Harry Potter Texas Ranger

Chapter 1

Meeting Cordell Walker

This is the squeal to Harry Potter and Red Dead Redemption 2 years later

In Dallas, Texas

Harry James Potter was driving in his pickup, until he saw a robbery taking place in a gas station, and drives after the robber then stops the truck and gets out and chases after the robber and catches up to the robber then said "return the money you stole from that gas station" then the robber said "no I guess I have to kill you", and pulls out a gun then points at Harry, then Harry roundhouse kick the robber and the robber falls to the ground.

Title song now

In the eyes of a ranger,

The unsuspected stranger

Had better know the truth of wrong from right,

'cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,

Any wrong you do he's gonna see,

When you're in Texas look behind you,

'cause that's where the rangers are gonna be

Back to the story

10 minutes later

A truck pulls up then a guy with a orange beard and a black guy came out the truck, and the orange beard said "what do we got here officer" the officer said "a teenager boy stole from gas station and a guy came out his truck, and chases after the kid, roundhouse kick to the ground and the guy is over there talking to my partner". Then guy went over to the guy and said "thanks for stopping that teenager what is your name" and the guy said "Harry James Potter" takes out his hand and said what is your name Texas Ranger", and the orange beard guy said "Cordell Walker".

End of chapter 1

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