By the way, some of the small details will be from the original Starkit's Prophecy, so if you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do. It's… pretty bad. If you don't know where to find it, though, just search up "Starkit's Prophecy" on Google and the first link that appears (the one on WebStarts) should be the right one.

Chapter Two: The Rose of a Highly Addictive Drug

Starkit, the cat who was mentioned in a prophecy in the previous chapter, woke up but then noticed something strange. The sun was in the branches! She groaned. Not again!

"Some cat please get that sun out of the branches!" Starkit wailed. After screaming, she closed her eyes again, still tired. However, her mom made of butter would not let her sleep today.

"Sweetie, it's time to get up," said Dawnsparkle, her eyes shining, probably the reason how she got her warrior name. "Today is important today." And it was so incredibly important that she had to mention "today" twice.

"What is it, Mom?" asked Starkit, suddenly awake even though she went back to sleep just a few seconds ago. Then she suddenly remembered and squealed with excitement. "Oh StarClan, it's my ceremony today! I'm going to become an apprentice!"

Then the little kitten somehow flicked outside, not even waiting for her butter mom. But Dawnsparkle caught up quickly.

"You know the Clan cats don't usually accept cats like us sometimes," the stick of butter reminded her daughter sadly.

Starkit glared. She really hated being told that! Come on, even though she denied it and it was totally true, just because her dad was Jayfeather the medicine cat and her mother was a former ShadowClan warrior didn't mean she was different! Although it totally did.

"Starpaw, come here," Firestar said, forgetting that the apprentice ceremony hadn't even started yet as he jumped down from a leg.

"Starkit, it's time for you to become an apprentice," Firestar continued even though he hadn't even called the Clan meeting in the first place but somehow everyone was already gathered there. "You are a strong and brave cat and for that I will mentor you."

Everybody, including Starkit herself, gasped. The young she-cat heard her butter mother exclaim, "Wow!"

Fireheart really liked Starkit's shoulder and so he retired from his leader position. He whispered to the purple cat, "You'll be the best ever, Starpaw, I just know it." Even though he never actually announced Starkit's apprentice name yet.

Starkit, now Starpaw, just decided to walk away now and met up with her mother and father. The two forbidden mates who somehow were still in this Clan were very proud.

"Daughter, we're very happy but we have to say something," said Jayfeather, his chest puffed out. "You see, StarClan gave me a prophecy. Out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly."

Starpaw gasped. What did it mean, even though it was so incredibly obviously about Jayfeather's sister Hollyleaf and Tigerstar being the villains of this horrible fic and Starpaw was going to save them because she was so awesome?

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