Tapping impatiently on his knee as the cab drives down the road toward the hospital, Kurt watches as Paris buildings quickly pass by the window. He could see the Eiffel Tower looming over the city. Kurt has only been to Paris a couple of times but both times were business-related and Sebastian did not come with him either time; said he didn't want to be involved in the fashion industry anymore than he already is through dating Kurt. Therefore, both times Kurt was in Paris he wasn't able to actually see Paris like a regular tourist as he never had time to see all he wanted to. Plus, Kurt secretly wished to come to Paris with Sebastian and see where Sebastian lived when he was a child, together. Kurt planned that the next time he would return to Paris, Sebastian would be with him.

I guess Sebastian and I are both in Paris now, Kurt thinks to himself. Though not in the way he thought they would be.

This causes Kurt to think of the reason they are both in Paris, now. When Kurt first heard about the man standing on the edge of Pont Neuf bridge, Kurt had only paid attention to the news report because Pont Neuf bridge is the bridge Sebastian talked the most about when they discussed traveling to Paris together. Kurt saw the news report on the fourth day of Kurt frantically searching for Sebastian. Kurt can't even remember how many "Missing Person" fliers he and Rachel printed out over the last four days. He does know, however, that every place Kurt and Sebastian frequented in New York has one or two fliers within (one inside and one outside). Kurt also knows that the fliers are stapled or taped in almost every coffee shop in New York, thanks to Mercedes, Sam, Blaine, Santana, Elliot, Brittany, and Rachel. Kurt also knows that even though they printed out a lot of papers, killed a lot of trees, he would do it all over again if it would help Kurt find Sebastian.

It was just a fluke that the news report was even playing at that time. Kurt remembers absentmindedly turning on the TV as he searched through other possible places Sebastian could have gone when he heard the news anchor mention the Pont Neuf bridge and the man standing on the edge. Kurt's interest had instantly been piqued when he heard the bridge's name, and when he looked up, there was Sebastian; or, at least a person who looked awfully like Sebastian. The side of the man's face was showing as he was being wheeled into the back of an ambulance and Kurt remembered feeling his heart constricting at the thought of Sebastian being hurt or finding himself in a situation where jumping of a bridge is the only solution he can come up with to solve the situation he is in.

Instantly, after watching the news report, Kurt denied it being Sebastian. It couldn't be him, Kurt thought to himself. Sebastian would never travel that far on a whim. And he would never try to jump off a bridge!

Though, as he listened to the news reporter, he learns that the man has no recollection of who he was, not even his own name. He also learns that he has no identification cards or a wallet on his person, which makes sense since Sebastian's wallet is sitting on the coffee table underneath the scattered papers Kurt has been searching through for the past four days.

After that first news report, Kurt religiously looked for other news clips about the same man on the bridge until he decided to throw caution to the wind and just find out if that man standing on the edge of the bridge, who has now forgotten everything about himself—including Kurt if it is Sebastian—and is now residing in Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, is in fact his fiancé, Sebastian.

After phoning, and being asked questions after questions and then being asked to send a few pictures of Sebastian (Kurt sent one of just Sebastian; one of Sebastian, Kurt, Santana, and Rachel; and then another with just Kurt and Sebastian) did Kurt finally convince the nurse that he did, in fact, know "John Doe" as she referred him as—a fact that Kurt cannot wait to mock Sebastian about. At least until after he, maybe, hopefully—probably not—regains his memory back.

It is this thought, that Sebastian will not regain his memory—that he won't remember their first meeting in the Lima Bean; their first date after they bumped into each other a couple years after they graduated from college; the day Sebastian was so nervous to meet Burt for the first time, because he was so sure Burt would not accept him for what he did in the past; or even Kurt's best day of his life: the day Sebastian asked Kurt to marry him. This thought causes Kurt to stare down at his fidgeting hands in his lap, hoping for the best but expecting the worst in regard to Sebastian's memory and their relationship.

Will they even get married? Kurt thinks to himself.

They set their wedding date a long time ago. It was a few months—maybe 6 or 8 months—after Sebastian proposed that they finally decided to save the date for their wedding.

"Okay, seriously Sebastian, we need to pick a date," Kurt complained as he stormed from the kitchen where he had just finished talking on the phone with his father, Burt. "Because if I have to hear one more of dad's lectures on saving a date, I will just cancel the wedding off and see how he likes that. I mean, every time , and I mean every time, dad phones, he asks when the wedding is and every time I have to answer that we haven't picked a date yet. Then he goes through the same lecture of 'you need to pick a date soon or you may never get married,' and then he says 'and if eventually you do pick a date, no one will care anymore and not show up.' And, seriously, of course people would show up; it's a Kurt Elizabeth Hummel wedding. It will be the most anticipated party of the year. People will show, even people who we don't invite because it will just be that amazing. Ugh! So lets just pick a date, any time of the year, I don't care." Kurt stops for a second before seeming to think of something important to add, pointing dramatically, as taught by Cooper Anderson. "Actually, no, I do care. Not in the winter because some people won't want to travel during winter. Not in the summer either because it might get too hot and you know my skin and the hot sun don't get along very well together. So the only time I will allow you to choose from is during fall or spring."

At this, Kurt threw a calendar on the coffee table in front of Sebastian. Sebastian glanced at the calendar, stared at it for a few seconds, looked up at Kurt, and then continued to watch his CSI show on the TV screen. "I don't care babe. You choose."

"You don't care?" Kurt asks incredulously. "You don't care about our wedding date? The date that we will celebrate every year after the wedding? You don't care about our wedding?"

Sebastian rolls his eyes. "Stop getting your panties in a twist and keep your voice in the range of a normal person, Please. Dogs could hear your high screeching from miles away. And for your information, I do care about the wedding, I just don't care about what day the wedding is on. I would get married to you during a blizzard or the hottest heat wave in human history. I wouldn't care because I would be marrying you, so just take this calender, choose a date, and once you do, we'll celebrate finally choosing a date." A smirk crosses Sebastian's face. "In our bedroom."

Kurt's eyes darkened with arousal as he walks toward the coffee table, grabbing the calendar, opened it to a random—not so random, as he still does not want their wedding to be during a blizzard or heat wave—and picks a date. May 5.

May 5. The date has haunted Kurt ever since Sebastian went missing. A few days before the fight and Sebastian mysteriously disappearing, Kurt and Sebastian decided they should send out the invites six weeks before the wedding, which means, if things didn't change so drastically, they would be sending out the invites on the last week of March and today is March 10. If they plan to keep the same date, they will be sending the invites in two weeks. That means their wedding is set for two months from now.

Will Sebastian even have his memories back by then? Kurt wonders. Will Sebastian even want to be in a relationship with Kurt? Especially once he learns the reason behind their fight before Sebastian disappeared?

Kurt sighs as he turns his head towards the window again and watches Paris pass him by without even a thought of how beautiful the city is. Nothing will be beautiful to Kurt again if Sebastian doesn't want Kurt.

"We're here," the cab driver says as he slows down in front of the hospital's front door. Kurt stares up at the intimidating building, knowing that Sebastian—his Sebastian—is up there; however, he also knows that Sebastian will not remember him. Kurt is a stranger to Sebastian now and Kurt has no idea what is waiting for him once he does arrive on the psychiatry floor that Sebastian is staying in.

Taking a deep breath, Kurt pays the driver, exits from the cab, and then walks toward the glass door of the hospital. Might as well just face the music, Kurt thinks before entering the hospital.