Kendra was sitting up on her bed listening to the birds and the sounds of breakfast being prepared downstairs. Seth had already woken up and eaten breakfast by the time she had managed to open her eyes. She was in a great mood, and for good reasons. First, they had managed to save the world from Gorgrog and his horde of demons. Also, they had managed to fix the treaty at Fablehaven and put the centaurs back in their proper place. But best of all, Bracken had kissed her. Kendra still felt the flaming tongues of fire radiating through her entire body from the little spot on the corner of her mouth where he kissed her. Of course, she had been acting calm and nonchalant so that Seth wouldn't suspect anything, but on the inside, she had been jumping for joy.

"Kendra! Time for breakfast! I made pancakes!" Grandma called.

"Coming Grandma!" Kendra yelled back, trying to sound enthusiastic.

As she was slowly walking down the stairs, Seth suddenly decided that she was taking too long. "Hurry up Kendra, there's someone here to see you." Kendra wanted to automatically run down the stairs when she heard this, hoping that the person was Bracken, but of course that would be too much to hope for because he had just been there yesterday. That didn't stop her from wishing. So, instead, she continued walking slowly down the stairs, willing the blush that had begun to appear on her cheeks to go away.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, the first thing she noticed was the food. There were heaping piles of bacon and eggs, platters of pancakes, and even a tray of cupcakes that had icing spread across the top to spell, "Happy 16th Kendra!" Then she looked up and saw the people sitting and standing around the table. Trask, Tanu, Vanessa, Warren, Dale, Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson, Grandpa and Grandma Larsen, her parents, Newel and Doren, and Seth. She just remembered that today happened to be her 16th birthday, and she was happy that her family had thought enough to give her a party, but the one person that she really wanted to see was not there. (I didn't like that their parents knew about Fablehaven so I took them out.)

"Thanks everybody!", Kendra said in what she hoped was a thankful and glad voice, "I totally forgot that today was my birthday."

"Well, we didn't, so, Happy Birthday!" Seth said. "This is going to be your best birthday ever-"

"Seth," Kendra said.

"-we're going to go swimming and then we'll-"


"-eat the most delicious food ever!"

"Seth! I don't really want to have a big birthday party. I'm just not in the mood," Kendra insisted.

"Would you be in the mood if there was a certain handsome, silver-haired unicorn whose name rhymes with Kraken here?"

"Seth!" Kendra yelled, "I can't believe you said that." Kendra's face started to turn red with the blush that she was failing to hide. "That's not it."

"Well he is here!"

"Seth I told you I'm- Wait, what?" Kendra started to hyperventilate. "Bracken's been here this whole time, and you didn't tell me?" "Where is he?" Kendra yelled at her brother.

"Calm down Kendra! Sheesh! He's right behind you."

All of a sudden Kendra was surrounded by two warm, strong arms. "I missed you Kendra."

He missed her! Kendra was freaking out. Wherever his arms touched her skin, she felt fireworks, pulsing through her body making her warm. She felt his fingers lightly tracing lines on her arms. She felt his biceps pressing into the back of her neck. She even felt his hard stomach and chest through his thin shirt. She was in heaven. This time though, she managed to hide her emotions somewhat and said, "I missed you too."

"Now can we have a party Kendra?" Seth asked her with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, but first I want breakfast."

From far away, a shadowy figure looked into a shining crystal, and laughed quietly to itself.