Now that we're away from the movie, the chapters will be the usual length I make them while they go back to Luna's home world. Sorry if the shorter chapters put you off.

They made quite a sight when she landed.

"It's the Prince!"

"He's alive!"

"Send for the King!"

The Prince brushed off his people with practiced ease. It took him an hour to explain things to his father, as well as how Sophie had been the one to break the curse on him.

His father was furious that it was the Witch Sullivan who had caused this entire mess and killed hundreds of his soldiers just to get her apprentice back under her thumb.

"I cannot thank you enough Ms. Sophie, for saving my son," said the King.

"It was nothing, really. After he saved us long enough for Luna to get us here, it was the least I could do," said Sophie.

Luna, for the most part, was keeping an eye on Howl and Markel. After remaking the contract Howl was having some trouble getting used to having a heart again.

"You must be the witch Luna. Thank you for helping my son and returning him safely."

"Anything to one up that hag Sullivan. She once tried to curse me because I was smart enough to decline her offer of an apprenticeship. Once I knew who cursed your son, I had to help him out," said Luna with a bow.

"I will see that woman hung for this ridiculous war."

"I'm fairly certain the other king will agree once his people start rioting and calling out for her blood. Anyone who's so desperate to regain a lost apprentice enough to start a mockery of a war deserves the gallows," said Luna fervently.


Luna and Howl were in the court yard listening to the executioner list Sullivan's crimes against the kingdom. It had taken little time for the people to call for her head once the other kingdom let it be known that she had cursed their prince just to start the war. The commoners were furious that her machinations had lead to the deaths of so many.

Sullivan didn't look one bit remorseful. Her plan had failed, and she accepted the price of her folly. Perhaps if she hadn't gotten the Witch of the Wastes involved, Howl might have been in her grasp now. The drums sounded...and the trap door under her opened.

Her neck snapped instantly and she was dead. Howl shivered at the sight.

One of his nightmares was finally gone for good. Luna leaned against him a little bit and he went closer to her. At long last he was free of his tormentor, and the witch of the wastes would never bother him again. She had been killed during the air raid.

Sophie ended up marrying the Prince, mostly because she did in fact fall for him. And shortly after their wedding Howl and Luna wed right before her eighteenth birthday.

After finding that they weren't welcome back in the kingdom, they had chosen to settle down in the neighboring one with the Prince's blessings.

Unfortunately the field had been destroyed in retaliation for Howl's meddling shortly before Sullivan was found out.

There were now three new colors on the dials. Including the strange black one that Luna never figured out lead to.

There was a silver, gold and bronze colored dial.

The gold one lead to the Palace of the Prince and Sophie...they had a standing invitation and Howl agreed to help out when asked, so long as they didn't put him under another magical compulsion like Sullivan had. All they had to do was knock on the door or leave a letter through the specially magicked slot. Howl would show up in short order after that, or Luna.

The bronze one lead to Howl's new estates and a large library he had there. It was abandoned after the last owner had died a decade ago, and no one wanted to claim it since it was too expensive to repair the mansion that went with it. Considering Howl's tendency to 'borrow' broken down shops to anchor his house, this wasn't an issue.

But it was the silver one that baffled them the most. It lead to a run down house that none of them recognized and had a creepy little thing that would curse them for even entering. Howl had been the one to check the last dial, and after running into that thing he had avoided using it.

However when Luna looked into it, she had been shocked to find that it was her home world. She recognized a house elf anywhere.

Sirius was miserable. The port key to headquarters that he had given to Luna had misfired and she had been lost for over three months. To make matters worse she had taken the paper with Dumbledore's handwriting on it, so if the Death Eaters found her then they could waltz in at any time.

Suddenly his nose caught a familiar scent, and he followed it. That was Luna's smell! Did she find her way back? What if she didn't know how to get into the house? He looked outside...nothing. Not even a stray cat.

So where was her scent coming from? He followed in his canine form, and found the scent of cooked chicken by someone who knew what they were doing to her as well. She knew he loved chicken.

He found himself in one of the unused guest rooms at the end of the hall. Why was it coming from there? He scratched the door...and fell flat on his rump when it opened without warning.

There was a man in front of him with raven black hair that was almost a dark blue, and ice blue eyes. He wore a white shirt and a blue pendant around his neck. Hearing the growl, he saw some sort of wolf-dog hybrid looking at him with warning.

"Luna! Some sort of stray came in through the silver door!" shouted a boy about nine or ten.

"What does it look like?" a woman shouted back from the upstairs.

"Death warmed over," said the man.

"Master Howl said it looks like death warmed over!"

"Bring it in so I can see it!"

Howl, the tall man with raven hair, grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him in. The wolf looked rather annoyed by his intrusion but let it go.

"Now what exactly managed to get... SIRIUS!" yelped Luna.

Sirius didn't hesitate. He hugged his goddaughter with relief. Then he got a good look at her.

"Did you take aging potions or something? And why do you have silver in your hair?"

Luna rolled her eyes before she whocked him on the head with a ladle.

"How long was I missing?"

"Nearly three months," he said.

"For me it was three years," she said.

"Three years?!" Sirius said horrified.

"And here's the best missed my wedding," she said.

"Wedding?!" said Sirius with a choke, before he fainted over.

"Was that really necessary? Who is he anyway?" asked Howl annoyed.

"Remember the people I told you about back when we were still dating who could turn into animals without losing themselves? He's the one who took a dog form for days on end," she said.

