Thanks for the reviews and stuff! I appreciate it a lot. I think I'll post a poll on my profile (huh, that's some added alliterative appeal) asking which character you'd like to see make a speech. I have some of the order planned out. I don't want to go through all the best ones too quickly, so the ones I write best will be spread out as opposed to being all at once.

Anyway, onward, we have...


The large applause at the announcement of the award winner was nothing compared to the reaction of Katie and Sadie. They squealed wildly, clapping and giggling, doing their usual Katie and Sadie shtick. Sadie hugged Katie tearfully, and the two girls walked up onto the stage to much applause. Katie was handed the trophy, and, sniffling, she wiped a tear from her eye. Sadie stood next to her, hugging her BFFFL tightly. Katie shrugged her off, and tearfully took the microphone, clutching the award in her trembling left hand.

"Like, oh my gosh, I'd just like to thank the Academy for...for this honor!" the skinnier girl said, smiling happily. "I never thought I'd ever be getting an award like this, cause, oh my gosh, this is so exciting, isn't that right, Sadie?"

"Eeee! Like, I know, right?" Sadie squealed excitedly.

Katie took the mike again. "So anyway, I'd just like to thank some people who made this all possible! First off, I'd like to thank my BFFFL Sadie, who's been by my side my whole life. I...I don't think I could live without her." She wiped a tear from her eye, and some of the audience was visibly affected. Others weren't. It was a mixed scenario.

"Sadie has always stood by my side, through good times and bad, and although we've had our differences in the past, we're closer than family!"

There was a cough from one of the audience members which sounded suspiciously like "Lesbian!" The two girls either didn't hear it or ignored it.

"Eeee, thank you Katie!" the fatter girl said excitedly.

"I'd also like to thank my parents for supporting me all the way! Thank you so much! I love you guys! I, like, really think it's amazing I managed to get an Academy Award. It's a once in a lifetime experience, ya know? Working in the make-up department was so much fun. Thank you to everyone in the makeup department. You guys rock! All of you! Jessica, Sandra, Ashley, Samantha, and Kevin, you guys are all, like, my closest friends."

"But not as much as me, right?" Sadie giggled.

"Awwww, of course, Sadie!" Katie smiled, and hugged her friend.

The same audience member from before started coughing again, and this time the two girls crossed their arms and glared. "Whoever's doing that is, like, really rude! Stop now."

It was silence from the audience from there on out. Katie smiled sweetly and continued. "Thanks! Anyway, as I was saying, working in this movie was so much fun. But the hardest thing was being separated from Sadie!"


Someone had seemed to notice that they weren't going to get anywhere, so the Jaws theme began to play. Unlike Staci, Katie and Sadie realized this as their cue to get offstage. "Thank you all!" Katie shouted out, teary-eyed and melodramatic. "I'll never forget this moment, ever!"

Applause filled the room, and the two girls happily walked down the stage, chatting contentedly.

Behind the stage, Izzy snapped her fingers in disappointment, already dressed in her shark costume.