Chapter 3

I am in

In CD's bar

Cordell Walker was talking Trivette, until CD said "hey is that the guy who you ask to be in Texas Rangers" and Cordell looks at Harry talking Alexandra Cahill and Harry wonders where Cordell is and Alex points to the bar. Then Harry said "thanks lady" and walks to the bar and said "okay Cordell I am in" and Cordell said "glad you are in the Texas Rangers" then Cd said "you something to drink boy or you just want to talk", and Harry replies "whiskey please" then Cd gives Harry a whiskey. Then Harry drinks the whiskey, meanwhile outside Ginny was looking Harry and Ron said "I go check in the bar right there if he is there" then he departs to go find Harry.

Meanwhile in inside CD's bar

Harry was talking to Cordell until, Harry hears the doors open then he sees a ginger came looking for someone and Ron looks around for Harry but he forgot what Harry look like then a biker said "what are you staring out" then Ron replies "I am looking for my friend", then the biker said "here is not here don't get gingivitis from a no soul ginger, then Ron said "that is not nice", and the biker said "now get loss before I kick your ass" then a voice said "leave him alone biker" then the biker turns around to see a Texas Ranger and the Texas Ranger said "you leave my friend alone", and Ron said "Harry why are dress like a Texas Ranger". Then Harry said "I join the Texas Ranger Ron" then the biker said "I am going to kick your ass Ranger", then grabs the pool cue then Harry roundhouse kick the biker in the face and replies "go on your Harley faggot and go make some loud noises", then the biker leaves on his bike then Ron said "thanks Harry".

End of chapter 3

I got the gingivitis part from South Park SE 9 EP and the Faggot part from SP SE 13 EP12