The journey to Forks hadn't been quite as excruciating as I had imagined, I soon discovered that when Aro had said we would all be traveling together, he hadn't meant it quite as literally as I had taken it. Where I had thought we would all be sharing a plane on a cosy and incredibly awkward flight over here, he had, in fact, meant that we would all be utilising several private aircrafts simultaneously. One of which, the Volturi leaders had entirely to themselves.

Whilst this afforded some privacy, it wasn't nearly enough for my requirements. My eyes trailed across his powerful form languidly, and I wondered if it left the same fire in its wake as his gaze did when it lit upon my own flesh. If the intense looks he had been bestowing upon me during our journey here were anything to go by, I'd say I was just as skilled at getting him hot and bothered as he was me.

We'd barely begun to explore our appetites for each other after so long apart and I cursed the Cullen's for that. Though it did bring me some measure of petty satisfaction to imagine Jasper and Alice trapped on an airplane with thirty members of the Volturi guard.

Looking upon the smooth, pale skin and Grecian features of the man I loved, I had to remind myself that I had forever to explore him. But that first, I needed to protect the people I loved from the harm that would befall them because of me.

As such we had managed to restrain ourselves to heated looks and the occasional lingering touch on the flight so far, my attention was mainly held by the whole new world beyond the window. Now that my senses had been sharpened beyond my human capabilities, it felt as though I was seeing everything for the very first time.

The soft pink of the sunrise lighting the clouds from below made the moisture within them sparkle and I realised I had no idea if I could step outside now that I was… Not quite human. I waited impatiently for the sun to rise high enough in the sky so that a beam of light would cast itself through the window and onto my waiting hand.

I turned my wrist this way and that, but not even the slightest shimmer could be detected and I let out a soft huff of disappointment.

The dark chuckle of the man who had suddenly taken the seat beside me and placed his hand atop the beam of light made my insides quiver with want. His hand glistened and I traced my fingers across the smooth marble of his skin, sure I would feel the diamonds that seemed embedded into his flesh.

His lips were at my ear and I leaned into him, humming softly as they caressed the shell of my ear with his whispered words.

"Do not be disappointed, my love. After all, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of walking amongst the living without reprisal." There was a longing that I could hear, deep within his words, and I shot him a look of reproach.

"You are alive, Aro."

Another kiss, this time atop my cheekbone as his sweet breath fanned against my skin and made my mouth water.

"That you believe so, is all that matters to me, il mio amore."

My mind was wandering into dangerous territory with him so close to me. My heart pounded uncontrolled in my chest, which I could tell pleased him. So I left it to thump away unchecked as he nestled himself into my neck and breathed deeply, his lips and tongue caressing my pulse point.

I sighed his name softly as my grip on his strong thigh tightened when he pulled back, his crimson eyes meeting mine with an expression of pure want as his thumb caressed my lower lip.

"Such a prize…" He whispered and I was glad to be sat as a whimper of need left me, I felt my desire for him pulse with such strength that suddenly, I was upon him.

My movement was so quick that the steel bolts holding the luxurious chairs to the floor of the plane groaned under my strength as I straddled his thighs and ravaged his mouth with all the passion I had for him. His strong hands gripped my hair and forced my head back, exposing my throat to him as his growl shot sparks across my body. I begged him breathlessly as he marked my neck with his teeth, needing to feel him in every possible way all over again.

It had been too long since our skin had come together and I didn't care if Marcus and Caius could hear us, it was inevitable and they had already heard the first time we had consummated our bond. I imagined they would hear it many more times to come.

My mind was made up and I opened my violet eyes as Aro's hand encompassed my throat, bringing me toward him for a bruising kiss. He squeezed and I saw stars, smiling as I shifted against him lasciviously, asking breathlessly for him to do it again.

"As my lady commands…" His deep velvet voice washed over me as he set about tasting me all over again. Our teeth clashed and I knew it was my blood that pooled upon my tongue as I forcefully pushed against his teeth. The fierce growl that reverberated through him as the taste of me hit his tongue only enflamed me further, the seductive laugh which left me didn't even sound like it could belong to Bella Swan, so alluring was its lilt.

"Aro, if you don't take your clothes off I am going to tear them from you." I growled back at him, itching to feel his skin against my own. "I'm not sure you'd be able to maintain your reputation in a tattered Armani suit."

"Ah, but wouldn't it be fun to explain to dear Edward that you quite literally tore them off me in your desire."

