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Making New Friends and Enemies

-Hayden Potter's POV-

If Hayden Potter hated anything, it was being ignored. He had lived in the spotlight almost all his life and he had loved every minute of it, It was no surprise that he became very angry when the fake Potter ignored him when he tried to tried to catch his eye during the DADA class.

The nerdy bookworm was too busy staring intently at Quirrel ('Need to come up with a nickname for Quirrel..hmm maybe Squirrel. Ron would find that funny') despite the fool stuttering his lessons. After listening to the professor make another blunder throughout the boring lesson. 'What in the name of Merlin can people expect to learn from a moron like Quirrel? Can he even incant his spells with his stuttering?'

Hayden knew he didnt have to pay attention to any of his classes. He had already been tutored in advance by his mother and father in all the subjects in school as preparation for his destiny to eventually defeat You-Know-Who. He definitely need not pay attention to this subject, he had already defeated a dark lord at the age one and he was extensively trained and drilled in this subject by his father and his godfather.

Even the bookworm Granger ('How the hell did a rule-following know-it-all like her ever get into Gryffindor?' ) was barely keeping up with him in class. He had managed to get every spell on his 'first' try and his professors were impressed with him except for that git Snivellous.

Hayden decided to give up on putting the fake in his place today. He would make sure to catch the fakes attention another way, a maurader way. He grinned evilly, his father and godfather would be proud of him for starting so early.

Two days later:

Today was the day he would start his Hogwarts pranking career. He had sneaked in to the kitchens just before breakfast and charmed the fake's plate to attack him as soon as he sat down for breakfast. He had also bribed the elves to spike the fake's morning coffee with a extreme flatulence inducing potion that would be guaranteed to embarass the fake and make him friendless for the rest of the year.

Hayden watched eagerly as the fake came down to breakfast with Zabini.


Harry Potter thought the day had rather went well, he had researched as much as he could about the summoning charm that Professor Flitwick demonstrated to them in class and the basic levitation charm in the text book. With his 'ability', he was able to master the basic versions easily enough. He had spent the remainder of his time learning and practising the variants and advanced versions of the charms as a challenge.

He had gone back to the tower and woken up Blaise. He had found a very interesting charm called the 'Notice-me-not' charm. 'It works exactly like the 'Somebody Elses Problem' Field' He thought amusedly 'This will be perfect for hiding while I am practising'.

Harry had breakfast with Blaise and went off to get his books for the Herbology Class.

-Hayden's POV-

Hayden sat gobsmacked at his table. The fake had cleanly walked through all his pranks without even being affected by them. 'What gives?'

He waited until great hall was empty before going over to the Ravenclaw table to check if he had made a mistake with the pranks. As soon as he neared the table, all the plates on the Ravenclaw table rose up and began spinning towards him.

He had quickly dodged two of them with his training from dueling with his dad and Sirius but the third hit him on his leg, he lost his balance for a second and then fourth struck him in his gut and knocked him to the ground.

As soon as he fell down, the rest of the plates dropped to the ground with a loud clatter and he heard a mocking clapping sound after he fell. He quickly got up and turned around and found the fake smirking at him.

"That wasn't too shabby"

Hayden grew angry "Please as if a bookworm like you could do any better"

"I can actually"

He glared at the fake for a moment "I am watching you. Dont think you can get away with stealing my name and fame."

The fake looked coldly at him before turning away from him.

'He probably couldn't face me anymore. What a coward! So unlike a Gryffindor' Hayden thought and he turned away, having nothing more to say.


Harry turned away in disgust at Haydens words. He didnt bother looking back at Hayden as he walked out of the great hall towards his first Herbology class alone. He had already asked Blaise and the others to go to the class ahead of him.

The Herbology Professor, Professor Sprout greeted them cheerfully as she entered the class. she surprised them by pairing them up - one Ravenclaw to one Hufflepuff and assigning them to work on a 'Little Snapper'.

Harry was paired up with Susan Bones, a very cheery and friendly hufflepuff girl. Susan introduced herself to him and they chattered on as they spent the hour shovelinging soil on the plant.

"I live with my Auntie, Amelia Bones. Shes the head of the DMLE, Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

"I am Harry Potter. I am a muggleborn but I was adopted and raised by a wizard."

"Me too. I was adopted by my Auntie too. My parents were killed in the first war by You-Know-Who" Susan said eagerly

"Isnt that something a little too personal to reveal" Harry weakly responded

Susan turned red from embarrassment and began fidgeting uncomfortably.

