I know I haven't updated in a year and 3 days and I am really sorry for that, really.

Anyway, before you start throwing them tomatoes my way, I have some things to type down here.

If you really like my book, then I have good news :

I'll continue this book but on a different website because I find it hard to update. You see, I had to get my laptop fixed after I moved to another city because it had a virus and the charger broke but then I forgot my email so, yeah. Took me awhile. I checked if i could update using my phone like in Wattpad but I can't. So, I decided to write it on another site. I truly do apologize for this inconvenience but, thank you for all of your support! Love you! :)

I'm going to publish and update this book in Wattpad. This account will still be up though. I am NOT giving my books away. My username in Wattpad is JasticaRomantica and it is a SHARED account. My name there is Cookie, ok? Ok. :)