Friendship is WHAT!?

One normal night I was done my homework and heard a soft knock on the door.

"Who would be here? Is my sis here with my niece?" I question to myself.

I oped the door to see a young man with what looks lke a cardboard box for a pizza.

"Was a pizza supposed to be delivered here?" says the young man with a formal look. I shake my head.

"Aw man! Sorry to trouble you. Im name is Discor- I mean Derek!" He says rather quickly.

"No prob man. The names Fang. Strange name I know." I say as I pull out my hand to shake his.

"Well I gotta go...See ya later!" He runs to his van and drives off.

"Weird guy..." I say as I close the door. When I do I notice a note That was never there.

"Huh?" I pick up the note and read the words on it aloud.

"You may be alone but not for long. for a princess with duties has a job to do, You must go from your life and may be confused but you may fnd a love in this strange world you find."

Why am I...drowsy? "What the..?" All I see before I faint is a...pegasus?

Hope you like the first chapter guys! Im a bit new to making fanfics but could you post a review if there's any problems and tell me. Zecora : could you tell that I was the one who made that note, for it was enchanted by the brews I make? Me : Theres a rhyme if you look closely...maybe...not likely.