"Ah. Is he related to you?"

"Godfather and uncle. He was retrieving me from that woman's house when we were attacked and the portkey misfired," said Luna.

Howl calmed down at that. So he wasn't there to take his wife away.

Sirius was woken up with a bucket of water to the face courtesy of Markel. Luna was setting the table and she felt Markel would have fun waking Sirius up. The boy giggled at the surprised look on Sirius' face.

Sirius sputtered from the trick, then focused on his goddaughter.

"Please tell me that was a very bad joke," he begged.

"Nope. Howl here is my husband/partner. We advise one of the kings on matters of magic since we freed his son from a nasty curse and even set the prince up with a wife. You missed a lot while I was gone."

"King's door," shouted the fire.

"What the bloody..."

"Calcifer, you did that on purpose," scolded Luna with a grin. The fire gave her a cheeky grin.

There was another knock and Howl opened it.

"How can I help the king?"

The messenger gave him the invite. Howl thanked him before he closed the door and changed the setting to his lands.

"Another invite to a ball," said Howl, reading the letter.

"Not another one," said Luna rolling her eyes. The only reason the prince invited them to those things was to spread the misery. Occasionally they humored him. He knew Luna hated balls.

Sirius' mouth dropped.

"Howl is a powerful wizard, Calcifer (the fire waved at him) is a star demon who's bound as his familiar, Markel is his apprentice/son and Canis here is my bound familiar since he decided to switch sides when I helped Howl out," said Luna.

"And what are you?" he had to ask.

"I'm Howl's partner-slash-wife, and the one in charge of keeping the house from falling apart because these two idiots can't seem to understand that cobwebs are not supposed to snarl at you. Coincidentally do you know any alleys where I can get a new wand? My last one burst into fire when I tried to break a spell and it was too strong."

"We can hit Knockturn, so long as you can use a glamour on me."

Luna rolled her eyes.

"Howl, you still have some of those silly potions on you right?"

"You mean the ones I mixed up by mistake that turn my hair blond? I have a few left, why?" he asked.

He had quit brewing those because Luna had said she loved his natural raven hair, and he no longer had to hide from Sullivan.

"Good. Markel, can you help me find the large wash basin for later? We're going to give this old dog a make over," grinned Luna evilly.

Sirius gulped.

"I look like a bloody Malfoy!" he said unhappily.

Sirius' naturally dark black hair was now a pale gold, and he had a fake pair of glasses that turned his eyes green instead of blue. No one looked twice at him, since he didn't look like Sirius Black.

"Suck it up. It wears off and this way you can get out of" said Luna without any sympathy.

They had gone into Gringotts earlier to update the registries, and Howl had declined to go with them just yet. At least not in human form anyway. He was currently riding her shoulder as a crow. Markel was off to visit Sophie for a while until they got back.

The goblins had taken it in stride. Apparently they had contact with that world once before. Aside from finding out that the entirety of the Potter fortune was now available to her, and that Dumbledore's influence on her life was now over for good since she had aged naturally instead of artificially, Luna walked happily out of Gringotts.

"Welcome to my humble shop," said the wand maker.

"Hello. My previous wand nearly burned my hand, and I seek a replacement."

"Half off if you supply the core, wood's cheap enough unless it's a specialty or extinct," said the owner.

She handed over one of the scales. For some odd reason her animal form shed tons of dragon scales when she turned back. Occasionally they stuck around, but most of them tended to vanish into nothing.

This was from her first attempt at turning into a dragon on purpose, rather than accident.

Howl plucked one of his wing feathers and turned into his human form and handed it over.

"Hmm... River dragon scale and one star crow feather. High quality cores. Find a wood that responds to you and bring it up front. I'll have a wand done in two days," said the owner.

It took them five minutes to find a wood that suited them. Luna had one that had been inhabited by some sort of Japanese water demon that lived next to a dried up river. Howl had a wood that had been struck by a fallen star, but survived the fire.

"You can pay me once I've made the wands," said the man, and turned back to start working.

"Well that was fun. So, shall we see the shops outside the magical alleys? We could both use some new clothes, and while Howl and I might fit in you certainly wouldn't," said Luna to Sirius.

"Eh, sure. Maybe we can pick something up for Remus too," said Sirius.

Luna whipped out her 'debit' card that was tied to her gold, and they went into muggle London. She had to kick Howl a few times for gaping at the more advanced technology...and for nearly making her carry all those books he found in a bookstore.

He was as bad as Hermione during a manga raid of the Ravenclaw table after new ones came out.

Luna slipped into her new pants with relief. She liked being feminine occasionally, but she preferred pants most days.

"So Sirius said that's he's planning to tell the others you're back," said Howl, looking at his wife.

"That should be fun. You have the ear-plug spell down to an art right?" she asked.

The ear-plug spell, commonly called the Cone of Silence by others. It would be a necessary thing to use once Molly Weasley hit her stride.

"I picked up the wands...should have heard the alarms go off in that bank when I waltzed in as a human. Something about a lost line returning," said Howl shaking his head.

That had been a confusing three hours. Something about how the lost Pendragon line being found and several vaults being reopened when the bloodline had been confirmed. Howl had used so many names over the years he had forgotten his real last name was Pendragon.

Luna had mostly picked that as her last name from convenience and the fact she was a fan of King Arthur.

"Well, we might as well get this over with...Markel stays with Sophie until we get the resulting scream fest over with though."