Frosted flower

Pre face

I looked over at her, our eyes met and right there I knew something was wrong and that was when she screamed.


It was an incredible dream, I was flying fast towards this really awesome looking snow ball fight with one joy snow ball in my hand ready to go and then…. "JACK!" What, Oh yeah, I was helping North prepare for Christmas. "Wake up Jack, you're supposed to be helping us." he tutted. He wasn't going to shut up unless I did something so I opened my eyes and asked, "Aren't your Yeti's meant to be doing this?" as I floated gently back down to the floor and froze the elves who were trying to put shoes on my feet and smirked.

"Jack, every year the guardians get together and help me finish the last few presents!" said North exasperating. "Well I don't see Bunny anywhere!" I shot back. In that precise moment, he burst through the door carrying ….a girl? "Hey mate, you might want to look at this" Bunny said.

"What is this?" North asked. "I found her outside shivering" he said. I couldn't stop staring. She was beautiful, she had copper skin that glowed slightly in the light and hair was as black as midnight wearing what looked what the Native Americans used to wear, "She's barely breathing." said Bunny.

"Move" I said. They stared at me, "Winter spirit, remember." They still looked confused, "I can draw the cold out of people",

"Oh" said Tooth "I didn't know you could do that" "Uhh, just move" I said, as I approached the girl and placed my hand on her forehead. I concentrated hard and I could feel it working. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open. Her eyes didn't match the rest of her body. I'd expected them to be brown, instead they were the colour of sapphires… and utterly gorgeous. She snapped me out of my trance by saying, "You can remove your hand now." I looked up and saw her staring at me. "Uh yeah sorry" I mumbled and offered my hand to help her up, she took it and I pulled her up. "What is your name?" North asked,

"Lillie" she said while observing all of us, her eyes hovered on me. I stared mesmerized, and I wasn't sure if it was just me but, I think she blushed a bit. Sandman flew up and did his weird picture above head communication that I still didn't understand. It looked like she didn't either. "Um what is he doing?" she asked, "He is asking why you were outside my work shop." North said looking her over as if he was about to ask the same thing.

"I honestly have no idea. I went to sleep in the woods, and I woke up here with his hand on my head." she said pointing at me.

"I do have a name" I said, a little bit irked, "It's Ja…"

"I know who you are." she giggled,

"Then may I ask who you are?" Bunny said. She looked confused,

"I already told you my name." she said trying to work out what he meant, "Not your name." he said dismissively, "For starters, are you even human?" he asked. "Not exactly sure." she replied.

"What?" we all said at the same time,

"Well…" she said "I have powers and I can't die but I have to eat, sleep and have all the other human problems." there was silence from everyone, including me, "Well aren't you the freak of nature." I said with a grin. She smiled back and my stomach felt funny, "Well…" said Bunny "Where did you come from?"

"I… I'm from the southern Quoiukahomic tribe" she said nervously. North stared at her open mouthed then caught me looking curiously and quickly fixed himself. "You mean you're not a MIM (man in moon) creation" he said thoughtfully. The others did a double take and stared at her. "Well now that we have of all the completely irrelevant information out of the way." I said as I walked over, "Would you like a tour of the work shop… or work warehouse" I said offering her my hand. She laughed, "Sure… and here I thought you were meant to be the bad guardian." She was still chuckling as I lead her through the yetis. "What did North mean about you not being a MIM creation?" I asked as she stared at the completely useless elves, "It means that I was born with my power and didn't die" she said simply, "Oh" I said, "So how old are you?" "16" she answered. North came in while she was playing with the elves, who completely adored her, "Lillie, me and the other guardians would like to know… um, well we know that where you come from and that you must have parents and…" "My mother is dead so I ran away and have no intention of ever going back" she said cutting him off, "Oh" North said, "Well would you like to stay here tonight while I deliver the presents?" she looked kind of relieved as if she didn't particularly like the idea of trying to find a place to sleep tonight, "And.." he added, "Jack will stay with you." I looked at him slightly shocked but hey, I didn't mind. She looked as if this made her happier, but it could have just been my imagination again. When all the other guardians had gone to help North, I stayed and talked with Lillie until she fell asleep on me. When they got back Bunny stared at me and said "aherm, crushalert!" I glared at him and he laughed.

When they all went back to their secret bases I carefully lifted her up and put her back down. North wouldn't be back until 3 in the morning so I decided to chillax. After about half an hour I heard something in the globe room, I looked at Lillie and thought she would be fine so I ran and found the nightmare king sitting there expecting me, "hello brother" he said calmly.

