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The one thing that the proud Mord'Sith had never considered ever since the last piece of her childhood memories were violently taken away from her was the feeling of affection.

It's true that she once felt a small portion of affection for Leo; and after a quite unfortunate event, her chance to tell the said man about what she felt was ripped out from her by Nicci; when she conjured a fiery bolt that was meaning to be directed to the Mother Confessor, but intercepted by Leo- and it killed him.

She did mourn for him, in her own way of course. Her words that laced with biting sarcasms, the ignorant look she gave instead of rolling her eyes per usual, silence that had more intensity than before- if her traveling companion noticed these little details; they would definitely know.

That moment was so exhausting, uncomfortable, distracting and painful- not that she didn't welcome all of that as a Mord'Sith; but when those attributes attacked her emotions, which she really hoped that she had them under control, she wasn't as strong as she thought.

That's why she swore that she never would've succumbed to any other types of affections. They were pointless for one to have.

But then, there was the Mother Confessor of the Midlands; a Mord'Sith sworn enemy.

And she managed to break Cara's personal oath to herself.

Not directly, of course; but by bits and pieces, she managed to crawl subtly inside the blonde's defenses. It started with a look, a tilt of her head, a tense scrutiny, the touch of her hand to her throat, and soon after; Cara found herself allowing the unfamiliar but friendly gestures that the Mother Confessor always keen of giving her- not even minding how much Cara displayed her discomfort towards those touches.

The Mord'Sith had shown plenty of glares and disapproving looks whenever her counterpart tried to touch her; but damn the Creator, the brunette never relents.

And in the end, Cara had been the one surrendering to those interactions.

Cara told herself that it's not because she was going soft- Creator, no- but because the Mother Confessor was a sly woman who managed to manipulate her into succumbing to her wishes, and also because her Lord Rahl constantly nagging her to protect his future wife as though she is himself. As a proud Mord'Sith, the thought of being manipulated by others rather than the alternate was too much of a shame she could handle. But at least, it was better than the second explanation;

Ugh, even want to say it out loud also felt too ridiculous for her.

So the Mord'Sith settled by blaming Kahlan on what she was very unwillingly felt. Hence the heavy scowl on her lips and the intense frown on her eyebrows.

"Today is a good day, isn't it?" A question that was presumably directed to her by the Mother Confessor near her, since both the Wizard and the Seeker were few meters in front of them.

"Whatever it is that you predict, Mother Confessor."

The reply was cold itself, with the addition of the use of Kahlan's title. And that didn't make the Confessor happy in the slightest. But assuming that maybe Cara had her own issue, Kahlan dismissed it and try to ask her what she wanted to do now; since they have defeated the Keeper.

"I will go wherever the Lord Rahl asks me to."

"Don't you have something that you've always wanted to do?"

"I do. And I am doing it. Serving Lord Rahl."

"So you have wished to serve the Lord Rahl ever since you were born?"

Getting infuriated by the endless questions by the Mother Confessor, the Mord'Sith abruptly stopped in her tracks; which soon followed by the brunette. Turning her head sharply towards her counterpart, Cara spat: "What do you want?"

The sudden unexplainable hostility shocked Kahlan, before it also riled her up in irritation; "I was just trying to make a conversation. Why do you have to be this way?"

"I have always been this way."

Kahlan narrowed her eyes, staring right through Cara's, portraying that she was definitely unhappy towards the way she behaved.

Understanding the look that was given to her all too well, Cara lifted her chin before bringing it down slowly; a quiet challenge for the Confessor to decline what she had said.

The brunette sighed in frustration after tearing her gaze from her counterpart; knowing very well that when she was acting this way, Cara would not back down from her decision or whatever it was that she wanted to do.

So Kahlan marched forward quicker than she had intended and immediately grabbed the Seeker's hand, breaking whatever conversation he had going with the Wizard and leaving him with no choice but to follow the Confessor's lead; leaving the other two a few paces behind.

Zedd dumbfoundedly stared at the couple in front of him, before turning to the Mord'Sith; "What just happened?"

A biting reply ensued, "How the hell should I know?"

"Well, you were with her before that happened. Didn't you know something?"

Gritting her teeth, Cara stepped on the road with more force than necessary; "Who knows. Maybe she just wanted to show off of her affections towards the Lord Rahl for the entire world to see."

Getting even more confused than he was before, the Wizard knitted his eyebrows together in contemplation. He was going to ask the blonde woman more questions, but her strides became quicker than it was before. Thus he got no choice but to drop the matter.

As for the Mother Confessor, she didn't know why she acted the way she did. Yes, she was bitter with the blonde's attitude towards her and the idea of making her feel the same way that she felt as a payback also resurfaced. And yes, to control her fluctuating emotions she had to distance herself from the source that caused her anger to rise; hence the moving ahead from Cara.

The only thing that she did not understand was; why did she dragged Richard along with her?

After few moments of thinking, the Confessor concluded that maybe she needed him to calm herself down or maybe she just didn't want to walk alone. Besides, Richard would never decline her company, no matter how sudden it was.

But deep down Kahlan admitted, seeing a glimpse of the distress look on Cara's face behind them; she felt satisfied somehow, and a smile slowly creeping on her lips.

On the other hand, the Wizard swore that he heard the blonde woman next to him scoffed.