Lovely Night Seras's POV

Foot steps could be heard down the dark stone hallways of the Hellsing Manor as Ex-Police officer and new blood vampire, Seras Victoria marched down the path. She was hungry and tired after the latest mission. The new field commander had botched it and they had experienced heavy casualties. She had been forced to take over and dispatch the FREAK by herself. She inwardly winced at the memory of her people being torn apart and shot to hell by the vicious monster. She planned to march right up to Sir Integra and demand to know why an incompetant man like Wilkins was put incharge of her unit.

'If I wasn't there they probably would have all been killed by that thing! Is it really that easy to get into an elite organization like this nowadays?!' Seras thought as she stormed up to Sir Intergal Wingates Hellsing's office.

As she approached the the large wooden doors of her office she heard Her commander arguing with someone. She came to the conclusion that now would probably not be the best time to complain and was about to leave for her quarters, but curiosity over her leader's uncharacteristicly angry attitude took over. She would have pressed her ear to the door had she still been human, but her new vampire sences could pick up on her words from ten feet away. She leaned against the wall and listened.

Integra's POV

Integra couldn't believe what she was hearing. Earlier a man representing her majesty had come about some urgent buisness. It seems that her Majesty believed that Hellsing was some kind of mercenary organization. The representative had come to tell her that the ambassadore of Japan had come to the Queen with the request of barrowing Hellsing for some "pest extermination" and she was trying to tell the man that her jurisdiction was England and nowhere else.

"Listen, even if this will put England in the favor of the Japanese, we are far to busy with the vampiric outbreak here! The needs of other countries are second to our domestic safety!" She said as her temper began to boil over. They had never been asked to do anything like this before, and she didn't intend to start now.

"I'm surprised to hear this from a person such as your self, Sir Integra. A vampiric entity atacked the emperor himself! You have sworn to search and destroy all non-human creatures!" The man said equally frusterated.

"Only the ones within our countries borders!" Integra slowly lit herself a cigar.

"Are you saying you will refuse a request of her majesty the queen? You who have faithfully served the royal family for generations."

Integra immidietly stopped what she was about to say and sighed in defeat. They had decided to use her sense of honor against her. Her Cigar gave her little comfort in the decision she was about to make.

"Very well...for her majesty I will send to Japan two of my agents to deal with the problem at hand." She spoke with a steady voice and as much dignity as she could muster.

The man was abit taken back at her responce. " Only two? Surely this assighnment requires more than that.

Integra sighed, she had little time to waste with this man's incompetance. "The two I intend to send are well equipped with this kind of hack and slash assighnment. They are the only suiteable candidates. Don't worry, this should be an easy job for two such as them."

Seras's POV

Seras couldn't believe her ears! Her?! Japan?! She didn't want to go to Japan! Unless her Integral meant someone other than her which wasn't bloody likely! What will her master think? What will Walter think? This was turning into a pretty god-awful day!

To be continued.