...you guys are either going to love or hate this chapter.


Ezekiel smirked as he walked up onto the stage amid much applause. The pale and skinny boy took the trophy and waited for the applause to calm down a bit. He sturtted confidently onto the stage and held the microphone up to his lips. "Now, I really do thank everyone, eh. But there's only one reason I went into the acting career, only one reason I even care about being up here. Chris McLean...I challenge you to a rap battle!"

Murmurs traveled around the crowd and Ezekiel looked around. "I know you're here, you knob! You should come out, eh! Or else...um...you would have been beaten by DA ZEKE!"

"Sir, I don't think this is-" the host began.

"All right, all right! I'm coming! There! Ya happy!" Chris groaned, shoving his way through the audience and heading up onstage opposite Ezekiel. "Let's just get this over with, Smeagol."

"Yeah! Prepare to lose. HIT IT, DJ!"

"Huh?" DJ called from the audience.

"No no, not you! That DJ!" He pointed up to where a DJ was, and a "sick" beat began to play.

Ezekiel began.

"You got the girls hanging on your fingers, hanging onto your every word

But your stupid...stupidness I find rather absurd

You're fake, vain, pathetic, and a hypocrite

You claim you smell like roses when you're really full of *BEEP*"

"Ha!" Chris laughed. "That's cute! You think you can swear!

But you've got those dorky curls and I've got this gorgeous hair!

I'm a reality show host, and you're just part of the show

You Gollum rapper misogynist should already know."

Ezekiel stood his ground. "That's great, Justin, but this is just in,

You're a domestic abuser waiting to happen

You're so insecure you let a teen push you around

I guess that would be karma, you tacky clown!"

Chris scowled and took a step closer to Ezekiel. "Listen you little punk, I actually find it kind of funny

That you'd use your chance on stage to get back at me, not the money

You're a poser, no one likes you, no one even cared when you went feral!

You have no friends, no fans, and I'm going VIRAL!"

Ezekiel stepped forward as well, and the two glared at one another, only a few inches away from one another.

"You think you have it all, but you're getting ready for a fall

Your karma's coming, *BEEP*, and when it happens give me a call

For all the *BEEP* you caused, all the lives you messed up

You'll beg and you'll plead, but I won't give a *BEEP*"

Chris laughed. "Excuse me? You're not exactly a saint.

Now I may not be old, but my memory's kind of faint.

Oh right! You attacked Heather, Anne Maria, TIED ME UP FOR GOD'S SAKE!

All in all I'm a rock star, and you're just second rate."

Ezekiel smirked. "Who's fault was that again? Oh right, it was yours.

And the tragedies you've caused have been counted in scores.

You like to tell us you're a Casanova, the ladies are attracted to your cleft,

But COME ON, admit it, we all know you're into Chef!"

"Okay, THAT TEARS IT!" Chris growled, and tried to pounce on Ezekiel, only to have guards drag him away. The audience cheered and Ezekiel grinned and held up the trophy triumphantly.


I like both Chris and Ezekiel, so I thought a rap battle between them would be funny. Hope that worked out.