I love the idea of Cara being kinda whipped but still in control, and just defying and mocking Kahlan. So this happened.

Cara roughly pushed Kahlan back against the tree, swallowing the Confessor's moan with a hard kiss. She squeezed a narrow waist through a white corset, pushing her body up against Kahlan's.

"Cara!" A gasp, as teeth bit down on an alabaster neck. "We can't do this." A whimper, "why must you tease me?"

The blonde growled into a delicate ear. "Why must you tease me?" She bit down on Kahlan's ear lobe. "I had to endure the sight of you taking down those four D'harans single-handedly." A whisper and a smirk: "You're so sexy when you fight."

The Mord'Sith's full lips travelled back to Kahlan's, kissing, licking and biting with urgency. She bent slightly to pull at the tight, dark pants the Confessor always wore beneath her dress. When the pants were gathered around the tops of the Confessor's boots, Cara stood back up to pull the brunette's body close.

Kahlan moaned with want at the feel of gloved hands grasping the backs of her bare thighs and sliding slowly upwards.

Their lips and tongues met once more, briefly, before Cara gracefully fell to her knees. She smirked at the sound of Kahlan's heavy breaths and delicately kissed the freckles decorating the pale thighs before her. She removed her gloves and dragged her fingers teasingly up and down Kahlan's legs.

Kahlan's eyes widened as she realised Cara's intent. "Cara, I-" a bite to her inner thigh cut her off as she cried out. "Oh, spirits! Cara, I don't think I'll be able to hold on for very long if you do that."

A mumble around the flesh at the inside of her knee, "I know". Green eyes looked up at her and plump lips twitched up into a mocking grin. "Command me, Confessor".

Those same lips were suddenly at her core, kissing and sucking, teeth nibbling. She gripped the tree behind her with one hand, burying the other in blonde hair. She was unable to contain her groans as she felt the pleasure quickly building. Her body wasn't used to such intense stimulation, and it didn't take long for the sensations to overwhelm her. Minutes later she was using the hand tangled in Cara's hair to push the Mord'Sith away.

Cara fell backwards and propped herself up on her elbows to watch as that same hand that had shoved her away quickly found itself nestled between the Confessor's thighs. Cara swallowed a whimper of her own as Kahlan cried out in release. She took in the sight of the Confessor's heaving chest and bucking hips as the aftershocks travelled through the brunette's body.

Only when Kahlan's hand stopped its motions did Cara get back on her knees and crawl forward, reaching out. Her hand stopped a hair's breadth away from Kahlan's, and she looked up into hooded eyes, silently asking if it was safe.

The Confessor nodded slightly before closing her eyes, trying to regain her breath and her composure. She quickly opened them again as she felt her fingers being drawn into a wet, warm mouth. Cara's eyes looked directly into her own while she thoroughly cleaned her fingers. Kahlan felt a shiver travel up her spine.

When Cara released her fingers and gently kissed the back of her hand, Kahlan pulled the blonde up for a long, deep kiss. She spun Cara around and pushed her up against the tree, reversing their positions. The Mord'Sith waited in anticipation as Kahlan adjusted her own clothing before setting to work on the laces of Cara's red leather, her teeth biting down hard on the blonde's neck.