Hey! Dreamteam here with GeneratorRexIsAwesome! We decided to work on a story together so here ya go!

Sadly this is not a happy tale… So I suggest you go to a different story because there will be drugs and physical/mental abuse later on.

So I would suggest you go to another story if this does notplease you.

So let the story unwind.

Rex slammed his smack hands against the white providence wall. He growled fiercely and rammed the side of his teenage build into the wall. Bruises started to grow bigger and bigger on his forearm as he tortured his body by slamming it into the wall. His eyes glowed a vibrant electric green while neon blue circuit lines traced his body. His jacket was in tatters, hanging from a few strands of thread on his shoulders. Sweat dribbled down his forehead as he tried to dent and crash through the wall.

The steel was made out of AISI 4130. The same metal that used in aircraft landing gear because of it has extremely high bearing strength, tensile and compression strength. The wall withstood Rex's violent slamming, not letting even a small dent come through.

César watched from the hallway on a monitor, concern filling his facial expressions. He felt a mixture of anger and sorrow. He wanted to so badly punch Doctor Holiday and the rest of that gang for what they did to him. He didn't know allthe details, but he sure as hell knew the outcome.

His little brother, an everyday EVO. He was in a cage, like some monster. Some creature who seemed to crawl out of Hell's domain. The way he battered his body against the wall was saddening

César turned to leave, knowing he couldn't stay long without anyone asking questions. His shoes squeaked and Rex swung around and looked at his older brother. César heard the bang stop and figured Rex had heard him. There was a few more moments of silence before Rex's empty eyes moved back to the cage wall. The rhythmic banging echoed through the empty downstairs halls once again.

As César walked past the bleach white room overlooking the Zoo with all the "medical" equipment used on EVOs that belonged to Doctor Holiday he stopped. Wanting to open the door. His old curiosity and scientist habits told him to, until he heard the inhuman shrill from another EVO.

Flash back to when it all started

The day had started as any other. Rex awoke in his trailer and groggily looked around. Bobo lay sleeping in his bed, snoring loudly. Rex shook his head and rose from his bed. He walked out of the room and down the hall.

Six, Doctor Holiday and White Knight were in the main room. Rex walked in thinking it was another meeting that he forgot about, but where was everyone else? Maybe for once in his life he wasn't the last one to arrive.

"What?" Rex questioned when everyone kept staring at him.

"You no longer have the ability to leave Providence on your own." White informed Rex. Six looked over at White with a surprised look behind his sunglasses

"That was never in the agreement." Six stated. "We had agreed that he can be a danger if not handled right."

"That's what I'm doing." White was starting to get angry.

"You can't control him 24/7." Holiday added.

"That's it! Put him away." White ordered. Pawns arrived to take Rex to his room.

Rex had no idea what was happening and started to freak out. "What the hell?"

"Stop!" Six slid out his katanas and went to block Rex.

"Stand down agent Six!" White pulled out a gun and aimed it at Six. "You don't want to do this." Six continued to push the Pawns away and White fired at him. Six rolled out of the way and ran at White. White's body suit protected him from most of the blows, but Six managed to cut off a shoulder piece. A bullet his one of Six's swords, causing it to be knocked out of his hand.

"Stop!" Holiday tried to push carts of equipment out of the way. Glass containers and tubes shattered and exploded with bullets.

Rex had no idea what to think, but he did know that he cared for everyone it the room. "Stop fighting! Can't we work something out?" He worked his way across the room to holiday. "You tried to keep me locked up?" He felt hurt and Holiday knew it.

"No," she tried to explain "We…" suddenly a small tube shattered sending little chards of glass into Rex's arm

"Shit!" He looked down to see a small stream of blood running down his arm.

"Oh no! Chemical 326." Holiday was looking at the floor where a pool of neon green liquid puddled around Rex.

"What? I'll wash it off." Rex didn't understand until he felt a fuzzy sensation run up his legs. He fell to the ground, accidentally putting his hands it the chemical too. Rex felt the world spin and heard the fighting stop. Everyone stood in horror as builds started forming themselves out of Rex and his eyes lit up bright green.

End of flash back

The EVO had four arms, six eyes, and a purple oooze poured off from its scaly skin. It could scream like a banshee and hurled out screams twenty four seven. César rolled his eyes and continued to walk down the hall. EVOs of all sorts lined the halls. Sirens, Insects, Plants, etc. Cesar tried not to pay attention to the creatures, to keep to himself.

He came to a stop, a bronze door before him. He punched in the code on the door. "4 6 9 2" he mumbled to himself. He walked into the door and quickly spotted what he was looking for. He picked up the object and turned on his heels. He walked down the EVO hall and turned the corner. He headed for the section Rex was in and placed his thumb on the finger print scanner.

"Access Granted," the female computer responded. Cesar walked in and immediately saw Rex. His jacket now lay on the ground, his arms were decorated in bruises and cuts. Blood dripped down his arms as he continued to batter himself against the wall. Cesar gripped the collar tighter in between his fingers. He walked over to the glass window and raised the collar to eye level.

"Guards. It is time to collar the subject," his voice seemed to be high pitched, but he tried to be stoic. Three grunts came out of what seemed to be nowhere, their grips tight on their weapons. Two of the guards had long sticks with a circular rope on the end while the third had two gun holsters on her hips, fully loaded. The three grunts entered the room cautiously, knowing of the EVO teen's wrath.

Rex growled at them fiercely, his shoulders slumped over. The two grunts placed the ropes over his neck while the third approached him. She snatched the collar from César's fingers and placed it on Rex's neck. His vibrant green eyes turned neon white while the circuits along his body died down.

"Leave. Now." Cesar's voice was harsh, wanting the three gone right away. The grunts hurried out, not wanting to see the mad scientist mad. César kneed down to Rex and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. He gave him a small kiss on the forehead before getting up. He helped Rex up and led him out of the room.

He brought him to a small island in the room and had him lay down on the stainless steel surface. He began to patch up his wounds while Rex just stared at the ceiling. When he was done fixing his wounds, he took him to his room. He laid him on his bed and nicely ordered him to sleep.

Rex's eyes fluttered open and closed before he snuggled his body deeper into the sheets. He soon fell asleep, making Cesar smile.

"You'll be back to normal, Rex. I promise," Cesar whispered into his ear. He gave him a small kiss on the forehead before going to fiddle with one of his inventions.