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(Note: First chapter is 3rd person, but all others are 1st person POV)

(Delia's POV)

Delia's mind was reeling. Her baby boy was... she just couldn't believe it.

"Could you... say that again?" she asked the young man on the other end of the video phone. He was tall, with pale skin and almost neon green hair, which stood up in three spikes at the front which looks like grass. He had a formal suit on, as well as a small (in comparison to Ash's previous traveling companions) brown backpack. His eyes, which matched his hair in color, had tears in them, as well as there being tearstains on his cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry Ms. Ketchum, but your son, Ash... he's... dead," at that last word, he, along with the two young women, one of which Delia knew, as well as the four Pokemon in view, a Pikachu, a Vaporeon, a Flareon, and a Pokemon she didn't know-she assumed at least part of its name was "Axew" because it kept saying that-began crying again, the girl she knew leaning on the boy for support. It was understandable, considering Ash was her adopted brother, as well as the boy who helped her to see that not everyone was bad.

"How did he... go?" Delia asked after a minute or so.

"T-team Rocket," the girl she knew, Tay, responded, lifting her head from the boy, Cilan or something. "They were t-trying to steal a girl's Liligant." Tay saw the confusion on Delia's face at the name of the Pokemon, one she didn't know, and pulled a small grey machine from her purse, which hung at approximately her waist at her right side. Holding it vertically, she typed something into it, then showed the screen up to the video phone. It showed a bipedal Pokemon, which was a Grass type judging by the large red bloom on its head. It was mostly light green, but its arms, the leaves on the bottom of its flower, and the edges of the capelike part on its back were darker green. There are also other colors, but they aren't as dominant as those two. A small voice came from the Pokedex.

"Liligant, the Flowering Pokemon. Trainers find it difficult to make the flower on its head bloom, and once it does bloom, it withers if Liligant is not taken care of properly." it rattled off.

"So they... were trying to take one of those?" Delia asked.

"Yeah," the other girl, Iris or something, relied. She had dark skin, and navy blue hair, a LOT of it. It was at least three times the size of her head, and the Pokemon Delia didn't know, that Axew or something, nestled in there. She had brown eyes, and wore loose clothes that were a rather pretty mix of yellow with pink edges. She, too, was crying.

"Ash attacked them," the dark haired girl continued where Tay had left off in telling the story. "He had Pikachu use Thunderbolt, but Team Rocket reflected it back, the power at least quadrupled, back at Pikachu. Despite the natural resistance to electricity, Pikachu would have been done for, that is, if Ash hadn't jumped in the way at the last second. It was too much for his body to take. The last thing he said... was for Pikachu to go with Tay." Iris finished.

Everyone was startled as a new voice spoke up from out of view from the other side of the video phone. "What's going on here?"

The speaker walked into view. It was a girl with fair skin and brown hair under a green and white bandana. She had blue eyes that sparkled with curiosity. She had an orange, black-collared, and white shirt. There was a green waist pack at her, well, waist. (A/N: Wow! Really? I thought it was at her head! *sarcasm*) Delia gasped as she recognized the girl, at almost exactly the same time as Tay.

"May?" they asked at the same time.

"Yep, it's me," May smiled and giggled.

"Who's that, Tay?" the other girl asked.

"Guys, this is May. We traveled together a year and a half ago with..." Tay obviously couldn't bring herself to say the name of her late brother so soon after his departure. "May, these are Cilan and Iris." The two in question say short greetings (Iris said "Hi" and Cilan "It's nice to meet you"). "We've been traveling together for a while now."

"Hi, Ms. Ketchum! Where's Ash, Tay?" May asked quietly.

"He's... no longer in this world," Cilan answered for Tay, who lowered her head so her light silver eyes were shadowed, but thin silver lines-tears-streaked down her cheeks, dripping down her chin. Iris turned away, but anyone could see the tears threatening to fall from her eyes as well. Cilan was trying to look strong, but even the blindest of Zubats could tell that he was on the verge of crying.

"No... no... no!" May started sobbing, collapsing onto the floor and out of view.

"When's... the funeral?" Delia asked softly.

"We'll be... taking him to Pallet Town in a few days for the funeral. Is... that alright?" Tay answered.

"Yes, yes. I have to... spread the word," Delia said, then switched off the video phone. She fetched Mr. Mime before hurrying off to tell the people she thought Ash would've liked to know first, the one that gave him his ever loyal first Pokemon, as well as the young man that traveled with him through the Orange Archipelago, who was now the first's assistant.

"Professor? Tracey?" Delia knocked on the door. Well, more like her knuckles were shaking in sadness, and they hit the door.

"Mime? Mime?" Mr. Mine imitated.

"Delia?" the door opened to reveal Professor Oak. He looked confused. "Why are you crying? Come in and sit down."

"Where's Tracey? He and the Pokemon need to hear... something." Delia replied, going in.

"What is it? You seem upset," Professor Oak wondered aloud.

"I'd rather not say it twice," Delia headed to the ranch right away.

"Tracey's feeding the Pokemon," Professor Oak followed Delia out.

"Bulba-saur!" Ash's loyal friend nuzzled Delia's legs, seeing and sensing her sadness.

"Nya? Nya nya!" Delia very nearly smiled at the sight of the hyperactive pink Pokemon that came quickly, batting at Delia and Professor Oak's feet as the two walked. "Not now Luna," Delia stopped for a moment, leaned down, and picked up Tay's hyper Skitty in her arms. "Bulbasaur, can you gather the rest of Ash and Tay's Pokemon please? I-I have an announcement to make."

"Bul-bulbasaur!" the grass/poison type sent a large spray of rainbow pollen into the air.

It started as a whisper, the rustle of cellophane. Next, a dust cloud appeared on the horizon. It got closer and closer, the sounds getting louder and louder, until many Pokemon were right in front of the two. Huffing, Tracey appeared from the forest and jogged over to them.

"What's going on?" he asked as he came. "I saw Bulbasaur's signal to the Pokemon, and I came. Are you alright, Ms. Ketchum?"

"The reason why I had Bulbasaur gather Ash and Tay's Pokemon is that Ash... has... passed on," Delia started to cry at the last two words. Everyone was shocked. One by one, everyone else started to cry as well, starting with Ash's Bayleef and Tay's Umbreon, Yoru. They just stood there, people and Pokemon, crying their eyes out, until, a little at a time, they cried themselves to sleep, right there in the field.

A/N: Well, there we go with Chapter 1. I figured about 4½ pages is about right. (In case you're wondering, I took the name Yoru from Japanese for 'night'.) I'll be trying to get at least one or two reviews before I update again. Either that, or in a month. Whichever comes first. See you next time!