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Anko's eye twitched as she thought to herself in misery, how did I get myself in this situation?

She glared fiercely at the tight fit glittering red dress, as Bianca moved closer to her jolting the dress with every step she took, making Anko's eye twitch rhythmically to its movement.

With her face turning a sickly shade of green Anko swallowed back her bile as she forced out between gritted teeth, "Bianca, take one more step towards me with that monstrosity in your hand, and I'll show you my talent with sharp knives" said Anko as she backed away from the red monstrosity.

"Oh come now dear, you don't have to be that way. You'll look absolutely ravishing in that dress" said Bianca taking a few more steps forward toward the frazzled form of Anko.

"If that's what you call ravishing then I'd hate to see what you call ugly," said Anko as she gave a dramatic shudder moving away from Bianca.

"Oh, come now Anko I know you don't mean that" she said cheerfully taking another step forward.

"I mean it Bianca, and if I have to turn that stupid dress into confetti to prove my point then I'll be happy to oblige" said Anko with a menacing smirk, as she pulled out a few daggers she borrowed from Jack, out of her sleeve.

"What's wrong with this dress?" asked Bianca innocently as she inspected its material.

"More like what's not wrong with it" said Anko eye twitching again as Bianca stretched the dress showing off its stretchiness.

Anko growled as she said, "For starters, where's the rest of it?" as she pointed at the ridiculously short dress from a safe distance.

"Oh is that what's bothering you, come now darling. The length will look perfect on your small figure" said Bianca moving closer again.

"If you really want me to show you my talent, then I'll be happy to indulge you" said Anko her lips curling in a menacing smile as her knife glinted in the light. Bianca gulped nervously as she stared at the dagger in Anko's hand, finally taking Anko's threat seriously.

As Wendy was passing by, she stumbled upon the scene of Anko sporting a dagger and a menacing grin, with Bianca who was sweating bullets at that instance, holding onto a red dress like it was a life line.

Putting two with two together, Wendy understood the situation and moved her own article of clothing albeit shakily, "How about this Anko?" said Wendy smiling nervously as she held out the clothes to her, trying to divert the girl's attention from Bianca's dress.

"Hmm…..Well I guess this one has a better color" said Anko as she took a purple dress with black stripes and poufy sleeves, with a black sash around the middle, extending downwards in a creamy white apron, making the dress look traditional yet casual in a way.

Bianca and Wendy both exhaled a sigh of relief as the girl moved towards the changing room. Seeing that they we're in the clear Wendy turned to Bianca and asked her with a sad smile "Bianca, why did you bring out Blanka's old dress?" she said.

Bianca suddenly turned somber and said to her in a serious tone "I thought that if I give it away I might be able to finally let her go, but I guess it's not meant to be" she said tightening her grip on the dress.

Wendy stepped closer to Bianca and put her hand on her shoulder giving her a reassuring squeeze, as she said, "You know she wouldn't be happy to see you acting this way if she was still here."

Bianca sighed softly and then said with a small smile, "Yeah I know, but I guess she would have thought it was funny to see Anko react that way to her dress."

Wendy smiled back and said jokingly, "Yeah, I don't think choosing a costume was ever this dangerous." At this both women laughed at that finally breaking out of their somber mood, when Anko came out in her dress.

"Wow Wendy, I really like your taste in dresses, "said Anko as she twirled in her dress, making it whip around her majestically.

"I'm glad you like it, now let's go see what the others think," said Wendy as she winked at her and moved out of the tent.

Meanwhile outside of the tent, Kakashi and the others were all waiting for Anko to come out. Numa was passing the time by telling Kakashi old circus legends and stories of their circus in the old times. Kakashi amused by the circus giant's ridiculously overzealous storytelling, decided to humor him and listen to one of his stories and before he knew it he was enraptured by the giant's surprisingly galliant tales.

I bet Jiraiya'd have a field out of his stories thought Kakashi fondly to himself reminiscing over the old toad sage. "So you see that day was the day the Ringmaster decided that having birds in a circus act is absolutely forbidden, well unless it's in a magic act but we don't have those acts anymore" said Numa sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

"Numa," said Kakashi finally speaking up, at this the giant perked up and sat up straight, "what is it boy?" he asked.