I pulled back and glared at him, my raised eyebrow was enough to convey my disgust at him bringing up Edward just before I was about to ravish him.

"Really? You really think now is an appropriate time to bring up my ex and this pathetic rivalry you have with him?" I crossed my arms against my chest, still sat across him.

Aro's eyes flashed with anger at my tone and I felt my core squeeze in anticipation of his retribution. Really, I adored his softer side but I couldn't deny that it was so much more exciting when I baited him.

"My dear Isabella, to imply a rivalry would mean I have competition for your affections." His voice was graveled with desire and anger as his fingers flexed upon my hips. It was all the warning I had as he threw us both forward and hoisted me up against the door which separated us from the others, it splintered against the force of his strength. My legs wrapped around his waist instantly as I worked at the buttons of his waistcoat and shirt, the eagerness to get him undressed in direct contrast to my distanced tone as I regarded him coolly.

"And if you did?"

That was it, all it took was the slightest prod of his jealous nature and he sought to possess me entirely. Which was really just what I had wanted.

We had moved back into the room and were now half sprawled across the couch, the sun streamed through the small windows and lit upon Aro's now naked body; which glistened with such overwhelming beauty that I was distracted as he pushed me toward completion. All I could see was him, his strong shoulders and dark hair, those intense eyes boring into my very soul as he whispered my name and loved me as though I was the most precious thing in the world.

After, when we laid together and his fingers danced across my hips, I looked up at him through tousled hair and licked my swollen lips before I spoke.

"It needs to stop Aro. You have me and I have you. Let that be the end of it, there is no need to rub it in his face."

"As you wish, my lady." His lips pressed to my forehead and I hummed my satisfaction as I wriggled closer to his body, feeling the warmth of his skin against my own made me wonder just how much my body temperature had changed.

Our landing seemed to come all too quickly now that I had once again had a moment within his strong embrace. He had insisted on re-dressing me himself, an action I would never have thought as erotic, however, he made it so with the loving attention he paid to every inch of skin before it was covered by cloth.

My heart was pounding harder than ever and I was sure my cheeks were flushed as Aro led me down the airplane steps to the tarmac, his hand was strong and sure as my own trembled in his grip. The usual grey sky of Forks greeted us and I breathed in the air, tasting the scent of the recent rainfall upon my tongue.

"Should I be welcoming you home, dearest one?" His rich baritone whispered against my ear as we walked toward the black vehicles waiting for us.

"Mm, perhaps. Perhaps not." I responded, letting him enjoy the breathless quality of my tone. "Forks will always feel, in some part, like home to me. As will Arizona."

"I understand. I have had many homes over the years and you still have familial ties here." He raised my knuckles to his lips, pressing a kiss to them before opening the rear car door for me. Only seating himself once I was seated.

"Is that what you're worried about?" I asked him, my eyebrow raising and at the surprised upward twitch of his sensual mouth, I realised I had become better at reading Aro's true meaning and intent.

"I can't help but feel that I will have to share you." He ground the word out with some difficulty. "With any who may feel they have a claim to you, no matter how false I know it to be."

"You will have me for eternity, Aro." I reminded him gently, brushing my fingers against his cheekbone as I placed a light kiss upon his mouth. "A few moments with people that are my family, amount to very little in comparison."

He sighed loudly and leaned his head back against the headrest. I restrained a smile at his playful smirk.

"I should have just killed them all when I had the chance, as Alice made you believe I would. Then there would be none of this competing for your affection nonsense."

I rolled my eyes and looked at him disapprovingly, fighting the urge to giggle at his self-satisfied smirk as he watched me with glittering eyes and folded arms.

"Hilarious, Aro." I shot back sarcastically, deciding to take this opportunity to glance over my shoulder out the back window at the procession of identical black cars behind us. "Forks is going to think the President is visiting."

Aro followed my gaze and frowned. "Is it too much?"

I laughed and turned back to face the front of the vehicle. "It's a little too late now. Next time, different cars would make us stand out less."

"Mm, next time." He regarded me suspiciously, something remarkably resembling a pout was beginning to form on his lips.

"I meant the next time we leave Volterra for travel. I'm not hinting at monthly visits to Forks, Aro."

"We are heading directly to the Cullen residence. Will you be… That is to say, Is there anything you need from me to make this process easier for you?"

I turned to him in surprise, his consideration for my emotional welfare making me melt for him all over again as I glued myself to his arm and placed a kiss upon his cheek.

"I will be perfect, as long as you are with me."

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