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[This Chapter has been rewritten, slightly]

One minute Sam Temple was lying in bed next to Astrid Ellison closing his eyes while sleep quickly swallowed him whole.

The next minute Sam heard a voice. He wasn't completely unconscious as if he was heavily sleeping. However, he wasn't exactly conscious either. The voice came again louder this time. Sam was slowly coming to his senses but was unable to make out what was being said. But he still knew something was wrong. This voice was much more masculine then Astrid's. He forced himself awake by prying open his tired eyes. The first thing he noticed was that his head was resting on his folded arms that were substituting as a pillow. Sam soon realised that he had been sleeping hunched over on a table.

'Ok, this is really weird.' He thought.

Sam slowly raised his head not exactly knowing what to expect. And that was when his heart leapt out of place in shock. Right in front of him was a man who had neat, combed brown hair and stabbing eyes surrounded by round glasses. He wore casual attire that wasn't too informal but suitable for public. It was Mr Trentlake, his teacher from the school he attended back in Perdido Beach. Though his eyes were still locked with the older man, Sam suddenly realised he was in a classroom thanks to his peripheral vision.

'Mr Temple,' Mr Trentlake said in a cold tone for what was the third time. Sam quickly fixed his gazed on the annoyed teacher. 'I hope you're well rested for the many detentions I'm about to give to you.'

Mr Trentlake then placed multiple detention slips on Sam's desk before walking towards the blackboard positioned in front of the classroom.

'Now class, let us continue our discussion on the positive aspects of the civil war.' The teacher said dryly.

Sam wasn't following the teacher anymore. He stared hard at the detention slips he was just given as if it would tell him all the answers he wanted.

'Ok, how did I get here?' he thought hard while placing his hand on his forehead. 'The last thing I remember, I was sleeping in bed which was at my house, and now I'm at school?'

Sam couldn't process it anymore. With a puzzled expression, he looked up at Mr Trentlake. He was discussing something about the civil war when suddenly he just disappeared.

No poof. No flash of light. No explosion.

He just disappeared.

Sam immediately related this incident.

'No, oh please no. This can't be happening!' He thought. A bead of sweat was already forming on his face and his knuckles were turning white. He was shaking with fear at what was happening.

Sam couldn't contain his thoughts anymore.

'No!' he pleaded aloud to no one in particular whilst suddenly standing up. 'Please, not another FAYZ. No, th- this can't be happening again!'

That was when Quinn Gaither, who was sitting behind Sam, stood up and laid a hand on Sam's shoulder.

'Brah,' he asked nonchalantly. 'You 'kay? You seem really scared.'

Sam quickly whipped around and faced his ex-best friend, a little surprised to see him here but still overwhelmed by the disappearance of his teacher to contemplate on this.

'Dude, it's another FAYZ. But it can't be happening.'

'Um, Sam, what's a FAYZ?' he heard a feminine voice ask.

Sam turned to see that Bouncing Bette, who was sitting a few rows down, had asked the question. Wait, Bette?

Sam stumbled back while Quinn caught him.

'Bette,' he stuttered. 'Y- you're… you're supposed to be dead. Orc killed you...' His voice trailed off while the entire class looked at him in disbelief. It was then Sam realised that there were other students in the class. He quickly glanced at the people in the room for the first time. His heart skipped a beat as he noticed Mary Terrafino was seated on his right.

'Mary,' he managed to gasp. 'You poofed. You're also dead.' The entire class started chattering at once.

'Ok, what do you mean Orc killed Bette?'

'Poof? What does that mean?'

'If Mary and Bette are dead then why are they here?'

'What was a FAYZ again?'

The questions that were pelting Sam were making him more and more confused. How come no one remembered what the FAYZ was? And why were Mary and Bette alive? Were they just like Brittney? The door suddenly opened revealing Astrid. Without thinking, Sam ran up to Astrid while most of the class was still chattering.

'Astrid, what's happening? We were in bed last night but suddenly we're at school in Perdido Beach! How did we get here? And why is the FAYZ starting again?' Sam desperately asked.

'Uh, what?' she asked completely baffled while giving a strange look that said: Um, are you mentally stable?

By now the whole class was watching the two. Quinn came up and slapped Sam on the back.

'Dude, you slept with her? Since when?!' he exclaimed.

'I don't know what he's talking about.' Astrid defended.

'Astrid! What do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about?!' Sam exclaimed in frustration. 'Don't you know what the FAYZ is?'

'Look buddy, no I don't. I have no idea what you're talking about. All I wanted to know was why and how my classmates and teacher disappeared.' she said trying to mimic the force in Sam's voice.

Sam shook his head in disbelief and while doing so, noticed some numbers up on the board, which was probably from a math lesson. This immediately reminded him of something.

'Quinn,' he turned to face his friend. 'What's the date?'

'The 10th of November. Why?'

'Oh no,' said Sam as he ran his hand through his hair. The last time he checked the date, it had been something like the 28th of September, three months after the FAYZ had ended. This could mean only one thing.

'The FAYZ isn't reoccurring. It's starting from the beginning. And I think I'm the only one reliving it…'

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