Harry felt bad about making Susan uncomfortable. He decided that revealing a bit of his background would put her at ease.

"My Parents abandoned me" He kept his face impassive as he said this.

"I was found by my dad who raised me and taught me what it means to be a wizard" He ended solemnly

Susan no longer seemed embarrassed. They bonded over the knowledge that they had something in common and became friends.

The Professor then asked each pair to submit a sketch of the plant and harvest the stamen from inside the plant for use in the potions class.

Susan began sketching a diagram of the plant while Harry began fighting with the plant to get it to open its mouth so that he could harvest the stamen inside.

After the class, they were heading back to the castle when they caught side of the Slytherin-Gryffindor first years coming in for Herbology.

Draco Malfoy approached him with his two goons behind him.

He rudely asked "Are you related to Hayden Potter?"

Harrys expression grew cold. He had not liked the arrogant boy's behavior on the train. He now liked him even less now since he bought up his relationship with Hayden and the Potters in front of all the other first years.

"No Malfoy, I am not related to Hayden Potter. I am a muggleborn." He responded coldly.

Malfoys sneer seemed to grow pronounced at this "I should have guessed from the way you were being friendly with the her." He gestured at Hermione who was nearby. "You are just another Mudblood like her."

There were some gasps from the other first years. Some of the students especially Susan bristled with indignation at Malfoys words.

Harry coolly said "At least my mother isn't my cousin, Malfoy"

Malfoys face turned pink, then red in color. Harry idly wondered if it would purple like the fat pig's (Vernon Dursley) face did.

"How dare you! You filthy mudblood. I am challenging you to a wizards duel for your insult to my family."

"I accept." Harry turned to look at Blaise who nodded. "I take Blaise Zabini to be my second"

Malfoy looked at his two goons "I pick Crabbe. We duel at the Trophy room at Midnight." The prat sneered again before walking towards the greenhouses.

"You know he has no intention of showing up" Blaise told Harry quietly after Malfoy had gone away

"I know but we can't call him out on being a coward if he arent there at midnight"

"Even if it means getting caught by Filch"

"Especially if it means getting caught by Filch"

Blaise seemed to understand

"I never expected you to be such a Gryffindor" He said with grin

Harry snorted "Actually Ravenclaw was my choice. The Sorting Hat wanted to put me in Gryffindor or Slytherin."

Blaise's eyes seemed to grow round at that.

-Susan Bone's POV-

Harry Potter was an odd Ravenclaw she thought.

'First he acts like a Hufflepuff when he tried to help me get over my embarrassment by sharing some personal information

His face had held no emotion but his voice held a trace of anger and dissapointment as he talked about his parents. His voice changed when he spoke of his adoptive father, it sounded fond and respectful.' She mused

She was glad that her newest friend had someone to love and take care of him like her Auntie did for her.

When Malfoy had called him that foul name, She knew she was right when she refused to be sorted into Slytherin.

'It's people like Malfoy who give Slytherin its bad name.'

She felt bad for her friends Daphne and Tracey who were in Slytherin. Hopefully the rest of the school would see only Malfoy as the bad egg he was and not ostracize the rest of the Slytherins.

She was surprised at Harry's cool response and even more surprised that he accepted the duel.

'He's definitely an odd Ravenclaw but he is also interesting as well' Susan giggled lightly as she walked towards the castle


-Blaise's POV-

'Not only Gryffindor but Slytherin as well'

'When I saw him defend Granger from Malfoy on the train, He seemed like a Hufflepuff. But then he got sorted into Ravenclaw. He spent a lot of time under the sorting hat so I knew he was talented.

Malfoy was already becoming annoying. So when the sorting hat offered me Ravenclaw. I took the chance. But still all four houses...'


During Lunch, Harry walked up to the Hufflepuff table. Susan saw him and smiled brightly. She waved him over.

"Hi Harry"

"Hi Susan, I am looking for Nymphadora Tonks. I heard she is in charge of the Defense Club"

"Thats her" she said pointing at pink haired teenager sitting near the middle of the table "But dont call her Nymphadora, she hates it. Just call her Tonks"

Harry thanked her before moving towards Tonks.

"Hello Tonks. I am Harry Potter, First Year Ravenclaw"

"Wotcher, I am not so good at formal stuff, can I just call you Harry?" She grinned

"Sure" Harry smiled back 'I will check what 'Wotcher' means later'

"Wotcher Harry, What can I do for you?"

