Title: Hunger in Me/ Hunger for You

Author: Magrat 70

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Not mine blah blah

Author's note: sorry for the delay in finishing this, a mixture of health problems and writers block have been a bad combination. Thank you as always to Sao21 for all of your help and to Traineker who beta'd so much of this story.

Merry Christmas dear readers thank you for staying with me to the end of course we still have to head back to Boston for our wolves but for now the Criminal Minds portion is finished. There will be a follow on story planned all the way down to the little gay penguins :-) okay big joke between me and Sao21

A Bittersweet End

Doyle threw the badly hurt vampire at Jane as she stormed through the door, using the distraction to slip past her and out of the room.

"Frankie catch the bastard, and remember no killing him; he is Emily's," Jane growled, laughing a little at the growl and whine coming from her brother, plainly telling her he wasn't stupid. She turned her attention back to her friend, breaking the handcuffs off her with ease. She laid Emily down on her back, feeling the waves of pain coming off her, not sure if she should remove the large piece of wood sticking out from her abdomen.

"We tried, tell JJ..."

Jane put a finger over the vampire's dried and cracking lips. "I ain't telling JJ nothing. You're coming back to the house in one piece or that little spitfire will probably kick my butt even on one leg."

"Please Jane... let me go, too much pain, can't stop this now.

"Don't give up on me now. You've done it; you've learnt to love and live again... what you did for Maura... I am so proud of you, you are my best friend and I... I can't not have you in my life. Come on baby open your eyes, I wanna see those big brown eyes, there you go. Frankie hurry the fuck up!" Jane gave a passing thank you to any deity that she could think of when she heard Frankie dragging a struggling Doyle in to the room. Joining her brother she punched the vampire once hard in the jaw, not enough to knock him out but enough to stun him; she wanted the bastard to feel every piece of pain coming his way.

Emily was unconscious or dead by the time they got him to her; it almost impossible to tell with a vampire. Unsure what to do, Jane cut Doyle's wrist with the tip of her sword and pushed it down on to vampire's lips that looked almost desiccated now, praying that they weren't too late as she kept the wrist in place.

"Whatever you planned it's too late. Amelia is dead," Doyle laughed into the heartbroken wolf's face.

"Oh you should know how hard it is to kill me," Emily snarled sitting up, the essence of her only progeny already starting to bring her back to full strength. She let out another snarl as her eyes turned black and her canines grew. She bit viciously into Doyle's neck ripping it open as she sucked him dry. She dropped his dried desiccated corpse to the floor before yanking the table leg out of her abdomen, the pain blinding for a second before the wound healed up. Getting on her knees Emily pounded the corpse of the thing she hated most in the world. Crying for the loss she still felt for her first love Mahala, for young innocent Miriam, Reuben, James and the students she never met but whose lost lives would always be on her conscious because of a monster she created.

Jane knelt down beside the sobbing vampire who was pounding her fists into the floor, Doyle's corpse having been reduced to dust. "Shh, shh Em, he's gone sweetie and he is never coming back."

The vampire collapsed into the wolf's arms, the so called monsters that felt so much for every living soul that they lost in their everyday jobs, the people they can't save and the ones already gone.

"Come on; we better get you back to your woman," Jane decided that enough time had been spent letting out what was usually kept in by the stoic pair. She had also noticed that Frankie was now dressed and waiting for them, outside the door.

"I called the Ambassador, she is sending some transport for Morgan. You want to come on the back of one of the bikes or go back with Morgan?" Frankie asked Emily.

"I don't think so; I'll take my bike. Frankie, you can ride back with Morgan," the vampire stated.

Jane threw Emily a set of keys. "Race you back.

"Oh man, this sucks," Frankie whined watching them disappear out of the warehouse.


JJ was already on her crutches when she heard that the gate was being opened. Her heart clenched as she watched her vampire enter first through the door, her clothing tattered but her body and face looking as good as new. "It worked," the blonde whispered softly.

The vampire said nothing; she picked JJ up securing her legs around her waist with one hand behind her cradling JJ's hurt knee. She pushed the beautiful blonde against the wall, kissing her with a bruising passion before pulling back and teasing JJ with soft barely there kisses before JJ snared the vampire's bottom lip, nipping it softly before sucking it into her warm mouth, enjoying hearing the growl and groan from her lover.

"Bite me," JJ demanded into the vampire's ear. She saw passion filled eyes look at her for a second before feeling the ecstasy of Emily's bite, the vampire pushing her body even closer to the blonde.

Jane strode through the door, grinning at the sight of Emily and JJ's almost carnal reunion. Watching as it looked like hands were going to start to explore, she decided that it was time to break this up, knowing that vampires were never known for their restraint. "Get a room ladies, before the whole household gets a floorshow if this goes much further."

Emily stopped where she had been lapping softly at a trickle of JJ's blood. She closed the blonde's wound before making sure she was secure and nothing could hurt JJ's leg.

"Best idea you have ever had my friend." Emily returned Jane's grin before moving up the stairs at an incredible speed.

"Where's JJ and Emily?" Garcia asked, seeing only JJ's crutches after being sure she had heard both voices.

"Getting reacquainted," Jane answered shortly, her eyes alighting on her mate, prowling towards her in her best predatory fashion. Smiling as the doctor goes from slight trepidation to downright turned on. "Like I intend to do with Maura." Picking the surprised doctor up and throwing her over her shoulder and following Emily up the stairs.

"Damn vamps and wolves, always horny," Suzette muttered under her breath.

"How do you know about wolves?" Garcia asked, a slight tone of jealousy in her voice; at the back of her mind she was wondering if she would always be enough for Suzette when her lover had had the experiences that she couldn't hope to give her, the bite she was sure she had heard JJ ask for.

Before Suzette could respond, the doors opened with Frankie leading Morgan in on a gurney.

"He should be okay; he's been knocked about and bitten, lost some blood but I don't think he will need a transfusion," the doctor who was behind the gurney told Garcia and Suzette as a couple of nurses settled Morgan into the much used medical room.


"Penelope I don't understand why you are being this way," Suzette said exasperated at Garcia's continuing questioning of JJ and Morgan about the vampire's bite. "Why don't you just ask Emily to bite you if you are so fucking obsessed by it?"

"Will I get her to fuck me too?" Garcia put a hand over her mouth realizing she had gone too far as her girlfriend stalked away from her towards her car. In retrospect, it had been a mistake inviting Morgan to the meal they had gone on; she had hoped to build some bridges between the two. When Morgan had found out that Suzette had not only had a long term relationship with a vampire but had been fucked at a club by Emily, he wouldn't leave the subject alone. He kept telling her she could never trust the academic, she would always desire the bliss and ecstasy of the bite. It hadn't helped watching JJ mope around about Emily when the Ambassador had interfered so that Emily could go back to Boston with Jane to help her with her case. She wasn't sure what to do until she saw the defeated look in Suzette's eyes. This relationship was tearing them both apart and had gone from so special to feeling wrong in the space of a couple weeks.

Suzette dropped Garcia off a without a word. They both cried themselves to sleep knowing the whole thing was over without a word spoken between them and the deep regret that Garcia had for her last words to Suzette.

The End

Except for our Boston crew that head back to finish their case with Emily in tow in Hunger for You

To be continued in the next part of the Hunger series