"I've been meaning to ask you. Why is your circus so small, from what all of your tales suggest you we're much larger of a group before. What happened?" he asked with curiosity.

At this Numa's face darkened as he lowered his head shielding his eyes in the shadow of his forehead. "Kakashi," said Numa in a firm tone, the sudden change in tone caused Kakashi to tense in anticipation, and so he as well straightened up in his seat.

Taking his silence as a go ahead Numa said, "There are some things about this circus that I cannot simply divulge to you withought the approval of the rest of the group."

At this Kakashi looked crest fallen as he lowered his head to gaze upon the table's surface with little interest , "but," said Numa making Kakashi look up again in curiosity.

Looking up Kakashi was met with the giant's fiery gaze as he said, "You have a right to know, and so does Anko. You two came here to help us in our time of need with no claims or demands, you came here willingly and that makes you one of us," he continued.

Kakashi was too shock-stricken to make a coherent retort, and was left gaping and stuttering for words like a gasping fish. "It's alright you don't have to say anything boy, but I'm gonna have to ask you to wait until Anko comes back so she can hear this as well," he said as he crossed his arms behind his head in a relaxed posture, content to wait silently until Anko arrives.

Kakashi seeing what Numa was doing relaxed his posture as well, and settled into a meditative state as he tried to calm the flow of his chakra from its excitement and unease at the giant's statement.

Fidgeting excitedly every five seconds, Kakashi finally sighed as he cleared his mind of all thoughts and settled down in deep meditation. That was the scene Anko had walked onto when she came out, Numa reclining on the bench with his hands folded behind his head. Dagger inspecting and sharpening his multiple knives, the Ringmaster comically asleep with a bubble coming out of his nose, and Kakashi was sitting with crossed arms with his chin on his chest looking asleep, but Anko knew it was only a façade he put on usually to lure the enemy.

As if to reassure her thoughts he broke out of his stance and looked up at her saying, "What took you so-, "but he cut himself off short when he saw what Anko was wearing. Seeing that she had his attention Anko twirled around in her dress before saying, "Like what you see?"

At this Kakashi finally shook his head as if waking up from a dream and said, "Wow Anko, you finally look like a girl," he said bluntly before he clamped his hands over his masked mouth and looked up at her in terror.

Anko's eyebrow twitched in irritation as her anger flared up, "What was that Kakashi-kun?" she said in a sickly sweet voice as her eyebrow twitched with irritation again.

Kakashi gulped and waved his hands in front of him as if trying to wave the comment off, "N-nothing Anko, really I just said you look really pretty in that dress," said Kakashi nervously, knowing from that tone of voice that things are about to get really ugly really fast.

"Is that so, because I could have sworn you said something else," she said her voice no longer sickly sweet, but a calm almost menacing tone.

Noticing this change in tone Kakashi decided to cut his losses and scram before things got really ugly really fast. Just when Kakashi was about bolt out of the circus, a firm tug on his collar halted him in place as he continued running only kicking up dust in the process.

Anko un-amused by his antic's asked him, "Where do you think you're going?" her voice menacing as her bangs hid her eyes from view. Kakashi gulped at that and Anko continued in a menacing voice, "FINALLY LOOK LIKE A GIRL HUH?! I'LL SHOW YOU!" she shouted as she reared her hand back.

Five minutes later Kakashi and Anko we're both sitting in front of Numa cross legged, with Kakashi sporting a giant bump on top of his head. Man, why does she always hit so hard thought Kakashi to himself forlornly as he gingerly touched his bump wincing on contact.

Anko still irritated didn't even turn to face him as he winced and sat stoically looking away from him with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Numa sweat dropped at the display and thought maybe they're not ready to hear this.

Shaking that thought off, Numa frowned determinedly as he thought to himself no they have a right to know, after all they are part of our circus and circus stick together.

"Kakashi, Anko," he said firmly jolting them out of their reverie, they both turned to look at the circus giant as he crossed his arms with his mouth set in a stern line.

"What I'm about to say here doesn't leave this circus, do you understand?" he said seriously looking them straight in the eye.

