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It was the third day for them in the Helicarier, and nobody has noticed them yet. By now Anko and Kakashi know its interior inside out, and have become very proficient in crawling through the shafts withought being noticed. They were even managing to sneak up some food when the camera's where turned to their blind spot. It was fairly uneventful until Anko spoke the four words that would lead to the inevitable.

"I need to go" said Anko.

"What Anko we're supposed to be hiding"

"I know I know but I can't hold it in any longer"

"Well can't you go in a bottle or something?"

"Unlike you I'm a girl so it's not as easy to me"

"Fine I'm doing this only once, so you better make it worth it deal"


As they climbed through the shafts to the girls bathroom Kakashi pried one of the ceilings blocks and when he saw that nobody was in there he dropped down to land in a non-occupied bathroom cell. Anko quickly jumped down into the cell beside him, while Kakashi looked-out for anyone who's coming.

"All done Kakashi, ooohh there's a place to wash your hands in the same cell cool"

"Are you done admiring the bathroom, cause we really have to get back in the shafts now"

"Relax we haven't been out for ages"

That's when Kakashi pulled her back into the shaft and closed the ceiling. When she looked at him he held one finger to his mouth, and pointed for her to look through the small gap in the ceiling. When she looked through she found that two ladies had just entered the bathroom. She scratched the back of her head embarrassed and Kakashi just held up his hands in the universal sign of its-okay.

On the Helicarier the totally oblivious Nick Fury was rounding up his troops for what seemed like another martial arts training session. From the last attack almost all his troops depended mainly on the weapons, and none even knew how to hold their own, so now he wasn't taking any chances. Though he was oblivious to two curious ninja's to be watching that training from the ceiling shaft.

"Alright listen up" said Agent Maria Hill

"Today we are holding this training session in hopes of raising our percentage of survivors, so your gonna have to take this very seriously am I clear"

"Yes Ma'am" said the other troops.

"This sounds interesting" said Kakashi from his spot

"This sounds fun" said Anko

"Alright now me and Agent Phil here are gonna demonstrate, so pay attention" she said as Agent Phil came to the center.


Phil rushed at her and punched only for her to sidestep it take his arm behind his back and quickly pin him to the floor. "Alright, now who can tell me what was Agent Phil's first mistake?"

When nobody answered after ten seconds she sighed dramatically and said "He rushed into the fight withought a plan. Rule #1 wait for your enemy to make their move and then attack"

"Wow their really hopeless if they couldn't figure that out" said Kakashi staring down in disbelief "even an academy student could've answered that".

"Aw man and here I thought it was gonna be a fun fight" said Anko whining.

"Well anyways since most of them are here, maybe we can go find ourselves something to eat" said Kakashi trying to get Anko to cheer up again.

"Alright now you're talking come on maybe we can find some dango"

Kakashi smiled at Anko's enthusiasm and followed her to the kitchen. It was when they made it in there that things went bad. "Security alert all hands on deck I repeat all hands report to the Helicarier's front deck immediately we are under attack".

"Do you think they found out about us" said Anko sandwich still in hand.

"Something tells me this is a totally different matter"

"Oh how do you know?" said Anko sardonically

It was then an explosion happened near the shaft they were eating in, Anko looked at Kakashi and he gave her a smile and said "That pretty much tells me that the whole ship is being attacked not us."

"Well we better get out of here then, if this place is under attack then I'm not waiting in it till it falls" said Anko finishing her sandwich.

They started crawling to the nearest exit to find that it was already blown up. A fuse exploded to their right causing them to fall through the hole in the wall. While they were falling sharp shards of metal in the whole had cut deeply into Anko's right side and Kakashi got a pretty nasty gash on his forehead. Kakashi quickly air dived to Anko and pulled her to him. They crashed into the water near the shore, Kakashi carried Anko away from the sea shore and to a building that looked half damaged. He layed her down with her back supported to the wall, and started inspecting the wound. The cut looked bad, but thankfully it didn't hit any vital points and wasn't deep enough for it to pierce an organ. However it was still bleeding freely.

"Alright Anko your wound is still bleeding, so I'm gonna apply pressure to it and staunch out the bleeding using chakra alright" said Kakashi to a barely conscious Anko. When she nodded weakly he quickly took out gauze of bandages from his first aid kit and applied pressure, whilst applying his chakra to stop the bleeding.

"I didn't know you knew medical ninjutsu" said Anko weakly.

Kakashi smiled up at her seeing that she can still talk. "I can only do first aid though" said Kakashi still too focused, once he stopped the bleeding he looked up to her face only to see her pale and asleep. He started to panic since she looked so pale and her breaths we're coming in ragged.

"Anko? Anko, ANKO come on wake up Anko" he started to shout while trying to shake her awake. Unfortunately that's when the Avengers had finished saving the Helicarier from an escaped group of super villains, and have already seen them falling from the Helicarier.

