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It had started off as a completely normal day. Really, it hadn´t been anything unusual about it. Not with the day before either, she had taken a bath before she went to bed, of course after she had kicked out Natsu and Happy from her apartment.

Now, she wondered what it had come from. She had been sitting by the bar in the guild, talking to Mirajane and then suddenly Natsu had approached her. That still wasn´t the unusual part. No, they unusual part had come when Natsu had asked her if she wanted to go on that date with him. Now.

Well, to say she didn´t know where it came from was a lie. She asked him, and he had answered.

"I said I could take you on a date, didn´t I?"

Lucy remembered. Cana had set her up for a date at her request, but the guy had been a real asshole and then Natsu had saved her. She now remembered that she never had asked Natsu why he had appeared – he said he came across her smell, but so what? He had also known she was on a date.

Now she was sitting in shock by the bar, but Mirajane wasn´t standing there anymore. She had fainted. The funny part was that nobody had seemed to notice, or at least, no one had tried to help her.

"But… but you didn´t even know what a date was!" Lucy managed to stutter out.

That didn´t wipe off Natsu´s grin the slightest. "I´ve asked around a little, and besides, you can show me!"

"But… but…" Lucy stuttered, blushing madly.

Here she was, being asked out to a date by her crush. She should be overjoyed. But she still couldn´t drop the feeling that Natsu didn´t know that a date was something you were supposed to go on with a person you had romantic feelings for or thought you could develop romantic feelings for.

That wasn´t something important when you asked Cana to set you up with a date…


"But… I´m not dressed for a date!" she managed to come up with an excuse.

Natsu looked confused. "Are you supposed to be dressed in a special way?"

Lucy nodded. "Yes, it´s very important. And we aren´t."

"Yes you are", Mirajane butted in. Lucy stared at her in surprise – hadn´t she been unconscious a moment ago?! "You´re dressed perfectly fine, have fun on your date!"

She pushed Lucy out of her chair and Natsu steadied her as she lost her balance since she was totally unprepared. He then grabbed her hand.

"Let´s go, Lucy!"

And he dragged her out of the guild, not caring what she or anybody else said.

"Ah", Mirajane sighed happily.

"Young love", Master Makarov agreed with a happy sigh as well, sitting on the bar close by.

"This is like a dream coming true…" Mirajane gave out another happy sigh.

"You want to hear about my dreams?" Makarov asked with sparkling eyes, prepared to tell his life story.

And with a smile as kind as ever, Mirajane gave her answer. "No."

"Natsu, where are we heading anyways?" Lucy asked as she managed to make the pink haired young man come to a stop.

He turned towards her. "I´m not sure. What do you want to do?"

Lucy couldn´t help but roll her eyes. "You didn´t even have an idea?"

He shook his head and then grinned sheepishly, making her heart melt a little. "I said you should show me."

Lucy couldn´t help but to smile a little as she shook her head. When she thought about it, she hadn´t expected Natsu to have a brilliant date planned for them. That wasn´t like him, he was an impulsive person after all.

"Okay…" Lucy said thoughtfully and looked around them, spotting where she wanted to go. "Let´s go over there!"

"Alright", Natsu said grinnig and pulled her with him, but this time she wasn´t reluctant to follow him. She had decided to do this, full out.

If nothing more, at least I´ll get a date with him, even if it´s just this once.

Natsu found them a seat by the window and they sat down next to each other. They were still holding hands.

A waitress came asking them for what they wanted to drink and then left alone to look at the menu. There wasn´t many people in there, even though the café had a beautiful view over Magnolia.

"Ehm… Natsu…"


She looked down to their hands. "It´s hard to read the menu when I only have one hand…"

Natsu also looked down to their entwined hands. But he didn´t let go. Instead he put a menu down in front of them and opened it.

"Aren´t you supposed to hold hands on a date?"

Lucy had no idea what to answer since she wasn´t sure – and she liked holding his hand, it was warm – so she just stayed quiet and averted her eyes from his face to the menu in front of them.

She read the menu, but she couldn´t decide.

"What do you want, Natsu?" she asked him.

That was when she noticed that he was trying to turn the page – but as expected it didn´t go well since there wasn´t any more pages in the menu other than the spread they had in front of them.

"Isn´t there anything more?"

Lucy shook her head. "No."

"But it´s just yoghurt!"

"Well, it´s a yoghurtbar", Lucy said and couldn´t help but smile.

"Is it?"

"You didn´t notice?"

"No, I just saw we were heading for a café our something."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "And you couldn´t think of anything but food then…"

Natsu didn´t comment on that. "What do you want then, Luce?"

Her eyes darted over the pages. "I can´t decide."

"Why not?"

"I want it all", she admitted, a little embarrassed, gluing her eyes to the menu.

