As she woke up that day Emma tried to remember. In her dreams she feels like she's living in a fairytale. She lives in the Enchanted Forest with Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Snow White and Prince Charming are her parents. Henry is there too, she watches him sword fight with Captain Hook and swim with Ariel. When she awakes the dreams have just gone away leaving her with an empty space. She wants to remember, but she can't.

Emma loves her life with Henry but there is always something tapping on the back of her head. Remember… remember… remember. She wonders if this makes her a horrible person wishing she could remember the dreams that makes her feel magical in the morning when her life with her son is already magical. Is it bad that she hopes just once a sliver of her dreams will seep into her memory?

Henry smiles as he comes into the kitchen. He announces Good Morning and takes a seat at the table. Emma shakes the feeling of dreams off and places his breakfast in front of him. It's a routine, she's been doing this for years, and she loves it, she really does. Just as she's about to join him, like every ordinary day a knock interrupts them. Who could it be? All they have is each other.

When Emma opens the door a flicker of remembrance passes through her, but that can't be. Those are dreams, and this is reality. As her neighbor hands her the mail that was placed in his mailbox she remembers, her life isn't a fairytale.