Title; Hunger in me

Author; Magrat 70

Disclaimer; not mine, I would have treated them better.

Summary; new agent Emily Prentiss comes from an old family, a very old family.

Rating; T for now.

Author's notes; I am currently suffering from insomnia because of pain from a spinal injury and this idea came to whilst I had had no sleep and a bit hazy on extra pain killers, but what the hell, I have no beta on this so any mistake is mine.


There are many names given to us, nightwalkers, the undead, the unholy, nosferatu, impaler, vampyre, demon and the modern vampire. We fall between myth, legend and fiction. We can walk in the sun, we have a reflection and we don't need human blood to survive. Your species seem fascinated by us and our image changes with every generation.

We age very slowly a blink of an eye to us, is like a decade to you. We have to move, change our appearance before alarm bells ring. The modern age has made things easy and difficult. We can make an electronic footprint but leave one at the same time. We have loyal servants and friends whose families have been with us for hundreds of years. In my current guise a servant's daughter was me until I was 18. Once an adult we can make a projection of our ages. I can project between 18 and 55. I am near my frozen age of 36, therefore people see me as I am.

'Mother' tinkers with politics as many of our kind have done throughout the ages. 'Father' dabbles in business, I tease him that he is a cheat. He is a seer and can see through the murky future, he makes lots of money but looses too. After all he must seem fallible; human. They did not sire me, my sire, my love has been dead 500 years. The catholic church took her during one of their purges and not even our powers can save us from beheading. I spent the next hundred years in a blood soaked rampage. I have no idea how many I killed before being brought to my senses by an elder. I was bringing too much notice, I was offered death that night as an act of kindness. I refrained, I have not fed on a human since.

You could say my 'parents' do what they do as a hobby. My hobby is people, their psyche, it fascinates me. I have seen people that are so evil they make my one killing spree look like child's play. They call us evil, but nothing compares to the things you do to yourselves.

That is why I stand, a very nervous vampire, waiting outside Quantico to start my new career. F.B.I agent Emily Prentiss, profiler with the BAU.