The secret of the multiverse 4.

I don't own Ben 10 or omniverse would never happen, it sucks, I like the artwork for the aliens because we can tell them apart, they seem to be unable to draw human beings heck if Omniverse was a spin off show about Aliens effected by Ben for good or for bad, helping people who for some reason the plumbers can't help, that be awesome. Heck having a forever knight teen wanting to redeem himself would be better.

Sorry if the fight in this isn't good my strong suit is plot not fighting and detail sorry.

This story will be as long as it needs to be.

PS I prefer Alien force over the original.

I don't normally do one – few shot I hope this story is good.

I made the idea myself I may or may not get help from Dimmension Traveler on this.


A unknown Ultimatrix user appear and try to kill everyone, he has two sidekicks, and it up to Ben, Gwen, Kevin and a mysterious plumber to set things right.


Dimmension Traveler chapter 2 . Jun 13

hope you continue

I will and try to do it fast as possible.


The black hair Ben smirk, "As you know he turn all of us Ben's into his unwilling slaves, until he reach you, you fought him and won. You know that much, what you don't know is he tried again, but this time I was prepare and he was weak. Once I finish him off me and Kevin went dimension jumping killing multiply planets and life, getting help and that all there really is." The black cloth Ben then put his hand up counting backward from five and once he form a fist, an explosion happen knocking everyone but the bark hair Ben back.

Plumber base: Unknown characters focus: no POV:

Two unknown criminals were damaging the engine to the ship. One was a female, was wearing some form skintight black material cover with a metallic armor pieces and a metal helmet. The other was a male that kinda like one of Kevin mutation (the first one), except way leaner (and shorter).

The two trespassers attack any plumbers that came close to them. The mutant killing them by burning, freezing, tearing them apart, electrocuting, blowing them away with sound waves, and impaling them on diamonds.

While the female version of Darkstar, absorbing the life energy of the ones around her. It was only a few minutes but she absorbs the life of a dozen plumbers.

The group with Bad Ben knew something was up. The female Darkstar was ready for a fight while the bad Kevin was missing.

Gwen shot a mana bolt at her. The energy blasts from Gwen just angry the armor villainess, who got ready for a fight.

Kevin absorbs the metal of the ship and slams into the door it was to strong. Knowing he needed to help, since this Darkstar wannabe was too much for either. He knew Gwen would save him so he should do the same.

The female Darkstar shot an energy blot causing the door close, separating Gwen from her friends. Gwen was ready for a fight as did the female warrior.*

Gwen knew by how many plumbers the imposter Darkstar absorb she would have to fight hard and even then it would be one of the closest battles of her life.

Ben and Kevin decided to split up to see if there was another way in.

"Who are you." Gwen threw another mana* blast at this armor warrior.

The opponent was only getting stronger, "Huh good question Gwendolyn, Darkness sound appropriate."* The metal clad woman said.

Gwen realized she would have to engage her opponent in hand to hand combat. She kicks the armor warrior in the stomach, since she wasn't as good a fighter as Gwen was it was extra effective.

Darkness tried to absorb Gwen life energy, but Gwen threw a blast of energy stopping the absorption process.

Darkness head butted Gwen and due to the metal helmet it gave Gwen a head ache and possible a concussion. Gwen fell back a few feet trying to stay focus. Gwen fell to the left of shelf full of weapons, seeing a small handgun. She manages to get it behind her back, and hide it in her back pocket if she needed it.

Darkness started her attempt to absorb Gwen life energy again. Gwen used the gun to stun her opponent unfortunately it only had one shot in it. Gwen manages to muster every ounce of strength in her body to stand up and still fight.

This anger Darkness, she thought this fight would be a lot easier. She knew if she didn't have the energy she would faint again and possibly died.

Darkness decided since she was starting to get low on energy that would use one of the guns found in the armory.

Gwen tries to escape the blast of them, and block them with her mana. She knew something was wrong since neither Ben nor Kevin are trying to help her not that she needed it.

She notices that the walls were getting bend up, there was fighting going on in the hallway. Gwen tries to attack the feet of Darkness, trying to get her to stumble.

This slightly damage Darkness leg armor, this only greatly annoy her. Darkness made a black bolt of mana at Gwen, almost hitting her.

Gwen rush at Darkness. She hit Darkness in the head removing her helmet revealing a burn up face that actually look allot like Gwen herself.

To be continued…

*Round one fight.

*I hate that term. Mana how is that better than Magic their both made up from of energy, except magic sound a lot better. I understand if you are unable to used magic fine, then why not Aura?

*I am as tired of saying metal female or female Darkstar as you are of listening to it so I am sticking to Darkness.


have an Evil Ben goes to Good Ben universe team up with Albedo, and the evil Ben universe Albedo is good, and have to save the Ben we know

yeah, idea have 2 bad bens and a robot Ben turn bad by one of the other bens get Albedo out of jail, and good Albedo is hiding his identity

A plumber Albedo with a different origin

Ok here how it start eon interference weaken the demensional walls and cracks are made and found

Black hooded evil ben, he is obsess with Julie, who is the other world Albedo sidekick slash fiancé Have evil Ben alter the null void on generator due to him hacking the omnitrix as greymatter.