Chapter 5

The truth

On a ranch in Texas

Cordell Walker and Harry Potter, and Trivette were waiting for the target to get out of the house. Then the target came out then Harry and Cordell, and Trivette came out of the van. Then one of the criminals goes behind a rock and starts to shoot at the Texas Rangers. Then Harry said "I am tired of this" then takes out his Scorpion Revolver, and starts shooting at the criminal then a bullet hits the criminal in the head. Then all the criminals surrendered, and Cordell said "Harry is that a Scorpion Revolver" and Harry replies "yes I am the one who killed Edgar Ross two years ago and just put on cuffs on me now I am ready to face the consequences". Then Cordell said "why did you kill Edgar in the first place", and Harry replies "he killed my grandfather cold blood that is why", Cordell said "I am letting you go I am going go free". Then Harry gets on his motorcycle and Cordell said "I better not see you kill anyone" and Harry said "you have my word" then drives away.

Meanwhile on the Potter Ranch

Hermione was sitting on the chair reading, until she saw someone on a motorcycle drove in front of the ranch house and said "Harry oh my you are alive" and gets off the chair and hugs Harry. Then Harry said "Ron told me that you broke up with him" and Hermione said "the reason that I and him broke up is that I told I am love with someone else" then Harry said "who are you love with anyway" then Hermione said "you" and Harry looks shocked, and replies "me. Then Hermione said "yes I you Harry I am in love with you since you were in the Triwizard Tournament" then Harry said does "Ginny know about this" and Hermione said "nope she doesn't", then Ginny comes up to them and replies "what are you talking about you guys", and Harry said "nothing Ginny". Then Ginny said "Hermione you stayed away from my man", and then Hermione said "you had your shot now let me have Harry", and Ginny said "why don't you kiss Victor Krum" then Hermione said "have you dance with Harry yet" and Ginny said "you dance with Harry". Then Hermione said "yes I have" then Ginny said "Harry I though you love me" then Harry said "Ginny I don't want to get back with you" then Ginny said "I am going to tell mum about this". Then she leaves, and Hermione said "well we are alone Harry can I ask you something", and Harry said "yes Hermione" then Hermione grabs Harry's collar and kisses him, then Harry said "what is that for" and Hermione said "because I love you Harry James Potter".

The end