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I walked through the door of my apartment, only to find Kate sitting at my temporary table (also known as a stack of cardboard boxes) with two Styrofoam cups from the local coffee joint. I jumped, not expecting her to be in my apartment as I had locked the door behind me before I'd left.

"Kate! How the hell did you get in here?!"

She shrugged, taking a sip from her cup of coffee.

"I have my ways."

I laughed, dropping my purse and sitting down beside her; taking my cup and pulling up a chair.

"But I locked the door!"

"Like I said, I have my ways." She grinned impishly, before setting down her coffee and practically jumping me.

"So? How was your date with Mark?!"

I groaned, dropping my head into my hands.

Kate just stared at me.

"Soo…not good, then?"

I looked up at her, giving her my best "what-do-you-think" look, to which Kate fired back with her "You-seriously-need-my-help" look.

"Okay, spill. How bad was it exactly? Was he really boring? Or really weird?" She paused for a second, lowering her voice.

"…Is he one of those creepy guys who walks around Times Square dressed up like Chewbacca?"

"WHAT? No!" I stopped for a second, not really wanting to talk about this. But my mouth opened against my better judgment, and before I knew it I was telling her the whole story of my day.

"-And it turns out that he's basically broke and living out of a shoebox, and he basically owns nothing and it was really, really weird because I sort of felt sorry for him, you know? And then you called, and you gave me an excuse to leave even though I felt really bad about leaving and I think I might really like him even though he's kind of on the weird side but he's really sweet and I'm just really, really confused because I think I might actually like him."

Before I could catch my breath, Kate held up her hands.

"Woah. Take a break. Okay, so…what you're saying is that basically he's dirt poor, but he's really cute and you want to see him again, even though you don't want to go back to his apartment ever again. Am I right?"

Before I could answer my phone rang. I glanced down at the caller ID, only to look back up at Kate.

"It's Mark."

Kate grinned.

"Pick it up!

"I will not pick it up!"

"Aw, come on! You said so yourself you liked him!"

"Y-Yeah, but-"

Before I could protest any further, Kate grabbed the phone out of my hand and answered it for me.

"Liz's phone, Kate speaking."

I groaned, dropping my head into my hands once again.

"…Uh-huh, okay…yup. Oh, no, I'm her next-door neighbor! Yeah…yeah…okay, cool! Thanks, buh-bye!"

She handed my cell back to me, and I looked up at her.

"…What did you do?"

"That was Mark's old roommate; Roger, I think? Anyway, he basically just apologized for Mark, and he said that they were going to be at the Café at 38th street tonight, and he was wondering if you wanted to come."

"Oh, God..."

Kate stared at me, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair.

"Honey, you need help."

A/N: So, the Chewbacca guy reference actually happened to me and some of my friends when we went to Times Square last, and I figured it would be funny to put in here. Was I wrong?