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Chapter 16


It was already late into the night, but I could not seem to follow what was going on. Dumbledore, the man that saved me from the monster, wanting to side with another monster. I glanced out the opening of the astronomy tower with the full moon twinkling down along with its followers of stars.

Harry and Draco left our rooms after a few hours of quietness, numbness silence. Severus had to do his rounds. I took another deep chug out of the bottle of Firewhiskey hoping to feel something besides the constant burn. I had to sneak away to try and get my head around this one.

We need followers, fighters, warriors, to take on at least two masters of the dark. I looked at my hand in thought. It would be a long shot for me to reveal myself like that. It could so easily turn on us before it would lead to what we would need.

I sipped again and felt the frustration of the situation cloud my mind. Any way I looked at the situation it ended with deaths of people whom I still care about. A grandfather of a man who saved me, an older woman who took me under her wing, and my mate whom, is playing on a swords edge by being a spy. Now, now I have a puppy pack who aren't older than 15 or 16 in Hermione's case that are smack dab in the middle of this tumbled up mess. How was I to know that this world hangs on a balance that just one breath from a foe or friend could tip the scales?

"Your lucky to be of age to be drinking and not get detention with the dungeon bat," I smile lightly at Severus as he sits down next me, but not before taking a gulp of my Firewhiskey.

"Hey! That's mine," I chuckle at him lightly in jest.

"My bad darling, here you go," he holds the bottle out with his hand and as I go to reach for it, he snakes away with another sip. I pout at him causing him to smirk at me, two can play that game.

Severus looks at me in suspicion, however before he can do anything I slither into his lap as I face him and reach forwards. "Can I slytherin?"

Severus lets a full-blown laugh and cups my face, "You do not even have to ask, you already slytherin my heart." I smile gently at him as he takes a sip of the Firewhiskey before pulling me forward so he can kiss me and push the Firewhiskey into my own mouth. I swallow and go back in for a full and right make out session.

Who says the Astronomy is only good for watching stars?