Chapter 4

The Mysterious murderer

In the Texas Rangers office at 10:00 p.m.

Harry was looking a case that hasn't been done yet and Harry opens the file to see a gun that reads "Scorpion Revolver", then Harry said "that is my gun" and continues "Edgar Ross shot died in Lake Erie but the murderer is still out there" then Harry stops reading and said "what am I posed to do about this". Then Cordell said "I see you are looking at the case we haven't got to yet" and Harry said "yes I was just reading about what happen in Canada but what does the Texas Rangers have to do about this anyways", and Cordell said "well Blackwater is the town up north from us well we have to find the guy and put him into justice". Then Harry said "what if this guy was trying getting redemption for killing a family member". Then Cordell said "I am not sure about that why do you ask", and Harry replies "because I want to know from Right or wrong". Then Trivette said "let's get some sleep". Then they went to their houses

End of chapter 4