Chapter One: A Good Start

Sunday, October 10th 2010, 9:27am (Original Day)

Luigi's P.O.V. (P.O.V. means Point of View)

I woke up and realized it was 9 o'clock, I overslept! Mario's gonna kill me! I ran to get my clothes on and went to brush my teeth in the kitchen quickly, but Mario stopped me.

Mario's P.O.V.

"Luigi, what's the problem?" I said. Luigi ran into the kitchen like he was in a hurry. I was making pancakes but he was freaking out. "MARIO, WE'RE LATE!" he said.

Luigi's P.O.V.

I can't believe Mario is so calm! We'll be late for work! "Late for what?" Mario said. "It's Sunday!"

A huge wave of relief waved over me.

"But don't be late tomorrow, we have a busy day." Mario explained "Oh, and by the way I'm gonna be busy for the entire day, Peach is moving to the house next to ours and I'm helping her move in."

"Does that mean Daisy can come over?"

"Yes, she can." Mario let out a sigh. Mario never lets me have Daisy come over so this day is gonna be epic!

Mario's P.O.V.

I hate it when Daisy comes over, she acts like a boy for spaghetti's sake. I'd rather run 2 marathons than spend the day with HER. Then the phone rang, so I answered. "Oh, hello Peach." I said.

"Mario, it's time to come over." she said

"Okay. Oh hey, by the way, I got pancakes!"

Luigi's P.O.V.

I can't believe Mario let me bring Daisy over! I owe him one! Well I'm gonna call Daisy.

Daisy's P.O.V.

Ah, I really love sitting at home sometimes. Right now I'm reading a book. Oh, look my cell phone's ringing. "Hello," I said.

Luigi's P.O.V.

"So, Daisy, Mario is gonna be gone for a while and I was wondering if you wanted to come over" I said

"Heck yeah I wanna come over!" said Daisy "See you in a bit!"

Chapter 2 coming soon.