Hey, all my buddies of FFN! Life's been really fast-paced and weird for me lately (and also I need to but I'm not updating my stories… haha…), so I'm gonna slow things down and revisit possibly the most horrible of the horrible of fanfics: Starkit's Prophecy. If you don't know Starkit's Prophecy… well… you're either a mouse-brain, you have no life, or you're an innocent person who hasn't seen the horrors. Congrats.

This isn't one of those commentaries. You should know that those commentaries actually AREN'T allowed. This is basically based on the original one with a lot of the same details, but I'm gonna get rid of all the bad grammar and add kind of my perspective on everything. So enough of my annoying rambling and here we go.

(P.S. I'm just gonna skip the allegiances because no one wants to know things like Starkit being a purple cat with molting orange eyes and a white star on her head.)

Either Chapter One or the Prologue

Random cats gathered around a pool. They all looked into it with excitement. A dark shape appeared on the surface, and an unnamed blue she-cat looked up, her eyes bright and shining.

"There is a prophecy!" the blue cat exclaimed. "Out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly." Somehow she knew all of that just by some shape in water.

"It's about Starkit!" another unnamed white tom said like it was the most obvious thing ever. Well, what prophecy wouldn't be about Starkit? She's simply amazing. Geez, mouse-brains. "She's going to save the forest."

The unknown white tom looked at an unknown gold tom by Bluestar. Oh yeah, the blue cat was most likely Bluestar.

"Starkit has powers nobody dreamed of," added the unnamed gold tom. "Should we tell Jayfeather?"

"Yes," replied Bluestar without any hesitation. "He'll need to know."

Then she just walked away from the pool and StarClan in general to tell the ThunderClan medicine cat about her new prophecy. The identities of the mysterious white tom and gold tom still remain unknown. But no one will ever know who they are since the chapter ends here. Why? Because Bluestar said so, suckers.