Anko and Kakashi both looked back unwaveringly at his determined eyes and nodded. Noticing that he had captured their attention, Numa took a deep breath and looked back at them with a determined look.

"A long time ago we used to be a traveling circus known far and wide as 'The Jack-o-Lantern Circus', our circus back then wasn't big at all. In fact it was just as big as it is now." He said lowering his head with a reminiscing smile.

"Over the years our performances attracted the attention of a big shot contractor, and that was our big change point. We became a travelling circus, never staying in one place for long. Of course we picked up a lot of talented people along the way, kind of the same way we met you two," he said looking up at the both of them.

Kakashi and Anko both sheepishly smiled at the compliment, and Numa smiled as he continued, "Our circus was big, humongous back then, our reputation kept on growing from there. But then…" he said as he frowned and his eyes glazed over, as if he just saw a ghost.

"We attracted the attention of the wrong people," he said darkly as he gritted his teeth. At this Kakashi and Anko shared a glance before turning their attention back to the giant expectantly, "A bigger circus was in town, and many of their old members have joined us while we were expanding. But their circus couldn't constitute with the loss of a lot of their members. The events of that day still haunt me to this day." He said as his glazed eyes narrowed unseeingly at the floor.


"Are we almost ready for the show Numa," asked the Ringmaster, as he walked in on Numa weight lifting.

"Yep, and Blanka and I have a bit of a new trick up our sleeves tonight," said Numa grinning in excitement. The Ringmaster chuckled and said, "You just make sure Bianca approves before you do anything." At this Numa paled and he said with a nervous smile, "About that, can you please keep it a secret. We ummmm…..Want to surprise Bianca, yeah that's it. It's a surprise so don't tell her anything until the show starts, got it?"

The Ringmaster raised a skeptic eyebrow at Numa, and Numa noticing the look slumped in defeat and said, "I didn't ask."

The Ringmaster frowned disapprovingly, "And why haven't you asked her until now?" he drawled out slowly as if speaking to a child.

At this Numa stepped back quickly and raised his hands in front of him as if to ward off the Ringmasters doubts, "It's not like that Ringmaster, see Blanka said she didn't want her to know because we all know how much of a mother hen she can be over her safety," he said nervously.

"And is it going to affect her safety?" the Ringmaster asked.

"That depends on your perspective Ringmaster," said Blanka skipping over to them with a merry smile, at her arrival Numa's smile suddenly became more genuine.

The Ringmaster looked between them both disapprovingly before sighing as he said, "Fine do as you please, but if Bianca catches wind of what you're doing let her know I wasn't involved," he said.

"And if it's a success," asked Blanka cheekily.

"Then I'll proudly say I was there to give you two my approval," he said with a grin. At this Blanka and Numa both exchanged smiles. "Now both of you go get ready, the opening is in ten minutes," he said shooing them away.

Numa and Blanka grinned cheekily and rushed out to the make-up room, "Are you nervous Numa," said Blanka bubbling with excitement. "Yeah, I just hope this act doesn't come back and slap us in the face," he said smiling good naturedly.

Blanka laughed and threw some powder in his face, but Numa used to her antics lifted a hand mirror to block it before it reached its intended target.

Outside the circus, an ominous group of people we're conversing at the back of the circus tent. "Once we get in there, scatter and take up those key positions just like we planned," spoke a man.

"I-I'm not sure about this guys, t-they used to be our friends," spoke a nervous woman.

"Key word, 'used to be' they abandoned us when we needed them most," snapped back another man.

"B-but, they didn't abandon us because of the money," said the woman trying to bargain with the man.

"Does it matter what made them leave us, the end result is all the same. They abandoned us and because of that our circus is gone," the second man said with gritted teeth.

The woman looked at the floor indecisively as she shuffled her feet in the dirt digging a burrow with her toes, "Listen both of you," said the first man making both of them turn to him in.

The man seeing their attention was now focused solely on him strutted over to the woman saying, "We are all doing this together, it's a onetime thing. Just one night and justice will be served," said the man as he hovered over to the woman placing a rifle in her hand.

The woman looked at the gun uneasily as she bit her lip and nodded her agreement. The man turned around and strutted forward and into the circus his parting words being, "We will exact our revenge tonight."


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