The scene that greeted them was of a boy that looked no older than twelve with a bleeding forehead, trying to wake up a girl that looked unconscious and had a pretty bad cut in her side. What really made them look weird though was that they had purple and grey hair. The boy was dressed in a dark blue t-shirt with tan shorts (A.N. look at my profile pic it's the same outfit he's in there) and a forehead protector with a weird symbol on it. The girl had a purple tank top with tanned shorts too and the same headband. Unfortunately what's stopping them from immediately taking them to the hospital was that they saw them falling from the Helicarier.

"Hey kid, hand over that girl and come quietly with us, we have some questions we need you to answer" said Ironman seriously. If these kids helped in the escape, then they might as well have some information we could use to now who planned the invasion. Luckily though none of those who escaped have enough money to hire descent fighters, thought Ironman.

Kakashi stood up and pulled out a pipe from the buildings wall, and stood in front of Anko's unconscious body, balancing the pipe between his back and his forearm in a defensive stance. "We're not going anywhere, and I'm not about to hand over my teammate to you anyways" said Kakashi crouching down and getting ready.

"Look kid we can either do this the easy way or the hard way, or trust me if I we're you I'd go with easy way" said Ironman and the Hulk came to the front and cracked his knuckles to get the message better. Unfortunately their plan of intimidating the kid enough to get him to surrender was short lived when the boy said "sounds to me you like it the hard way ,so let's see what you've got" said Kakashi before jumping in the air high above hulk and slamming his pipe multiple times at every vital point he knew. When he was done he hopped back down and off Hulk who came tumbling down unconscious." It seems the bigger they get the harder they fall huh" said Kakashi smirking.

He then abandoned his makeshift rod in favor of increasing his speed. He then jumped up again and seemingly disappeared to them; he reappeared seconds later behind Ironman and kicked his head with a round house kick, which sent him crashing to the floor. Panther came at him with a punch which he blocked and then crouched down and kicked in hope of getting the advantage. Panther jumped over it and sidestepped and oncoming punch though what he didn't expect was for the boy to use his hands as leverage, Kakashi handstand and kicked Panther away too. He saw arrows thrown at him he dodged them then grabbed an arrow spun around and hurled it back to its thrower, to his surprise it was a net arrow. That's when the thunderer took his chance and stroke, he hit Kakashi with a lightning bolt so huge that the other avengers had too block they're eyes.

"Well don't you think that was a bit too far Thor, you might have actually killed the boy" said Cpt. America concerned for the boy.

"Not at all, I think I might have to do it again actually" said Thor at Cpt.'s confused look he pointed his hammer at the direction of the boy. To his surprise he found that the boy was actually still struggling to his feet to fight, as he stood up shakily his breathing was ragged, and the gash on his forehead is bleeding harder and he was burned up everywhere. "Why do you keep fighting, you cannot escape us anyways so why keep going" said Cap. The boy's bangs covered his eyes as he spoke "it's because…" He then looked up at him eyes burning with determination even though looking tired he said "it's because I promised to protect her and I never abandon a comrade that's why" shouted Kakashi as he ran at them preparing to punch. Kakashi's movements were slower, so when he punched Cap just side stepped and hit him between his neck and his shoulder. As Kakashi's body started falling to the ground unconscious he felt someone stop his fall "the last thing he heard before he fell into unconsciousness was "I'm sorry but I'm not about to let you hurt mine either" and then he blacked out.

"Well good job team that wasn't too bad" said Ironman as he came over to Captain America who was now carrying the boy.

"HULK SMASH PUNY BOY" said Hulk who had just woken up, only to be stopped by Thor's outstretched arm. "It would be futile to have captured him only to smash him Hulk" said Antman trying to play mediator. "Yeah calmed down big guy it's just a kid" said Hawkeye while smiling jokingly.

"Well said kid took almost all of us out, so let's head back already Hawkeye you get the girl alright" said Ironman taking over the situation.

Hawkeye got Anko who was by now feverish and breathing in ragged breaths; he started panicking and shouted over to Antman. When he came to him he said "She probably lost too much blood we need to get her some immediate medical attention" said Antman. "Same thing for the boy he doesn't look too good either" when Hank looked over he found that the boy looked as bad as the girl and his blood was still dripping from his forehead. "Looks like they both had a pretty rough landing. We need to get going fast Ironman you and Thor carry them back to the mansion, you're the fastest so you'll get their first."

"Alright, good point Hank" said Ironman as he took the girl, Thor took the boy and they both took off at full speed. Ironman saw Thor frowning down at the boy, but it wasn't out of hate it was out of concern. "What's on your mind Thor?" said Ironman to his frowning companions.

"It's just that the boy is so light and frail, you wouldn't expect him to be this dangerous, and doesn't it strike you odd that they both have the same symbol on their forehead protectors" said Thor to his Ironed companion. "Yeah I know, but we're just gonna have to wait until they wake up to question them" said Ironman.

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