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The Powerplant was quite a while away so it took Sam less than an hour to get back but he finally made it to PB around noon. But something felt off... He quickly realised that it was the absence of the normal background noises: not a single vehicle and the faint swishing of the ocean could be heard.

To make things even stranger, there were many kids in the plaza instead of at school, some raiding the confectionary store and others just milling about. Very confused, Sam approached the nearest person, which happened to be Howard who was strangely Orc-less, and tapped him on the shoulder.

'Hey man,' Sam said.

'Why if it isn't Sam the fireman,' Howard sneered.

Ignoring that title Sam said, 'What happened? Why is everyone here? Where are the shopkeepers and all the adults for that matter?'

'That's what everyone would like to know too.'

'I'm serious Howard, what's going on?'

'Don't act stupid Sammy.' Howard said. 'You and everyone other kid in the FAYZ knows exactly what happened.'

'The FAYZ?'

'Made it myself; the FAYZ - Fallout Alley Youth Zone. Youth cuz, you know, no adults.' Howard proudly explained.

Just then, Orc came lumbering in with a handful of chocolate bars and a can of beer.

He held up the can and said, 'Wanna know what this tastes like. You know, before some adult magically appears and tells me not to.'

He turned his head to Sam. 'And don't think that just because you became some hero by going into that fire means u can tell me not to drink this stuff.'

Sam shook his head. 'What fire? In fact, just tell me where all the adults are!'

'What's with stupid?' Orc jabbed a thumb at Sam.

'Amnesia,' Howard snickered. 'Look Sammy, one minute there were adults. The next minute... Poof! They're gone. Why don't you help me explain where they all went, huh?'

'I don't understand this. I'm finding Quinn.'

'I'm finding Quinn,' Orc mocked. 'Because mummy isn't here to help me.'

Howard laughed. 'He went that way,' He pointed down the road.

'I think I see him.' Orc announced just as Quinn, who still seemed to be sulking, appeared around the corner. In one swift motion he grabbed Quinn and pinned his arm. The commotion brought a growing crowd of kids.

'Get off man!' Quinn exclaimed.

'Hey, hey, hey!' Sam yelled. 'What's this for?'

Orc and Howard both snickered for some reason. 'Just messing with you. Calm down Sammy.'

Orc grabbed Quinn by his hair and threw him away like some rag doll. There was a huge bang before he completely landed. Orc and Howard just laughed while looking at Quinn's 'funny' posture that he landed in. Sam, however, was very concerned and ran up to his friend.


His pulse stopped dead when he realised what happened. Quinn had hit his head on a fire hydrant and wasn't moving at all. The kids who had gathered around the scene stared in shock as they realised this as well.

'Glad that wasn't me...' Whispered Bouncing Bette to her brother.

Sam dropped to his knees as the realisation sunk in: his best friend was dead. He snapped his head towards Orc as Tears blurred his vision. He and Howard were still oblivious to what they had done.

'Y-you killed my best friend.' Sam whispered softly.

Sam stood up slowly like an arthritic man, and edged closer towards them.

'YOU KILLED QUINN!' Sam roared. Sam reared back his arm to give Orc the biggest punch of his life when suddenly there was a flash of green light. When Sam's eyes slowly adjusted he saw what he had done.

Orc. A gaping hole burnt right through the centre of his body. Wheezing. Dropping dead. Howard screaming. The kids yelling and crying. But Sam didn't hear any of that.

He dropped to his knees and let the burning pain of his mind work. No more than a few seconds did he recover and soon saw the work
Of his hand.

'What did you just do Sam?' He thought,

Diana wasn't sure if what she heard was correct. Caine somehow time travelled? The FAYZ? The darkness? And what the heck was with Drake having a whip arm? Although she did have a nightmare like that one time if you counted him being Squidward.

'We're almost here,' Caine said breaking the silence. They had driven down the path from Coates Academy towards Perdido Beach and could now see the coastline. 'We'll have to walk when we reach town to avoid gaining attention. Then we're going to the marina and grabbing a boat.'

Diana just stared out the window.

'I know you probably don't believe me...' Caine started.

'No, I do Caine. Well... some of it. Some, I'll probably only believe if I see it. Like Drake crying like a little girl when his arm was cut off.'

They drove a bit more in silence before Caine spoke.

'I want to let you know that I love you. Always have, Diana.'

Diana snickered. 'Time travelling turned you into a big romanti-'

'UGH' Caine screamed in pain clutching his head and digging his fingers into his hair.

'Caine?' And that was all Diana could call out as the car lost control. The car violently swerved off the road and into a huge ditch. Diana's vision constantly switched from the roof of the car, to the window, to the pained Caine, and suddenly a flash of white before she blacked out.

When The car finally stumbled to a halt after what seemed like centuries, the pain in Caine's head subsided. He then realised he was somehow upside down in a car with shattered glass below him like hungry sharks. Caine fought down panic and confusion and looked around his surroundings. He looked to his left and saw the worst sight of all.

Sitting In the passenger seat was an unconscious Diana who had a huge gash on her head that wouldn't stop bleeding...

Somewhere else in a bigger ditch lay a girl, her body almost unrecognisable by her broken bones and open wounds.

'Don't leave me Patrick,' she whispered.

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