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Anakin's POV

I knew I had to do it, the Jedi would stand in the way of peace. But I still had my doubts... something about killing my master did not feel right.

"Are you sure this is for peace?" I asked the son with a nearly sad look on my face. "Yes." The Son answered. "Every action we take, no matter how violent, or cruel, is for the greater good."

"Then we still have a job to do." I responded. I knew that we had to get off the planet. But it would not be easy, Ahsoka would try to stop me... but she would fail. She would never be able to bring herself to

do it anyway.

"I have an plan that may tip the odds in our favor... Get the transport you arrived in." He told me.

I got on the speeder bike and headed toward the transport while watching him morph into a giant gargoyle and fly away in the opposite direction.

Since Ahsoka was unaware of my masters demise, it would be relatively easy to take the ship from her.

The Son's POV

I flew even faster using my new-found power toward my sister's tomb. Once I saw it drawing closer I landed at the bottom of the stairs and made my way to the top. I used the force to open the tombstone and afterward my sister's coffin.

Her body laying perfectly still, holding the dagger in her hands. I knelt down to touch her hands. "So cold... Forgive me sister." I said as I took the dagger from her cold lifeless hands. "You were the only one I truly loved... I miss you. Look, I must bring peace to the galaxy with the chosen one." I said hoping that was playing dead. But I knew she would never do something like that. she was so... pure. never once overstepping her boundaries.

But why should I have cared for her so much? Was it because I had good in me? Surely not, someone as selfish as me surely wouldn't have any sort of compassion...

Or maybe It was that no matter what I did, she loved me no matter what. She always believed in me, even when I didn't. Always knew that there was good in me, but I never believed that.

And perhaps it was not love that drew me to her. But instead a drive to learn to do what was right. Perhaps it was her light I craved, like little moths to the light, flitting on over.

I closed her coffin and left the tomb feeling even more guilty than before. I would never forgive myself for what I did.

I began to leave to make my dreams come true. But were they my dreams? Walking even further away from the tomb, I looked at the sky... wondering. What was my purpose?

I looked back one last time, tears beginning to form. I outstretched my arm, and sealed her forever...

Ahsoka's POV

I stood on my tip-toes reaching for a ratchet. Then measuring the size of the last bolt I needed an eight millimeter to screw it in nice and snug. I was just about

to tighten the last bolt when I stopped for a few seconds.

I looked around for a second. I had thought I sensed something strange but the feeling was gone almost immediately. I shrugged it off as nothing. When I realized something...

Obi-Wan had not contacted me for a while... Either he was in a black zone, or was... But that was probably best not to think about.

I tightened the last bolt and threw my goggles on the bed and went to the cockpit to turn the ship on. It worked great. I headed back to the middle of the ship to close the floorboards and then went back to the cockpit.

I turned the ship off and headed back to get some rest but was met with a hand crushing my throat and me staring into evil yellow eyes...

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