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I wasn't interested in giving Logan a tour so I went back to teach math to the juniors of what I and all the other teenagers said Mutant High. I understood math. It was the same in every country. And that helped my oldest and shyest student Peter Rasputin. He was born in Russia and he excelled in math but he wasn't very social. He wasn't very great with teachers either. I looked at him and said" Peter?" He reluctantly looked up. "What is X times 2 over 36?" "I don't know?" "Is that a question or an answer?" "I don't understand problems with X's" I turned to another student and noticed Marco Peterse laughing at Peter. At the end of the lesson I said" Prepare for a quiz tomorrow" Marco said" It's because of him isn't it?" "Excuse me?" "It's not our fault the Russian's a dumbass!" I felt very angry and I could feel my notebook being covered in frost. I slammed it down on my desk and yelled" THAT'S IT! Because of Marco you're getting THREE quizzes tomorrow!" Everybody groaned and glared at Marco. I said" Class is dismissed! Everybody but Marco and Peter out!" I saw the girl who called herself Rouge talking to two other girls Kitty Pryde and Jubilee.

I told Marco" You have GOT to stop blaming Peter whenever I give you a quiz. It's never his fault!" "But the guy's a moron!" "Do you want me to bring Professor X into this?!" "No!" "Then stop! Now get out of my sight!" Marco left and I took a softer tone with Peter. "Listen Peter. There's something wrong with how you do math. All the work is right just the answers are wrong" "Sorry" "There's nothing to be sorry for" Peter started to walk away but I stopped him and said" Peter why do you sit in the corner of the classrooms? Have your bed in the corner of the room? And sit by yourself in the corner of the cafeteria?" Peter looked down before saying" the corner is the last place anyone would look. And if people aren't looking at me, I don't feel like a freak" I felt very sad for the kid and I put my hand on his shoulder and said" That's why you're here. To not feel like a freak" Peter smiled and walked out of my classroom.


I walked to my bedroom as curfew got closer. I walked past Scott as he said" Oh and Logan...stay away from my girl" So Claws was hitting on Jean. I waited for Scott can he noticed me and we walked in unison as I said" There're more powerful and nicer mutants out there so why did we pick a jackass that is hitting on your fiancé?" "No idea. I'm starting to think Alex is nicer and that's saying something!"

(Later that night)

I woke up to screaming. From Logan of course but it didn't sound right. I ran to his bedroom and saw a crowd of students that included Bobby Drake, Peter, Jubilee, Kitty, and Marco. Storm, Scott, and Jean weren't far behind. Looking inside, I saw Rouge touching Logan's face as he collapsed. I remember Rouge couldn't touch anyone without possibly killing them. Jean said" Scott help him up!" Scott obeyed but Rouge looked terrified as did the students. Storm looked at Rouge who said" I'm sorry, I had to" She ran out the students parting a way for her.

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