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Chapter 15: Craig's not good with surprises... or wishes.

"Yeah, What's that sweetie?" his mother questioned and stopped herself from starting the engine. She tucked her blond hair behind her hair as she waited for Craig to speak.

"Craig opened his mouth to speak, but found himself speechless. What the hell? Just say it. "Mom, I'm-." He suddenly felt really nervous and that irritated. Craig isn't a pussy, he can do this.

"You're..?" she waited for him to speak.

Craig narrowed his eyes due to the fact that this was so hard to say. "I am dating Tweek," he finally stated. Craig sighed quietly glad that he had finally said it. Okay... there. He looked back at his mom to study her reaction. She just looked at him as if she waited for him to say more.

Mrs. Tucker unbuckled her seat belt and slowly moved towards Craig. She then wrapped her arms around her eldest son and then released him after the tight quick embrace. She looked at him and smiled. "Does he make you happy?" she asked with warm eyes.

Craig was surprised when she hugged him and then suddenly felt like crying. His heart pounded and he cherished the embrace while it lasted. He really didn't want her to stop, but he knew that she knows he doesn't like long family hugs. Once he heard the question he scoffed and narrowed his eyes. "Of course he makes me happy!" he replied. He glanced down and smiled at the sight of Stripe sleeping in his lap. "Yeah, he does," he replied more softer as he petted his sleeping pet.

His mother put her seatbelt back on hearing the familiar click of the buckle. She then smiled hearing her son's answer. "Well, then if he makes you happy then I'm happy," she stated. She started the engine and adjusted her mirrors. Craig mustered a strong yeah as his mother drove off the hospital's grounds and on their way home.

Craig soon got lost in his thoughts as he continued petting Stripe. He lifted his head when he heard his mother begin talking again. "Now I'm curious...," she talked her thoughts out loud.

Craig gave her a confused look. "Confused about what?"

His mother park the car in the drive way and gave Craig a plain look. The look that Craig usually has on his face all the time. Despite his mothers blond hair they share the the same face features. She then smirked and narrowed her eyes. Craig narrowed his eyes right away since she looked as if she was going to pull something. "I was just thinking... since you and Tweek are dating aaannnddd he stayed the night with you in the hospital. A whole night... alone...-"

Craig's eyes widened and a soft shade of blush crept along his face. "Mom! We didn't do anything if that's what you're asking!" he yelled embarrassed. His mother only laughed and laughed. Craig shook his head annoyed and picked up Stripe to put him back in his ball. Stripe did not like that one bit. Once Craig picked him up he was mad that he woke him from his nap. Craig rolled his eyes at the drama queen. His mother stopped her laughing and looked at Stripe.

Craig unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door as his mother did the same. Craig got out the car with Stripe in his ball in his arms. He looked at the neighbor hood and frowned. He shut the door behind him and began to walk to his house door. His mother called after him.

"Craig wait! You forgot the envelope again!" she hollered as she shut the car door locking them with the keys. Craig looked at his mother walk up to him with that white envelope in her hands. For some reason he didn't want the thing. He doesn't like opening things that he doesn't know where they are from. The envelope didn't even have an address saying where it even came from. For all he knew it could be some pervy old person sending him nudes. His mother handed the envelope to Craig and he took it slowly. He stared at it and then quickly put it in his pocket. He looked back at his mother who started tearing up and she held her hands to her chest.

Craig start to panic by giving his mother a surprised look. "Mom? What's wrong?" he asked a bit freaked out.

His mother shook her head and wiped her tears. "I love you so much, that's all." Craig still stood there confused as he saw his mother compose herself. She took a deep breath and looked back at Craig. "Well, gentlemen first," she smiled.

Craig nodded and opened the door. All the lights were off as he entered the living room. He found the switch and clicked it on.

"SURPRISE!" a chorus of people shouted. Craig jumped and looked around wide eyed. His family and kids from his class was here and he felt so out of place. He felt like he wanted to walk to his room and slam the door. He didn't like this at all, he turned to his mom with a plain expression and saw her smiling face. He looked back to the people who were chatting and smiling. The whole room was decorated with a big banner that read 'Welcome Home'. He saw Token, Clyde, and then froze when he saw Tweek. Tweek locked eyes with him and gave a little smile.

Ruby his little sister ran to him and hugged him tight. "I love you," she stated. Craig nodded his head and kept looking around. Ruby tugged on his sleeve catching his attention. Craig looked at his twelve year old sister as she motioned for Stripe. Craig gave Stripe to her and Stripe looked around surprised too from inside of his ball. Ruby held Stripe in her arms gently. "I'll put him in his cage. Now go enjoy your party."

Craig walked to the crowed surprised and almost ran when they all circled him. They all each started to hug him one by one. His grandparents and friends. Everyone was treating him like a special pet and handing him to eachother with out his say. The crowed was drawing him further away from Tweek. Craig was starting to get irritated until he felt a pair of arms wrap around him and a familiar scent hit his nose. He looked down to the caffeine freak, his caffeine freak. Tweek looked up at him with his emerald eyes as Craig stared at him with his blue ones.

Tweek smiled. "Hi," he said softly.

Craig some how blocked out everyones noise and only focused on Tweek. Tweek's voice almost threw him over the edge, and he wanted to do nothing more than kiss him right here. He would've too if there weren't anyone else with him, besides that he couldn't picture any other perfect moment than now. Craig kissed him.