She saw how Natsu closed the menu and she looked at him surprised.

"Let´s order it all then", he grinned.

Her eyes widened in surprise, but not a word came out of her mouth and then Natsu had suddenly ordered.

He then turned to her. "So, what have we ordered?"

Lucy burst out into laughter. "You really are an impulsive person, aren´t you?"

Natsu just shrugged. "Maybe."

Strawberry, raspberry-vanilla, honey, chocolate, sap from sakura-trees and elder-berry, banana, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry… that was just some of the combinations they had ordered. As the waitress arrived the first time she brought five of them in – luckily – quite small bowls. Lucy stared in awe, not even realizing they were supposed to eat from the same bowl until Natsu asked her which one they were going to try first.

She looked around on every, but couldn´t decide. "You pick", she said and then smiled. "We´ll take turns to choose."

"Alright", he said and looked over them all. "We´ll start with the one with chili."

Lucy wasn´t surprised at all. But as Natsu put the bowl in front of them she noticed there only was one spoon.

"There´s only one spoon… I´ll take one from one of the other bowls."

But before she even got the chance, Natsu grabbed her hand and stopped her. "No! Then you´ll taste on another before me and that´s not fair! Besides, you´ll mix the flavors."

He then let go of her hand which dropped to her side.


"Here", Natsu said, holding out the spoon with chili-yoghurt in front of her. "You can go first."

"Alright, thanks", she said with a smile and he put the spoon into her mouth before she could react. She wasn´t prepared for that at all, she had planned to take the spoon from him and eat.

He then took a spoon-full himself and put it in his mouth.

"Hey! This was actually good!"

Lucy snickered. "Why are you surprised? Yoghurt is delicious."

"You like yoghurt?"

"I love it", she said with a smile.

He nodded thoughtfully, as if she just had said something very important and something he needed to think about. "You pick next."

Lucy looked over the yoghurt´s they had left to taste. She wanted to save the ones she thought was going to be most delicious to last, but she still had a hard time since she thought all of them were going to be good. She then saw one with bits of grape and pear beautifully decorated on and decided to try that one since she had no idea how it would taste at all.

She pointed and Natsu, who was much closer to the bowl, put it in front of them as she moved the one with chili and chocolate flings to the side. This time, Natsu took the first bite and then gave her the second, making her blush even more than when he first had fed her.

"An indirect kiss! I think I´m going to faint!"

"Stop your squealing, Mira, or they´re going to find us out!"

"K- kiss?! It´s just their first date, they can´t kiss yet! I won´t allow it!"

"That goes for you too, Erza – SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL OF YOU!"

"Cana-san, you´re screaming… I´m so happy love-rival won´t be after Gray-sama anymore!"

"Scchh!" the other girls said to her.

"Let´s hear what they´ll say next."

Too bad for the eaves-droppers, the blonde and pinkette on date didn´t say much except complementing the yoghurts they tried out.

"Was that all of them?" Lucy asked a little surprised.

Natsu looked around. "Seems like it."

"I´m surprised I don´t feel sick…" Lucy said.

"We only tried a spoon of each", Natsu pointed out.

She nodded. "That´s true. So which was your favorite?"

He looked at her and smiled sheepishly. "I have no idea. Second test?"

"You bet!" Lucy smiled brightly and thus, they tested all of the yoghurts again.

Several minutes later they still didn´t have a favorite.

"I give up", Lucy said. "It´s impossible to choose. And I´m full now as well."

Natsu nodded. "I can´t pick either."

They had tried the different flavors so many times that Lucy had lost count. There wasn´t much left in each bowl at all and Lucy was very surprised she didn´t feel more nauseous than she did. She barely felt nauseous at all, and she had eaten so much yoghurt…

"Let it be a tie", Lucy said with a content smile. "They were all delicious after all."

Natsu shrugged. "That´s true. What´s next then?"

"Pay", Lucy said and couldn´t help but to frown as she thought about how expensive it was going to be. "But we´re not in a hurry you know."

"Right", Natsu asked and then smiled. "But I was wondering what you wanted to do after."

Lucy thought about it. "Let´s decide that when the time comes", she then said since she couldn´t come up with anything.

Lucy suddenly thought she spotted something in the corner of her eye. Something very familiar.

"Natsu, do you excuse me for a moment?" she rose and Natsu´s hand slipped away from hers. It felt strange now when they had been holding hands for so long. She almost started to freeze, but that was just because Natsu had such abnormal body-temperature. "I need to check something", she added in a mumble.

She left and went further into the café, in the direction of the toilets. Hadn´t she seen several familiar colors here? That white, red and blue color wasn´t especially usual. And especially not together, with a deep brown as well.

"Alright, get out here", Lucy said demanding. Nothing happened. "I´m serious, I know you´re here."