I pointed my staff at him and he held his hands up saying "I come in peace" I wasn't convinced so I said, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now?" "A, you can't, B, father wouldn't like you very much." he said.

"He doesn't like me anyway" I mumbled. "Oh he's still ignoring you is he?" he said, and laughed "He never did like you much did he… um, who's that?" Pitch said pointing over my shoulder and I saw Lillie standing there, mouth open watching us, "I'm out of here" said Pitch and he disappeared. Oh great, I thought, now I had to explain this carefully so she wouldn't tell the guardians. "Um… "

"What just happened?" she asked,

"Family reunion." I muttered.

I sighed, "I have to tell you my story Lillie."

"Okay" she said slowly.

"So after I became a guardian, MIM broke his 300 year silence and told me that I wasn't like the other guardians. He… uh, he told me that I was his son." she looked confused so I said, "You see, he's come down from the moon only twice, both times because he'd fallen in love with a human. The first time he had Pitch, and the second time he had me."

"Oh okay." she said rather calmly "Heh" I said "All those years I wanted a family and when I get one it sucks" I said,

"So I'm assuming you want me to keep this a secret?" she said grinning,

"Yes, very much so" I replied grinning back,

"Sure thing" she said quietly. Then she smiled and her eyes tuned gold for a second and a piece of paper floated in front of me, "Here's a contract of my silence." she sniggered,

"How did you do that?" I asked

"My power" she said "I just think what I want to happen, and it does."

"That is really awesome" I said. She smiled and blushed, this time I was sure of it, then she yawned. I laughed and said, "You probably need to go to bed now." She laughed "Yeah, I do" she went to the bed and said "Night Jack." I smiled "Night Lillie." I said.

The next morning when she woke up North was waiting for her. He said she could stay with the guardians for a while. She was so relieved. Then Tooth said, "You'd better come look at this."

I followed North to the main communication room (for talking to MIM), where we found Tooth tittering nervously, "MIM says he's coming down." she manager to stutter,

"What!" I said, now very worried. He'd kept my secret so far but…. That's when it started. The ground was shaking, and part of the floor was glowing, and then MIM stepped out of the light. He was pale like me, tall like Pitch and had jet black hair also like Pitch, "Subtle" I muttered,

"Hello" he said

"Hello and goodbye" I said and attempted to fly away but Bunny grabbed my hood and growled, "Oh no you don't." MIM looked at everyone except me, as if trying to purposely avoid me, "There is something that Jack has been keeping from you, but I think that you need to know." I paled, if that's even possible. Don't you dare, you son of a *****. I thought but the looks the guardians were giving me told me that I didn't just think it, "What is it?" North asked his eyes never leaving me, "This is awkward for me too Jack" MIM said arrogantly. I snorted.

"Yeah sure." I muttered. "Now that I exist you try to ruin my life."

"Shut up Jack, continue MIM." Bunny said, quite annoyed.

"Well" MIM said, "Jack is my son." I cringed as he said it.

"And" he continued, "Pitch is his half-brother." There was silence. I turned around and everyone was staring. I groaned.

"That's one hell of a secret mate." said Bunny spinning one of his boomerangs. Then Lillie spoke, "That's important because...?" She said, looking very confused at all this. "Well" MIM said, "The last time I checked, Pitch wants Jack dead and I'm just making it clear that I'm not taking sides… probably." he added, making me worried. I knew pitch was evil but MIM hated me more. "By the way" he said, "Who exactly are you?" he asked, looking at Lillie.

"She's a guest" North said vaguely, not really concentrating on what MIM was saying. North was still looking at me. I glared at him annoyed, "What a pretty guest." MIM said looking her over slowly, "Though I do not remember creating you." He said confused. "You didn't." she replied cooly, his eyes widened with surprise. "Oh so your one of them." He said with realisation. "I heard you lost your queen, I'm very sorry." He said as she clenched her jaw. "Yes" she replied. He nodded and asked, "May I hold your hand?" If I looked confused she looked like everyone just turned into clowns! "Sure…?" she managed to stutter. She offered her hand. I was trying to figure out why MIM wanted to hold her hand when I heard a gasp of pain. I looked over and saw that Lillie had collapsed to the floor. "What did you do to her?!" I snapped at MIM, "I read her memory, and am currently projecting it for you to see." he answered. I looked up at the image forming above her head and flew over curiously to watch with the others.