Tweek jumped a little when Craig kissed him in front of everybody. He tried to ignore everyone's gasp and enjoy the kiss. Craig's lips were warm and gentle as he kissed Tweek. Tweek opened his eyes once Craig pulled back and blushed. "C-Craig, they w-were watching..." he stated surprised. Craig smiled not caring and Tweek smiled back.

Craig got tackled by Clyde that jumped onto his back. "Craigy! How are ya!?" he shouted happily. Tweek released him and started to laugh. There goes that nickname again, Craig thought more amused than angry. Token took this as an opportunity to give Craig a bear hug. Craig widened his eyes once his breath was squeezed out of him.

Token released him. "Yeah, How do you feel now that you're freed from that hospital?" Token asked.

Craig answered as soon as Craig got off him. He actually smiled at his friends when he answered. "I feel happy," he replied honestly. He glanced around to see everyone laughing and having a good time. He left his friends and walked towards the kitchen. As he passed the dining room he noticed half the table had gifts on it and the other half had tons of food. He kept walking until he found himself stop hearing voices in his kitchen.

"I feel bad for him," he heard the familiar voice.

"Why? He's such a prick!" a very annoying voice that he recognized right away.

"Shut up fat ass! This is his house!" another voice shouted.

Craig finally heard enough and walked in eyeing them all. Stan, Cartman, Kyle and... Wait.. Where's Kenny? Hmm.. Probably died again. "It is my house." Craig repeated heading for the fridge. He dug around to his secret stash and grabbed out his favorite pop; Cola. He shut the fridge and looked back at all of them. Stan and Kyle both looked shocked and guilty and Cartman just glared at him. "What?" he questioned.

Cartman rolled his eyes. "What eva, If I wanted this much attention I'll just fake it and say I have a deadly disease and I might die," he growled.

Craig narrowed his eyes. Did Cartman just say I was faking? Craig debated to beat Cartman to a pulp or be nice for once. Craig shrugged his shoulders and was about to give a sarcastic remark, but Kyle beat him to it.

"Like anyone would care about you! You fat piece of shit! If you did get Craig's disease I hope when they do find a cure they won't give it to you!" he yelled.

Stan rolled his eyes to the two bickering teens. "You know it takes ages to find a cure for things. He would most-likely die."

Craig's eyes widened and froze. He could have meant me or Cartman, but shit! Why the fuck did he have to say that!? Stan froze noticing his slip up and looked at Craig a bit worried. Kyle did the same, but Cartman paid no mind to it. What the fuck am I doing!? Glare at them! Flip them off! Do something for Christ sake! Kyle decided to take a step forward holding his hands up to show he wasn't a threat. "Stan meant Cartman..." Kyle tried to reassure.

Craig's heart began pounding uncontrollably and he quickly took a step back. He glanced at Kyle and Stan then Cartman.

Cartman smirked. "Sure he did..."

Craig turned around and waited for one second. He dropped his pop having it splatter on the ground and he booked it out the kitchen. He past the crowd and ran up the stairs to his room. He slammed the door as fast as he could and locked it. He took a step backwards staring at the door as if some murder was going to get him.

"Craig?" he heard a soft female voice.

He turned around to see his little sister staring at him concerned. He walked a step towards her, but finding it hard to breathe. Ruby then jumped up and ran to him. She hugged him and began to pet his hair. "Shhh... everything's okay Craig calm down... calm down..." she began whispering.

Craig shakily wrapped his arms around his sister's back, calming down to her voice. When she though he had composed himself she released him and looked at him. "Want to play Left for Dead 2?" she asked. Craig smiled and sighed a bit more normal. "Yeah.."

Ruby and Craig began a game of Left for Dead 2 and had fun kicking zombies asses. Craig, halfway into the game paused it. "Thanks Ruby," he said looking at her.

Ruby looked back at Craig and smiled. "No problem, you're my brother after all," she replied. Ruby looked down and saw something white stick out of his pocket. "What's that?" she said pointing at Craig's pocket.

Craig looked down and pulled out the envelope. "I don't know.. and I really don't want it. Here," he handed it to Ruby then regretted it. Ruby quickly opened it and pulled out a printed paper. Oh thank God it wasn't some perv! Ruby's jaw dropped and she looked back at Craig.

"Craig! This is a free wish you can have. Many people get these and they usually use it for Disney Land or something! Do you have anything in mind?" she asked him astonished.

Craig frowned and stared at the paper. "No, Do you want it?" he asked.

Ruby shook her head. "It doesn't work that way Craig."

Craig rolled his eyes and was regretting what he was about to say. "Well, Do you want to go to Disney Land with me? Maybe even my friends can come with us?" he asked.

Ruby smiled big. "Really? Are you sure!? This is your wish?" she asked.

Craig shrugged, "It's either that or not use it at all," he replied.

Ruby tackled her brother laughing. "Oh my God! This is going to be so much fun!" she shouted.

Craig was surprised when his sister tackled him. He fell backwards and hugged her back laughing with her. They were soon interrupted by a knock from the door. "Craig, The guests want to see you open up the gifts! Come on down in a minute," his mother called.

Ruby got off Craig and jumped up excitedly. "Come on Craig! I want to see what you got!" Ruby smiled. Craig got up shrugging and followed Ruby out the door

That's were I'm ending it which is weird, because as soon as I finished typing the last word the ending theme song to the Anime Pandora Hearts played on my playlist. It's a good anime you should watch it. Anyway, to sum things up, Craig just got out the hospital and was surprised with a party. I love the moment he had with Tweek ooohh The FEELS! Any who, Craig just had a tiny panic attack and is fine. Ruby is such a good sister. Well, I hope you enjoy. And hopely be expecting more soon.
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