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Chapter 1, Saving Someone Like You.

Jamie's P.O.V (An O.C character!)
Who am I? Do you really want to know? My name is Jamie Cortez and I am a mutant. I have ice powers. They're mostly offensive, not dangerous but I was beaten for who I was, I ended up running away and hid for five years. For five years, I thought I was alone. Until I met Charlies Xavier.

He was another mutant, a telepath. He took me in. I met others. Scott Summers, a mutant with optic blasts that flew from his eyes but he couldn't control it so he had a ruby-course lens sunglasses that could withstand it. Ororo Munroe could control the weather. And Jean Grey was also a telepath like Charlies but no where near as powerful.

They were the oldest students that Charlies taught. They helped me control my gift and in time, I was given the opportunity to leave and be an example we weren't alone or stay and be a part of what the other students call The X-Men. You can guess what I choose. Eventually I wasn't alone.

Scott, Jean, Ororo, and I were basically best friends. Always near one another. And we also went on missions to get mutants and take them to the school. This is why, I'm an X-Men. I love to protect and save. I never thought twice about saving a mutant until I met the most rude and defiantly one of the most powerful mutants.

Scott set the jet down hard. I shifted in my seat and glared at the ceiling and said" Cyclops. When are you going to properly land a jet without it shaking like a maraca?!" "Sorry Ice Blond" "My code-name is the Ice Queen!" "I can't say that without feeling like you are a queen!" "Exactly why I chose it!" "Will you two stop it!?" Storm looked pissed. Really pissed. I said" Yep" quickly. Getting electrocuted by Storm was not a good thing.

We got out of the jet into the cold mountain and I took the top part of my suit off, only leaving on my black tank top, leather pants, and leather boots on. Cyclops said" Can you please put your jacket back on?" "Nope. I don't need it. Cold doesn't bother me remember?" Cyclops said something about me stripping in the cold again and I made and threw a snowball at him. It hit him in the head and he just shook his head. I said" So where's the mutant again?" Storm said" We'll know when we see him" Then we heard growling. I said" Sabertooth!" I started running but Cyclops said" Ice Queen, let Storm handle it!" "No way One-Eye!"

I found Sabertooth as he threw a mutant down on a truck. I felt the wind pick up and turned around to see Storm and Cyclops. Cyclops calmly shot at Sabertooth who jumped out of the way. I said" There's a girl in the truck!" We ran to it and I opened the door, placed my hand on the seat-belt and snapped it. Storm got her out and Cyclops grabbed the man on the hood of the truck. The truck exploded and I created an ice shield that blocked the carnage from hitting my friends and the two people I would know soon.

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