it off. Something so beautiful demanded to be worn.

I froze and a frown creased my forehead. Why did I automatically assume that I would need to hide this from Edward? Because I didn't want him to know about it, or the letter. I shook my head as if to disperse the confusing thoughts that were all vying for my attention. Why I wanted to hide it didn't matter, but I knew that I had to. I stood quickly from my bed and took the package, letter and paper with me to the desk in the corner of the room. I unlocked the bottom drawer and hid the items inside there, making sure to remove the key and hide that inside my dresser. I didn't think Edward snooped around my room, but there was no harm in taking extra precautions.

I stroked the chain again and found myself smiling, this wasn't the type of jewellery made to sit in a drawer and get dusty, so I decided to wear it and if Edward asked; I would tell him it was a gift. I wasn't lying after all. Was I?

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