"I want to join the Defense club"

"Quirrel isnt cutting it eh? Not many firsties interested in the clubs"

"I just want to learn magic properly"

Her hair changed from pink to an icy Blue.

"You are a Metamorphagus" he breathed "Can you teach me?"

Tonks chuckled lightly "You seem to know what a Metamorphagus is. Then you should know that you can only be born one, You can't learn it"

Harry nodded "I know that. I am one too. I just dont have enough control"

Tonks looked interested. "Can you shift right now?"

"Not now, Can we meet in private?"

"Sure" Tonks nodded "Meet me at near the Tapestry of Epimanthus on the fourth floor tomorrow after Lunch"

-Tonk's POV-

"I want to learn more about Magic" "I want to get grades in my subjects" "I want to be the top student this year" "I want to learn magic properly"

She judged that answer and found it lacking. It was the same answer given by almost every Ravenclaw ever. They just didnt understand the importance of being able to defend themselves against attack. She wanted to refuse the firstie, tell him to come next year and ask again when he had some more knowledge of Defense.

She wouldn't be here next year and her successor Laura Madley, a fifth year Ravenclaw would be more amenable to the firstie's request.

She had shifted her hair to the show the color of her mood and was about to say No when the firstie interrupted her

"You are a Metamorphagus. Can you teach me?"

She chuckled. Again like every Ravenclaw ever. Trying to take apart every new thing they see. She was surprised when he told her that he was a metamorphagus too and she well understood his need to shift in private.

'When I had no control over my abilities, I shifted willy nilly. He probably didnt want to shift into something embarassing in Public.'

'Hmm, May be this Ravenclaw would be different from most' She thought as the firstie moved away from the table.


That night, Harry and Blaise crept out of Ravenclaw Tower at 11 PM. They were careful not to make any noise as they crept through the castle at night. In the trophy room, They saw a pair of boys whispering to each other.

"I suppose Malfoy had some guts after all" whispered Harry

However as they moved closer, Harry realised it wasn't Malfoy and his goon but Hayden and Ron.

Blaise whispered "Malfoy must have challenged them to a duel at the same time as us. This proves that this is a set up. We need to get out of here."

Harry agreed and they turned towards the entrance of the Trophy room when they saw Filch and his cat standing there.

Filch probably hadnt seen them yet as the room was still dark. However the torches soon began flickering to life. If they didnt do anything now, they would get caught.

Harry quickly grasped Blaise's hand "Blaise! Trust me on this! Close your eyes and hold your breath!"

"What why?"

"Dont ask questions now! Just do it I will explain later!"

Blaise did so. Immediatley after that they had disappeared.


Blaise dropped to the floor of the Ravenclaw common room.

"Ouch!" He muttered "Couldnt you apparate more gently?"

"Let me remember that the next time we get caught out of bounds" Harry responded dryly. Harry turned around and began moving towards their dorm.

"Wait! You said you would explain. How did you do that? How can you apparate when you are so young?" Blaise seemed struck by something "What you did is impossible! You cant apparate within Hogwarts"

Harry sighed. Blaise was his closest friend. Harry had lived a very lonely life. Though his dad loved him, he still needed a friend his own age. He decided to reveal a part of his abilities to Blaise

"You know families have magical gifts?"

"Yes, the best examples are the Potters and the Blacks, the Potters have all been Animagi while the Blacks possess the rare gift of being Metamorphagi"

"Not all gifts are like that though. Some gifts may just be an aptitude for certain branches of Magic. For example the Malfoy family have all had a gift for the mind magics - Occlumency and Legilimency"

Blaise nodded to show he understood so far

"My family's gift is an affinity for Spatial-Temporal Magic

I used an advanced form of apparition to get us out of the Trophy room"

"That does explain what you did" Blaise frowned again "But I thought you were a muggleborn. Muggleborns cant have gifts."

"When my dad magically adopted me, He gave me a portion of his magic. I gained the gift and I have been trained on how to use it"

Blaise looked like he was about to ask more questions

"I cant tell you anymore right now. I want to keep what I can do a secret for a while" Harry pleaded

Blaise frowned but nodded. He knew when not to push. He remembered that Hary didnt push for the details of Blaise's family life. "Fine Harry. I wont tell anyone and I wont push you to tell me more but you will have to tell me about yourself sooner or later."

Harry felt grateful to Blaise for letting him keep his secrets. The lesser people knew who he was and what he was capable of, the happier his life would be. If his old family found out who he was, they would probably try to take him back. Harry didnt want to return to them, not after they had abandoned him to the Dursleys for being a squib.