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Sadly this is not a happy tale… So I suggest you go to a different story because there will be drugs and physical/mental abuse later on.

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Hey everyone, sorry for the short chapter and the long break :( I promise that the story will be updated more from now on. Also PoisonDuchess has yet again changed her name to Sulfus.

Rex woke up to find himself on the ground in a big meeting room.

"¿qué está pasando?" (What is going on?) Rex questioned. He stood up. He was as little more mentally stable than the last time. Rex leaned against the wall and looked up to see Quarry sitting in the end chair at the far end of the table. Rex's arm slipped and he stumbled in surprise.

"Quarry?" Rex blinked a few times and tilted him head.

"Hello Rex." Quarry greeted

"I…I thought?" Rex stuttered "Didn't I leave you?"

Rex didn't seem to remember the last time they met, or anything in the past few years. "It was you who came to me." Quarry lied.

"Really? I don't seem to remember." Rex thought out loud.

"Oh, you came crawling back. You said that the streets were unbearable, filled with Providence." Quarry continued "I agreed and here you are."

Rex tightened his mouth and looked off to the side, obviously thinking hard. "Don't worry Rex," Quarry interrupted before Rex could get a conclusion. "You must be tired and hungry, right? I will show you to your new room."

Quarry stood up and walked over to the white door and walked out, Rex followed. Rex thought for a moment that all the white was familiar to him in some way, but he ignored it.

"Here you go." Quarry opened the door to a regular bedroom. It had a carpeted floor and a bed by a big window. There was a walk-in closet and a T.V sitting on the dresser. Rex didn't know what he thought it would look like, but I wasn't this.

"Wow!" Rex walked around touching everything. Quarry actually laughed a little at the teen.

Doctor Holiday taped rapidly on the computer; awful thoughts were racing throughout her head. César sat next to her, staring off into space. Six stood at the other side of the room, watching the two scientists. Rebecca pounded her fists on the computer and swiped everything off of her desk.

"Nothing! Nothing at all!" she yelled. César got up from the chair and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What have you checked?" he asked, hoping to lead her away from her anger.

She sighed heavily and looked at the Latino. "I looked for Rex's biometric signature in Hong Kong... but it is useless..." she drifted off. She placed her head in between her fingers and sighed heavily.

"Sometimes, looking isn't the same as doing," César suggested. Doctor Holiday removed her hands from her face and looked at him with complete utter shock. Her lips turned into a smile as she realized what he meant.

"Wow César, you actually have a good idea!" she said as she turned on the microphone. "Six, report to the main room. We're going to Hong Kong."

"Actually, I meant that you should use another computer... but your idea work too," César said as Rebecca rushed out the door.