Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy with some stuff but I'm back with Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Secret Twins

This is what happened in the last chapter if you forgot. Luigi's parents always tell him he look like his Great Uncle Gregario so he sneaks into his birthday party dressed like Gregario so this is what happens next.

March 17th 1934, 9:45am

Luigi dressed as his great uncle Gregario knocked on Boomer's front door.

"Um, Gregario? Wait what the heck?"Boomer said

"What's wrong, bro?" Luigi said Wait do people say "bro" in 1935? Luigi thought. Catching his mistake he said "brother"

Boomer pointed to the ACTUAL Gregario who was sitting next to Penny with a glass of some fizzy juice in his hand.

"I MUST HAVE GOTTEN THE WRONG HOUSE BYE!" Luigi said but then Boomer grabbed him by the collar and dragged him inside. Whoa he's strong. Luigi thought

"Gregario! You didn't tell me you had a secret twin!" Boomer yelled

"I don't know what you're talking about, Boomer!"

"Then how do you explain THIS," Boomer yelled and dropped Luigi.

"I... I don't know!" Gregario said

"HEY STOP FIGHTING LOSERS!" Penny yelled "Ahem sorry about that,"

"Explain yourself," Boomer said "BTW I'm a cop, so I can tell if your lying"

Luigi's was still dazed after being thrown around "I'm... I'm a..."

"Out with it, Gregario clone!"

"I'm... I'm a time traveler,"

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