A/N: Thank you Tumblr, for inspiring this hella short drabble.

I'm supposed to be studying for exams and instead I'm here, writing this. My priorities are totally straight...

"Speeeennccceerrrrrrr!" Billy complained, floating around his room, "I'm boooored!"

Spencer, in turn, rolled his eyes. "Like I didn't hear you the first forty-thousand times."

The ghost only pouted in response. Usually, Spencer would've been out filming one of his horror shorts, but the sudden onslaught of rain decided against that. Instead, the entire family was rained in. Jessica was downstairs, most likely practicing some karate thing, Mom was probably cleaning the house, and Dad was probably watching television or something of the sort. Spencer was on his bed, bored too, but he didn't complain as much as a certain dead rockstar did.

There was a cycle to this, the brunette determined. Billy would be quiet for maybe two minutes tops, and then he would let out another complaint of being bored. He would then tell Billy to be quiet, knock it off, something like that. Billy would be silenced, and then he'd complain yet again. It had repeated itself at least ten times by now.

"Bromigo?" Billy asked. Another eye roll from yours truly.

Spencer mumbled some words. He couldn't even be bothered to form a coherent response at this point.

"I'm bored!"

Another word mumble. He laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. There were a couple of cracks in it that should probably be prepared...eh he'd get to it later. Procrastination at its finest.


"If you're so bored, maybe you should kiss me," Spencer smirked, thinking Billy didn't hear that. He thought Billy would be too caught up in bothering Spencer to pay attention to anything he said anymore.

Billy stopped mid-air and stared at the other boy. Did that kid seriously suggest that he, the great Billy Joe Cobra, kiss Spencer? He squinted at the brunette, trying to detect if there were any hidden motives. You could never be too careful, maybe mid-kiss, Rajeev would burst in with a monster mask and scare Billy out of his wits, as some elaborate set-up that he and Spenc—

Billy was delirious. Maybe he should just kiss his brorrito. It wasn't as if there could be much harm done...

The ghost floated over to where Spencer was still facing the ceiling. He seemed to be thinking about something. Whether it was bad or good, he couldn't tell. He leaned down and planted a sloppily done kiss on Spencer's lips. He got off a few seconds later, and waited for Spencer's reaction. 3...2...


"You're welcome little bro peep," Billy smiled. Spencer stared at him, obviously confused and a little...happy? Was that happiness on Spencer's face? He stared back into his chocolate orbs, until Spencer broke eye contact.

"Did you just...?!"



"You asked for it."

Spencer's eyes widened. That's right, he did say if Billy was bored, Billy should kiss him. He didn't think Billy would go through with it, or even heard him though. "Wh—"

Billy picked up Spencer's camera. "Say cheese!" He laughed and snapped a photo of Spencer's indescribable emotions, displayed on his face. He bent down and kissed him again. "You should give me more solutions to boredom later on bro."