No answer, no movement. Lucy sighed and walked a little further, looking in all directions but didn´t find anything.

Maybe I just imagined it?

Lucy sighed and went back to her date.

"That was close, you guys are way too indiscreet", Erza growled at her fellow friends.

Cana nodded in agreement. "Seriously, it´s ridiculous."

The other two girls sweat-dropped but didn´t say anything, even though it had been Cana and Erza who almost had made Lucy discover them.

"Now, where can I find some booze?" Cana complained. "I never got an answer to that."

Erza nodded, knowing how she felt. "And my strawberry-cake, were they going to get me one or not?"

Mirajane giggled. They were hopeless.

When Lucy got back to the table she was met by a surprise. Natsu wasn´t sitting there, but standing next to it seemingly ready to leave.


"You ready to go?" he asked with a smile.

"But what about the check?"

"I´ve already paid", he said with a grin.

"But I can´t let you do that! It must have been really expensive!"

He shrugged. "You have your rent to pay, right? Besides, I always eat up your food."

Well, that was true. He and Happy did that a lot.

"Besides, the guy´s supposed to pay, right?"

"That´s only a stereotypical thing society have decided", Lucy answered. Natsu frowned confused. "Never mind. I meant to say that it doesn´t have to be like that."

"Oh, but why didn´t you just say that", he laughed. "Weirdo! And anyway, I want to pay."

Lucy smiled sincerely, letting his insult slip by. "Thank you, Natsu – I owe you a lunch."

"Thanks Luce, you´re the bestest!"

Lucy just shook her head, still with a smile intact on her lips. "Shall we go then?"

He nodded eagerly and grabbed her hand, pulling her along. Lucy was surprised to see how late it had gotten when they were at the yoghurt-bar. It had been afternoon when they had left the guild, but now it was already late evening.

"Natsu, slow down", Lucy said as she pulled a little back.

He turned around to look at her. "Why?"

"We aren´t even heading anywhere, why won´t we just enjoy a walk?"

Natsu shrugged, but slowed down and they were instead strolling down the street.

"So, where so you want to go?"

Lucy shrugged. "I don´t know, what did your teachers say?"

Natsu looked confused before he understood what she meant. "They said a date was supposed to be romantic… what do you find romantic?"

Lucy thought silently for a while and took in her surroundings for inspiration. She then turned her eyes to the sky, finding her answer there.

"Well, a walk in the moon-light is considered romantic. Stargazing is as well."



"Just sitting still, watching the stars?"

That comment made Lucy laugh. "Kind of like that, yes."

She glanced over at Natsu who had a thoughtful expression. "Walking in the moon-light and stargazing…"

Lucy couldn´t help but to smile as she saw his face. He looked adorable.

"If you think that sounds boring, we can always…"

"Let´s do that", he said with a grin, interrupting her.

They walked in silence for a while, before Lucy shuddered and Natsu looked at her concerned.

"Are you cold?"

"A little, maybe", she said, but that was an understatement.

"Here", Natsu said as he took of his scarf and placed it around her neck. "I don´t have any coat, like you´re supposed to give..."

Lucy was very surprised by his kind action. He usually always wore his scarf after all. "Natsu, I can´t take your scarf…"

"Why not? It´s fine, as long as I know where it is", he smiled and then put an arm around her shoulders. When she jerked he looked at her surprised. "Weren´t you cold? I´ll warm you up."

She smiled at his kindness. "Thanks a lot, Natsu."

He smiled back and then there was once more silence until Natsu broke it. "Luce… has it been a good date so far?"

"Yes, definitely the best I´ve ever went on."

"But… isn´t this your second date? And your first wasn´t especially good either…"

Lucy shook her head. "It actually was a good date before we left. But I´m serious, this is a great date. If I tell the girls about this, they would agree."

"It´s so romantic", Mirajane squealed.

"Juvia wants a date like this with Gray-sama!"

Cana nodded. "Joel should totally have brought me on a date like this. Then he wouldn´t have had to buy one more from me… but instead of yoghurt, I want booze."

"Strawberry-cake", Erza said. "Everything would have been better with cake."

The evening continued in ease, with the two of them strolling by the canal, not heading anywhere special and only talking about things that didn´t matter, if they even talked at all.

As they walked, the ground under their feet got a little steeper. When arriving at the top of the hill they came to a stop and Lucy turned her gaze to Natsu who was looking at her as well.

"Is this a good place for star-gazing?" he asked her and she nodded.

She pointed towards a tree. "Let´s sit over there."

"Alright", he said and they sat down by the foot of the tree, resting their backs against it. Natsu still kept his arm around her shoulders and she rested her head against his shoulder.

"You want me to teach you about the constellations?"

