Chapter 1:

I collapsed from the pain. I couldn't tell though if it was from Edward leaving me or something else; that felt like hot lava that has been stuck in the volcano for too long. I howled, screamed, and cursed for the pain made me black out. My last thought was Edward you left me in a forest that once you deemed very, very dangerous.

Dumbledore's POV:

I was talking to the teachers at Hogwarts School when something very powerful broke through my train of thought. I looked at everyone else and they could feel it too. "Albus," Minerva said, looking around before staring me in the eyes, "where is that power coming from and who?"

"I can't say who but I think I have a pin point where it's coming from," Severus Snape replied looking at me and Minerva.

"Where is it Severus?"

"The power is coming from Washington in a small town called Forks in the middle of the forest." We all looked at each other and knew that we three were going to take a trip to this small town.

Washington, Forks, Middle of Forest:

Shifting and landing can make you feel sick to your stomach and can make your eyes blur like none other. We landed next to a young girl but very old to only have her powers come in now, especially, when she looked like she went against a mountain lion and lost. I bent down next to her looking at her face and tilted my head because I could swear I have seen this young girl before. Severus bent next to me and moved some of her hair and whispered one word that will change too much too quickly, "Bella."

I looked into his grey eyes and remembered every little thing about Bella. "Bellatrix's daughter," Minerva looked shocked for she is the one who erased her memories. Severus looked angry and sad for he is her mate and had no way to tell her and have her be safe; it tore him up to have to make a decision like that one. While I was pictured to her as a father for she is, both, light and dark, dangerous and kind. For the first time the trio who runs Hogwarts are lost and no way to be found.

Severus stood looking around trying to find the reason why Bella would be here or trying not to snap at us. Either way he was trying very hard not to kill something for he knew that it wouldn't help in any way what's so ever. "We need to take her back," he said looking at the other two which said he was going to make every bad decision he has made with Bella right, "now!" He went to Bella and Minerva and I bent and teleported.

Bella's POV:

I was having a nightmare and a fantasy. The fantasy part of the dream was about having a true father and someone who loved me without a second thought. The father had long hair and a beard to match which was the color of light grey with some white spots. He was saying something to me of which I can't hear or understand and he looks like he has been crying for the redness in his eyes. I was tucked in his arms like a young child or baby. The one who loved me was standing next to the father figure with anguish in his charcoal eyes. He just looked at me. Didn't smile or talk, just look; has if I was going to disappear right underneath his nose.

The nightmare part is what happens next. An older looking woman comes into the room looking sullen. She has light brown hair with many, grey hair but that's all I can see. She tells both men something. They both look at me with a determination that looks twisted in more ways than one. The father figure sets me on something and slightly backs up. She pulls out something that reminds me of a stick and says something.

I woke up with a jolt. Looking around I expected to see the forest behind Charlie's house but no I'm lying on a soft bed in a room I have never seen before. I stay quiet for I don't know if Victoria found me and brought me here. Inspecting the room again I see a man who has fallen asleep in a chair next to the bed. I could tell instantly that he wasn't a cold one.

Not knowing what to do, I, slowly got out of the warm bed to find a bathroom. For, two, reasons. One reason being because I had to relieve myself and the second being there might be a window I could try and escape or barricade myself in it. Looking around the room I don't see a door that would lead to the bathroom. I looked at the man, who was sleeping, was now staring at me with charcoal eyes; I cocked my head to one side because I was confused on why I saw those exact same eyes before in my dream for I know for a fact I have never met this man before.

We stared for what have felt like hours but my rational mind said it has only been minutes even if I didn't want to believe it for this was the most handsome man I have had the pleasure to stare at. He also cocked his head as if he expected me to talk first. That idea made me scowl for my patience was endless giving the fact I would have to have patience to last Edward. He, this mysterious man, turned his head towards the door.

"I'm glad that you are now awake," the new man said as he walked through the now open doors. Behind him was an aging woman who still looked to have plenty of spit an vinegar left. "Let me introduce myself," bout time, "my name is Dumbledore and this is Minerva," nodding to the woman beside him.

"My name is Bella."

"No last name Bella?" Minerva asked.

"Not that I know of," I replied. For the fact, I found out Charlie and Renee was my adoptive parents there for I didn't want their last name. I guess that was why I tried to follow Edward, I mused, to myself while turning my attention to the man still sitting in the chair.

"Severus Snape," this man said in what I could only guess as a cool tone to hide emotions. Maybe that was why Jasper could never truly handle other people's emotion.

"Why am I here?"

"Sit my dear," Dumbledore sat himself at the end of the bed probably expecting me to do the same. Tired and confused, I sat, "You're a witch Bella." I looked at him sharply seeing the truth in his eyes, thanks Jasper, I knew either this man was insane or-, not really wanting to think of the other possibility.

"Look I am no witch," I said shaking my head. Wait won't saying that make me a hypocrite; shaking my head no, no.

"Bella," my head snapped to Severus, "this is real and Dumbledore is telling the truth." I looked at all three of them and thought the first thought that could change my life forever.

"Prove it."