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Chapter 1: Coronation Ball

"Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

It all sounded strange to her ears, even when she was practically raised and grew up with the fact that she would be the Queen of Arendelle one day. Either way, she knew that she was now officially the Queen of Arendelle, and she won't back down from this.

Not even because of her powers.

The gates were opened and many royals attending the ball held in the castle, much to Elsa's nervousness but Anna's excitement. Crowded place was never being her favorite place, but the platinum blonde haired new Queen kept on her good appearance.

As the night went by, and after denying the Duke of Weselton's offer for a dance and instead baiting her sister to take her place, Elsa became, in no doubt, bored.

She knew she shouldn't have feeling bored in her own coronation party, but nothing was getting on her interest. There was no much of an eventful thing going on. They were all having fun, all but the Queen herself.

She considered to take a seat on her throne, but decided against it. It would seem inappropriate for the Queen to take a seat; it would show to people that she was not feeling happy, that she was bored.

"Your Majesty,"

She was so deep in her own thought that she didn't realize that a Prince, she could tell from his attire, was standing in front of her, bowing respectfully.

He straightened his back and looked up at her with a pair of charming green eyes it almost made her agape, but she easily composed herself. "Prince Hans of the Southern Isles."

She nodded politely at him. "It is nice to meet you, Prince Hans."

He smiled at her, a somehow her heart rate increased suddenly. "Do I have the honor to have your hand for a dance?" he asked, offering his hand toward her.

Her mouth jumped into the first thing that came into her mind before she could stop herself. "Yes." She said, almost too quickly. She cleared her throat to regain her composure. "I mean, of course." She knew she has stated that she didn't dance, but she can't decline the offer now, not after she has blurted out her reply so quickly.

So she took his hand with her gloved one, mentally thanking that he was also wearing gloves, and let herself being led to the middle of the dance floor by this 'Prince Hans'.

He respectfully placed one hand on her waist while she placed her own on his shoulder, while their free hands joined together. They began their waltz around the room, and she noted that the Duke of Weselton was looking at them with narrowed eyes, no doubt envying the fact that she chose to dance with the Prince instead of him.

"Southern Isles send their regards for inviting us to this lovely kingdom, Your Majesty." Hans said as he twirled the platinum blonde haired Queen gently.

Elsa smiled politely at him. "Of course. Southern Isles is one of Arendelle's closest trade partners."

"And I personally feel much honored to be the one coming here." He said, "Especially having to dance with the new beautiful Queen."

She couldn't help but blush over his statement. Sure, it was a normal and modest one, but she never really had someone compliment her like that. She looked down at their feet, her Papa used to teach her how to dance once in a while, and even when it had been three years since her parents horrible accident, she still could remember a few basic ways to not look so clumsy in front of people.

And their meeting wasn't really ended just with the dance.

After dancing with Prince Hans, Elsa excused herself to look for some sweets displayed for the guests. Dark chocolates were her favorite. The bitter taste it gave was mostly what made Elsa so attracted to it. She just wasn't the big fan of too sweet things, not like her sister who could put two or three cubes of sugar in her tea; she preferred hers to be plain.

Escaping from the ball itself was proven quite easy for her, much to her surprise. She merely slipped out to the balcony and she was out from the crowded ballroom.

She was leaning against the railings and looking over the many stars spread on the dark sky when she heard the door behind her opened. Turning around, her blue eyes met the familiar pair of green of the auburn haired Prince with sideburns.

"Oh! Queen Elsa, Your Majesty, I didn't know this balcony is occupied." Hans said. Obviously surprised to find the Queen out there alone. "I'll just leave then…"

"Oh no, it's alright, really." Elsa said quickly before he could make his way out. "You don't need to go just because I'm here. I don't bite."

He chuckled lightly at her last word, which also made the Queen smiled herself, and walked closer, keeping in a proper distant between them. "So, what makes you standing here out in the cold?"

The cold never bothered me anyway. She wanted to say, but of course she can't. Instead she only shrugged, "It wasn't that cold." She said, gesturing to her long black sleeves. "And to answer your question, I'm just… wanted to get some fresh air."

"The ball bored you that much, eh?"

She looked away to the fjords, hiding her blushing face. "Is it that obvious?"

Hans once again chuckled and leaned against the railing beside her. "No." he admitted, "But I'm not a big fan of balls either so…" he shrugged and gave her that charming half smile.

She chuckled and shook her head in amusement. "Well, crowded places are just not my likings so…"

"So you opted to stargazing instead." He guessed,

She nodded sheepishly.

"You want to know my favorite constellation?"

She once again only nodded.

He smiled though, so she knew he was pleased to know someone was interested, and went to stand behind her. Placing his hands on her shoulders, she turned her to a direction before pointing up to the sky. "Capricornus." He told her, "Or the sea goat. Deneb Algiedi is its brightest star."

She tried her best to listen to his explanation of his favorite star constellation, but it was proven hard since his other hand has moved downward and rested on her waist instead. She was never being this close to a man, and even though she hated to admit it, it was actually feels good.

"So what's your favorite constellation, My Queen?"

Oh no, now he was asking for her favorite. She didn't really have a specific constellation she liked, but as he has told her of what he liked, she must give him a proper answer. Think fast, Elsa. What's the first constellation that comes into your mind?

"Orion." She finally decided, "But my favorite star in it is Bellatrix, third brightest star in Orion constellation."

He nodded understandingly. "Yes, Bellatrix is the twenty-seventh brightest star in the night sky, I believe."

At other given moments Elsa might have just said 'yes, I'm aware of that.' plus the roll of her eyes. But now, she could only muster a fascinated expression as she looked over at the night sky, the Prince's hand still lingering on her waist. She admired his ability to know so much information of stars, and the fact that he was well seemed to be very interested in the subject like a child to their toys.

They went into a comfortable silence, and Hans eventually nested his chin on her shoulder. She would –and should, have flinched. But she didn't. She allowed this stranger to have his way to be this close to her.

She knew it was wrong, for a lady –or much likely a Queen, shouldn't have being this close to a man she just met. But she didn't care much about it, and that was what made her a bit concerned.

Elsa turned her head to see the Prince, bad move. He has his eyes on her, and it ended with the two staring at each other's eyes, blue meeting green; their faces merely inches from each other.

Hans inched closer, and even though Elsa's mind screamed for her to move back at to avoid him, she didn't do anything and stood where she was standing. Seeing this as an approval, the Prince of Southern Isles moved closer and, after Elsa's eyes fluttered close, pressed his lips against her cold ones.

The kiss itself was a calm and innocent one that only lasted for a few moments. But those few moments were bliss for the Queen, sending her knees feeling weak and she would've fallen down if Hans' hands were not holding her up by her waist.

They pulled apart to only have their foreheads leaning against each other's, staring at each other's eyes with a small shy smile playing both on their lips.

Elsa was sure her Mama would be rolling in her grave by now; bless her soul, knowing her oldest daughter who isolated herself in her room for thirteen years kissing a man she just met in her coronation ball. And on top of all?

This man just stole her first kiss.