He nodded and Lucy smiled. She then pointed to the sky.

"You see there? The long line with stars and then it´s almost a triangle in the top of the constellation?" she drew with her hand in the air to try and make it easier for him to see where the constellation was. "That´s Draco, the dragon."


Lucy had known that just that constellation would catch his attention and that he would like to know where it was. That was why she had chosen to start with it. "Yes. You want to hear the story mama told me about Draco?"

He nodded.

"In a kingdom was this dragon that caused a lot of trouble. The dragon was good at heart, but it didn´t work out for it. The dragon was too big and strong, so the people in the kingdom just wanted it to disappear. Many wanted it dead. Then, one day a knight came to kill the dragon. But the knight was the first to see more than the dragon that only could kill – the knight got to see that Draco also could protect. And the knight didn´t want to kill Draco anymore, instead the knight gave Draco a job – to protect their princess and the kingdom´s treasures. Draco did the job until it died. The princess rewarded Draco for doing such excellent work it´s whole life and for being her friend, by giving it a place among the stars forever."

"How did the princess do that?"

Lucy couldn´t help but giggle a little at that comment. She remembered herself asking her mother the exact same question.

"The princess wasn´t simply a normal princess, but a priestess favored by someone who I belive have to be the Celestial Spirit King, and by sacrificing a couple of the years she had left to live, he was put up there."

"She sacrificed her own time?"

Lucy nodded. "For a beloved friend. By doing that, she could see her friend even though Draco wasn´t with her anymore, for the rest of her life. She chose to live slightly shorter for being able to see her dearest friend."

Natsu nodded, seemingly deep in thought.

"I always liked that story. I got mama to tell me stories about the constellations whenever I could but no matter how many I heard, this one stayed as one of my favorites."

Natsu nodded again, with a very serious expression. She couldn´t remember seeing him that serious before.

"Would you have done like that too?" Natsu asked her.

Lucy didn´t need to think about it for long. "Yes."


"So I won´t ever forget."

"But you wouldn´t have done that anyway."

Lucy was silent for a short moment. "Maybe not. But if I could see him again… then I would never forget how he looked like either", she mumbled.

"You think you would have if you hadn´t?"

"Who knows?" Lucy said with a small smile.

She knew she never would have forgotten him, nor how he looked like, but being able to see him again when she could see the stars, that´s something she would have chosen. And if her time had gotten shorter, they would have been reunited sooner.

They were silent for a little more before Lucy spoke.

"You see that constellation over there?"

"Let´s go already", Cana said tiredly.

"But…" Mirajane pouted.

"I´m out of booze!" Cana complained loud.

"Juvia doesn´t think much more will happen now."

"Exactly! So let´s go!" Cana said.

"Erza?" Mirajane asked, hoping the red-head would want to stay.

"I… never noticed… that the grass was so yellow-ish in this light…"

"What happened to Erza?!" Lisanna cried out.

Cana laughed manically. "That decides it!"

"How?" Mirajane said. "We need to find out what happened."

"Obviously, Erza is in urgent need of cake, so let´s go."

Mirajane raised an eyebrow skeptical, but said nothing as Cana pulled Erza along. After a short moment of hesitation, the two girls who was left followed the brunette and scarlet-haired young woman that was being pulled along, leaving the two best friends all alone.

"Thank you for bringing me on this date, Natsu", Lucy said as they stopped outside her apartment.

Natsu shrugged. "It´s no big deal. It was fun", he grinned. "We should do it again!"

Lucy felt how a blush trickled its way into her face, but she nodded. "It was fun. I had a great time, thank you."

Lucy was about to open the door and go inside, but Natsu looked like he wanted to say something.

"Natsu?" Lucy said and stepped sown to stand next to him. "What´s up?"

Suddenly, so fast that Lucy didn´t even have time to react, Natsu leaned in and gave her a fast kiss on the cheek.

"Don´t be mad, but I was told that I was supposed to do that if the date was a success", he said, almost looking a bit flustered. He then grinned and Lucy realized she must have imagined. "See ya´Luce!"

He ran off towards his place, leaving a madly blushing Lucy outside. She couldn´t move for minutes, but when she finally did, her hand went up to the place he had kissed her. It was still warm from Natsu´s kiss, since he had such an abnormal body-heat.

When Lucy realized she was shivering from the cold outside, she finally manage to go inside.

Natsu… just kissed me…

She couldn´t remember any guy doing that before. No male, other than her father. When Lucy came into her apartment, she collapsed on her bed out of sheer exhaustion from being on a date with the love of her life. As she lied on the bed, she felt she still had Natsu´s scarf around her neck. She pulled it off, but she then fell asleep with it in her hands, close to her face

That night, she dreamt about the owner of the scarf in her hands.

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